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MoonBot for Binance

MOON BOT FOR BINANCE The main nuance when working with the Binance exchange by API is the limits for operations per minute. When the limits are exceeded, the exchange issues IP ban for 2 minutes, so the bot continuously monitors current API the load; when you approach the limit, the operations will be executed with […]

MoonTrader ICO

Dear Users! Our team intends to implement a large-scale project aimed to transform MoonBot into a professional trading terminal MoonTrader and a system of services based on it. Every day your requests and suggestions and our efforts constantly improved the project and affected its complexity, and today, the development of MoonBot has reached the technological […]

Trusted Management

Moon Bot version 3.74 has got tools helping to use the bot for trusted management. How it works: when you trade with your bot (let’s call it “Main” bot) either manually or via a strategy, the bot can automatically generate commands and send them to your own Telegram channel. The main bot sends commands in […]

Trusted Management High-Frequency trading via UDP port

Original Trust Management tool was using Telegram channels to connect the main bot with slave bots. This approach is good enough for mid-term signals when delays of 1-3 seconds mean nothing. However for high-speed trading and scalping delays are critical. Taking this into account we developed the new extra fast protocol for trust management. (Available only in […]

Pump Helper tool

Release 3.43 brings new feature – the “Pump Helper” tool. Use it to play pumps where the coin is given in a picture (so a bot can’t directly read it, only human can). How it works: first you should configure the pump detector strategy (settings example at the bottom of this page). Configure it such way that […]


WE ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT WE ARE STARTING THE PRACTICE OF REGULAR COMPETITIONS, IN WHICH USERS OF THE FREE VERSION OF MOON BOT WILL PARTICIPATE. RULES: The competition starts every 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month, at 00:01 GMT+0  and lasts exactly one week. Only users of the free version participate. Any methods […]

Our Signals Channel

MOON BOT’S PREMIUM CHANNEL As the Moon Bot develops, it becomes more complex, new features and options settings are added. New users come with questions – how do I find the ideal configuration, where do I get channels with signals and so on. Many of them somehow already found their own groups with “signals” of […]

Connecting to Binance servers

By default, the bot uses the original connection method, optimal in most cases. Depending on your region, your ISP and network configuration the bot may switch connection methods automatically to find better settings. If you have connection problems (too high ping more then 500ms, errors in the log when placing orders), open Settings -> Advanced; […]

Social Trading

The new feature has been added in the bot version 3.68: the button “Share” on the market chart panel. How it works: a trader who finds a coin, worth to be seen by others, can share it by pressing the button. The bot will post a message containing the coin, some its parameters, trader’s name, […]

UDP Export

UDP EXPORT The bot can export market data: 5-minutes candles and trades for all active markets (BTC, USDT or ETH) to the local UDP port (IP The bot can also accept signals sent to UDP port. This function is currently in beta testing. To turn it on go to the Settings -> Advanced tab, […]