Advantages of PRO Version

  • Unlimited order size (in Free version the order size is limited to $ 40).
  • Unlimited number of simultaneously active orders (in Free version limited to 20 orders).
  • The ability to trade to all existing pairs on the BTC, USDT, ETH, BNB, PAX, TUSD, USDC, USDS, BUSD, TRX, RUB, EUR on the exchange (in the Free version only the BTC pair is available for trading).
  • Connection to exchanges: Binance, HTX, Bybit.
  • The possibility of obtaining additional unique strategies.
  • The possibility of placing sell orders of assets stored on balance previously purchased on the exchange manually.
  • Saving charts history and autoloading after a reload / exit and re-launch (up to 8 hours delay between launches).
  • The ability to connect additional modules that extend the capabilities of the Terminal (Moon Scalper” , “Binance Futures).
  • Free addition and connection of other API keys from the same Exchange account with PRO status.
  • The ability to run an unlimited number of copies of MoonBot (in the Free version is limited to 1 active bot).
  • Ability to use Trusted Management via UDP protocol (in the Free version, TM is only possible in emulation mode).
  • Dedicated support chat for PRO users.

PRO Version Activation

To activate the PRO version, after the successful input of API keys and connection to the exchange proceed to the Unlock tab.

Select “I have read and accepted the End User Agreement” (no further work is possible without your consent).

If you have a discount code, enter it in the Discount code field and click Apply.

If you want to activate additional modules, then select the corresponding checkbox (modules are optional, you can turn them on later) and then click the “Request a new address” button.

PRO Version of the bot is activated automatically with payment confirmation. In case of any failures, please use our Telegram chats, there are links in the bot itself and in the “Contacts” section of the website.

After PRO version has been activated, an inscription will appear on the bottom right part of the screen: PRO Version.

Additional Modules

Additional modules can be activated only if you have PRO version.

You can activate additional modules at any time.

The “Moon Scalper” add-on can be tested prior to purchase. The trial period for FREE versions lasts 3 days, PRO users can have it on trial for 7 days. Testing the Binance Futures module is available only for PRO versions, with the trial period of 7 days and the order size limited to true $30 not taking leverage into account (thus the order size with leverage can be up to $3750).

To activate additional modules, proceed to the Unlock tab in the MoonBot Settings window, select the desired additional module checkbox and then click the “Request a new address” button, activation is performed automatically, as described above.