• The competition starts every 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month, at 00:01 GMT+0  and lasts exactly one week.
  • Only users of the free version participate. Any methods of trading are accepted – manual, auto by strategies, on signals, through Trusted Management and so on.
  • An up-to-date version of the bot is required.
  • It is required to specify in Moonbot settings the Telegram @ login, by which you can be contacted
  • The winner is selected by maximum profit in USD per week
  • Prize: PRO version for 1 month
  • The rating of the participants is conducted by our server fully automatically, in real time. You can watch it on the Moonbot Statistics web page, Competition tab
  • The administration reserves the right in the case of controversial results to request from applicants any supporting materials: screenshots of reports from the bot, screenshots of transactions from the exchange, and so on. Results may be revised by the Administration unilaterally without giving reasons.

The first competition will begin on March 18

How to participate:

Simply download MoonBot, on the “Settings – Login” page, check the “I agree to send my trade results to the statistics server” and start trading. Your trades will automatically appear on Moonbot Statistics web page

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