• The contest starts every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 00:01 GMT+0 and lasts exactly one week.
  • Only users of the free FREE version participate, and any trading methods are allowed – manual, auto, strategies, signals, etc.
  • The current version of the bot and an indication of a valid nickname in Telegram are required, by which you can be contacted.
  • The top three winners are selected according to the maximum profit in USDT for the week of the contest, while the minimum number of orders must be at least 50 and the minimum profit must be at least 20 USDT.


1st place: activation for 1 month of the MoonBotPRO + MoonScalper + BinanceFutures kit and access for 2 weeks to the closed group of MoonAcademy

2nd place: access for 2 weeks to the closed group of MoonAcademy

3rd place: access for 1 week to the closed group of MoonAcademy

The user with UserId 404 @moon_bot_kurilka does not take part in the contest, as this is the total anonymous statistics of different FREE users.

The administration reserves the right, in case of disputable results, to request any supporting materials from the applicants: screenshots of reports and trade charts from the bot, screenshots of trades from the exchange, etc. The results can be reviewed by the Administration unilaterally without explanation.

Announcements of contests and summing up are published in the Telegram group:

How to participate:

Download the FREE version of MoonBot from our website and configure it according to the instructions, on the “Settings – Login” tab, check the box “I agree to send trading results to the statistics server”, in the “@Login in Telegram” field, enter your telegram nickname and start trading.

Participants are ranked by our server fully automatically in real time.

The overall results, which are updated daily on the dates of the competition, can be viewed on the MoonBot statistics page (Competition tab)

Good luck!