Pump Channels

Please note: since there is a channel Fake Pumps Hunter which is doing good and fair pumps analysis almost every day, I don't update channels list anymore, I just have no time to develop the bot and publish actual daily channels reviews.

Those reviews you find below I keep only as example of using the bot.

If you seek pump channels please read this channel Fake Pumps Hunter, you will find actual channels there along with their results.

If someone is gonna help me, he can think about running his own reviews channel using the bot for making actual analysis. This person could earn good profit on cross-promo and at the same time make a promo for the bot, its mutually beneficial :)


Here is the old list of pump signals sources (mainly Telegram channels). Every listed channel is checked personally by me by doing their signals with pump bot. You can find detailed pump reports under corresponding channel's tag or in the Blog section. The list is divided into 3 groups:

  • Best channels: Fair admins, reasonable number of members and pump volume, a real chance to make money.
  • Average channels: Pump results differs from time to time. May be not that good volume, but still fair play. Use those channels carefully.
  • Scam channels: The name speaks for itself.


You should also check this Telegram channel Fake Pumps Hunter , they do actual pumps analysis every day.


Best channels


Average channels


Scam channels

  • @WePump regular Bittrex pumps, usually once in 2 days at 20:00 GMT. #WePump