Q: Could you please chare the best/optimal/profitable settings and strategy for the bot? 

A: No. There are settings templates in the bot (the “Settings Wizard” button in the main screen), but they are given as quite rough examples. You should adjust settings according to the current market situation, your favorite signal channels, and your intuition. If you expect the bot to earn money with some “optimal settings” in fully automatic mode without your attention at all, it will not work, sorry.

Q: Can I run the bot on multiple PCs? 

A: If you own the PRO version, then yes, just copy the bot folder and run it on another PC, create new API keys from the same exchange account where the PRO version is and register them in the bot copy, the new bot is activated with the PRO functionality absolutely for free. Owners of the FREE version can run only one MoonBot instance on their exchange account.

ATTENTION, there are some details related to the simultaneous use of multiple bots.

First, the exchange has imposed a limit of 10 orders per second. If all your bots cumulatively will place more than 10 orders in one second, Binance will temporarily block your API keys. Keep this in mind when setting up strategies on multiple working bots and especially keep this in mind when setting up multi-orders since these can place momentary multiple orders that could lead to exceeding the exchange's limits. Different API keys or the same API keys will not matter since the order placement is considered from from the same exchange account.

Second, Binance enforces load limitations on API keys and IP addresses. At the bottom of the bot you will find a small window displaying the load; if exceeded, a sound alert will be made and the window will turn red. If you launch multiple bots from one PC (same IP address or wi-fi network), the load will be aggregated for all bots. Even if they use different API keys, and possibly even if different Binance accounts will be used. Binance will monitor the load from one IP address.

Third, in case of possible lags and if multiple bots are running, they can take over orders from one another which can lead to unforeseeable consequences; although this is a rare occurrence this still might happen and the use of multi-orders increases the likelihood considerably.

Last, when trading Futures, there is one more potential issue: 2 bots, working independently on the same coin pair, can in sum exceed the order size limit which will lead to the impossibility of placing an order to close the position.

If you are planning on running multiple bots on one account (assuming the risks), make sure you are using different order sizes on each. When working with identical order sizes, the likelihood of a glitch and a loss of the order is much higher!

IMPORTANT: If you are running multiple bots with different keys (from one or different exchanges), each bot keeps a copy of the main keys (the one used for activating the PRO version initially). Ensure the proper safe storage of the file BotConfig.bcfg . Create a copy of this file and store it on a flash drive in a safe place. Any one in possession of that file and the password to it will have access to your keys!

Q: What should I do if I have a bad clock accuracy? 

A: For stable operation, the accuracy of the clock should be in the range of +/- 100ms. Try to restart the bot on behalf of the Administrator, if it does not help, then you need to synchronize the clock in Windows. The time of your PC is behind current real time. Using the example of WIN 10, go to Search->”Time”->Date&time->Additional Date, Time settings->Date&Time->Time on the Internet->Change settings->Synchronize on the Internet. After that, the PC synchronizes the time with one of the servers. Periodically it is necessary to repeat this procedure if the accuracy of the clock is greatly increased again.

Q: What should I do if I cannot register my API keys? 

A: In most cases, one of the first two options below:

  • You entered the keys incorrectly, the extra space entered, etc.
  • You specified the wrong exchange when registering keys. If you register for Binance, then select BINANCE from the dropdown menu.
  • Try changing connection methods in the Special Settings tab and check if you can connect to the exchange, by trying to enter the exchange’s website.
Q: How does Trailing and Take Profit work?

A: Trailing can work with take profit turned off. Then the trailing line will appear immediately after the purchase. If you have activated Take Profit, then you must turn on Trailing (otherwise, nothing will happen, because Take Profit does not work separately from trailing), in this case, the price should increase by the value Take Profit + Trailing, only after that the trailing line will appear at the level of Take profit – Trailing. Traditional Take Profit activity (moving the stoploss to breakeven zone) can be additionally set up in the Stop2 Stop3 areas of the strategies.

Q: What should I do if the API Load is red?

A: You need to close unnecessary charts or enable auto-close inactive charts(Main Settings -> Advanced). If the issue appears after launching the MoonShot strategy, then reduce the number of orders and disable auto-opening of charts in the strategy.

Q: Why did the coin increase/drop by N% and the profit in the report is much higher?

A: If you had remnants of coins on the exchange and they are smaller than the minimum lot size, the bot automatically *picks them up*  and sell them along with the coins from the current transaction, because of this, there will be more profit.

Q: Why did I see coin amounts appear on my account?

A: If you do not use commission payment with BNB tokens, then at each transaction you pay commission in coins from a particular transaction, because of this there are leftovers of the coins. We strongly recommend using BNB and convert the remnants that have appeared to BNB in your personal account on Binance.

Q: Why didn't the Stop Loss work?

A: Several reasons:

  • The value of the Stop Loss (Auto Panic Sell if price drops< [actual buy] -X%) is below the Allowed Drop level (Auto Panic Sell can drop price to [actual buy] -X%).
  • After Stop Loss has triggered the Panic Sell, the price has fallen very intensively further down and has fallen below the value of the Allowed Drop. After that, the order remains at -X% of the purchase price that is set at the Allowed Drop value. Try increasing the value of the Panic Sell spread parameter and Allowed Drop value.
  • You have disabled Stop Loss. Verify the related checkbox in the main settings or in the orders area you set Stop Loss to OFF manually or your strategy has UseStopLoss = NO.
  • If you are trading the smallest possible order, then if you drop to the Stop Loss price, your order value could be below the minimum lot for this trading pair, then the order cannot be moved, thus cannot be sold lower than the minimum lot value.
  • You can go through the whole trade history log and understand how exactly Moonbot traded this case.
Q: What should I do if the bot does not place orders when trading by strategy?

A: Several reasons:

  • The “Start” button is not pressed.
  • Not enough balance or order size is below minimum.
  • Coins do not go through the strategy filters.
  • Autobuy is not ON in the strategy.
  • The strategy is not active (select the necessary checkbox in the strategies list -> Start checked).
  • Set Autodetect: ON, Mode: Signals on the main screen.
Q: What to do if the bot does not place orders when trading manually?

A: Several reasons:

  • The “Start” button is not pressed.
  • Not enough Balance.
  • Coin does not fit filters (Settings-Risk Limit Conditions group or Manual Strategy global filters).
Q: There are errors in the log: "REST request failed: Error receiving: (12002) The operation timed out"

A: This is a communication error with the exchange server. Usually disappears itself in a few minutes. If it remains for a long time, you can try the mark actions: Switch the router to use Google’s DNS. Run the command prompt as administrator and execute the command “netsh winsock reset”.

Q: For some reason, the bot isn't receiving my Telegram messages.

A: First, please understand, that reading Telegram messages and treating them as signals are two different operations. Please make sure you run modified Telegram client “UTelegram”. Please also note that If you run the bot as admin, you should run the Telegam as admin too, otherwise they can’t see each other. Another, easier way to make Moonbot read your Telegram is logging in to the “Built-in Client” on the Main settings -> Telegram tab. Please refer to the Trading signals page for reference.

Q: Why doesn't the bot save my settings on restart?

A: Moon Bot is a portable application that’s why it stores settings and your orders (including pending orders) in the same folder where you keep the bot. Please don’t try to run the bot from the system folder or a write protected stick/disk! If you want to carry the bot with all your settings and active orders, use a USB stick without write protection!

Q: I would be so happy to see in the bot this set of new functions [...]

A: We are happy when our users are happy, but we can not implement everything you asking to. If you have suggestions, please email us (find email inside the Bot) or contact us in the Telegram Public chat (https://t.me/Moon_Bot_Public) we collect all suggestions but take for future bot’s versions only best ones, from our point of view.

Q: Can I do "Paper Trading" in MoonBot?

A: Yes! Please go to the Menu on the main screen, hit the Emulation mode item. ==EMULATION== will be displayed on the top area of the bot. You can do safe trading exercises, tune strategies, try all settings combinations, no real orders will be made.

Q: Crosses (trades) on the chart have dissapeared.

A: MoonBot receives all trades in real time using the websocket protocol. Their absence on the chart indicates that the bot does not receive them. The reasons could be: the lack of an Internet connection, poor (not stable) connection of the terminal with the exchange, improper operation of your provider's DNS servers, problems on the exchange servers.

To resolve, carefully read the recommendations on the Connecting to Binance Servers page.