3 channels was going to make huge pump in an alliance today: @BittrexYobitsWhales,@ToTheMoon,@BittrexYobitPumpSignal (SuperManPower)

This is how those channels posts look like when I made the screenshots an hour later preparing this article: (time on screenshots is GMT+3):

1. BittrexYobitPumpSignal (SuperManPower) promoted the BYC coin at 18:30:18 (or GMT 15:30:18). Then 2 minutes later they promoted the same coin once again.

2. ToTheMoon promoted the same BYC coin at 18:32:09, 2 minutes later then the channel above.No doubt members of @ToTheMoon who haven't subscribed to BittrexYobitPumpSignal lost their money in this pump. 

3. BittrexYobitsWhales at first glance just apologizes for a "network problem".

But my Bot software makes channels logs among others wonderful things. Take a look at detailed channels logs for this pump; I added comments to most interesting moments:

13.10.2017 18:30:02.966     --->  GlassPumpPrediction: GlassDeltaOld: BTC-BYC  BuyCount=0  BuyVol=0.00 SellCount: 1 SellVol: 0.10 pBefore: 0.00011067 pAfter: 0.00010099 (comment: someone already had started pumping BYC coin before 18:30:02, the Bot software has detected it at this point)
13.10.2017 18:30:19.796     ---> New Chat Message Chat: SuperManPower
Message: (comment: this channel was first to throw the BYC signal, but only after 20 seconds since the pump has actually started)
13.10.2017 18:31:10.740     ---> New Chat Message Chat: BittrexYobitsWhales
Message: (comment: wow! what a "network problems" caused this channel to throw the BLITZ signal instead of the BYC? foot-in-mouth They however deleted this BLITZ message very soon, so those who managed to notice the BLITZ signal and bought it should be a bit surprised.)
13.10.2017 18:32:10.817     ---> New Chat Message Chat: tothemoon1
13.10.2017 18:32:10.819     ---> New Chat Message Chat: BittrexYobitsWhales
Message: (comment: Nice guys, you changed your mind after 2 minutes thinking why the hell its BLITZ, not BYC)
13.10.2017 18:32:11.357     ---> New Chat Message Chat: SuperManPower

I took part in this pump, I expected the same coin in all 3 channels (like usually happens) so i waited signals in all of them.

As you can see on screenshots above, the very first channel signal was the BYC signal came at 18:30:19. Look the Bot's chart below: there is a massive prepump started from 18:29:47! Of course the Bot wont buy in such situations; instead it has placed a buy order at lowest hourly price (black line on the chart) so my order just wasn't executed and I cancelled it.

Next signal was BLITZ. As I said, I waited all 3 channels for a signal, and when BittrexYobitsWhales has thrown the BLITZ coin, the Bot has found it as good enough signal to buy: almost no prepump, good "pump quality" (90 on the picture below).  So it bought the BLITZ coin and sold it soon with +6% profit (the black line as short as a point on the chart represents the buy order, the blue line represents the sell order which has been executed in about 20 seconds).

I have no idea what a mess has happened with those channels, actually the BLITZ signal was much more better then BYC.

The moral of the story: dont trust channels admins, If you play pumps - do it wisely.