Completely failed pump. Only 3% price increase.

  • Coin: vTorrent (CURE)
  • Source: @WePump
  • Price raised: 3%

Despite i still made small profit in this pump, I call it failed, cause 3% is naught for the channel with 49k members. The admin picked a coin with heavy linear sell wall, which just wasn't braked.

I'll try to illustrate this on our pump bot's charts for cure coin:

Here is the chart for the pump.

You can see that price was very slowly raising during first minute. Here is how the sell wall looked like (I made this screenshot a bit later after pump ended, but the picture was the same). The sell wall was very solid, at about +5% price it was about 15BTC.  

Usually you want to find a sharp boundary in the wall to put your sell order under it (the Bot does it for you when initially placing sell order, then If it wasn't executed immediately you can manually replace the order). Here it how I would like the sell wall to looks like:

In this cure coin pump there was not such boundary.  I just hit panic sell button, and the Bot sold it for me for only +2%. Well better then nothing still.


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