General Questions

We have a separate page monitoring the latency of REST requests to the exchange API – the time required to execute all other API requests, except for commands to handle orders on the spot and futures market (per hour and per day) https://api.moon-bot.com/latency/, where in real-time monitoring of these parameters is possible.


: Cost

You need to go to the Settings – Unlock tab and click on the Moon Credits inscription or click on the version type inscription (PRO version / Free version) in the bottom right corner of the main terminal window. Then you can activate additional sub-accounts in the “Moon Credits” window, which will help you distribute the API load or trade on different spot or futures markets with separate balances, so as not to risk the entire deposit, but also distribute the balances in sub-accounts. You can read more about activating subaccounts here: https://moon-bot.com/en/subaccount-activation/.
It costs 400 Moon Credits to activate each subaccount.