Update History

6.85 (17.11.2022)

Fixed bug drawing HVol

6.84 (16.11.2022)

Orders "heat map" (distribution by volume) (HMap button above the chart. Does not work in VPS mode)

New strategy "Activity" to detect series of equal orders (does not work on 1 core VPS)

Added second orderbook on BUSD pairs (BTC)

It is possible to filter short or long trades in the report by entering short\long in the filter field

24h delta column added to markets table

Export of reports in csv and xls on windows core is done into the Export folder without file selection dialog

Added parameter CancelByTriggerBL to triggers: cancel orders if an emergency trigger has been triggered (analog of CheckAfterBuy for triggers)

Added parameter ClearTriggerKeys to triggers: a list of keys separated by spaces, when the trigger signal comes, to clear all the given keys

Pair changes: AUD, BRL replace 2 delisted pairs

Added telegram command to stop/start strategies: sgStop Name (time in minutes), sgStart (name). sgStop without time indication stops for 2 hours

InternalError in ExpertMode (set in the ini file) decreased from 30 to 5 seconds.

Fixed: when fast chart switching with a hotkey, an order was placed on a previous chart; duplication of the EMA filter line in EMA strategy in the report;

Fixed a rare case of incorrect price from the exchange when replacing the stop-loss order ("Limit price can't be lower than..." error )

6.83 (26.08.2022)

A polarity filter from SpreadPolarityMin to SpreadPolarityMax has been added to the Spread strategy. Polarity is a trend direction and the numeric measure of the direction can be from +100 (strictly upwards) to -100 (strictly downwards).

Fixes: a bug in the strategy editor filter; correct working of penalty in strategy pending orders.

6.82 (18.08.2022)

Pending BuyStop and BuyLimit orders in strategies:

- Not available in the strategies Moonschot, Moonhook, Spread, Strike, UDP

- When the conditional price is reached, the limit order is placed slightly higher (or lower, respectively) by the PendingOrderSpread value

- PendingOrderSpread can be negative; if the limit order is not executed immediately, it is removed after 3 seconds

New option AutoSell in the strategy: put the sell order after the buy is filled. "YES" by default. Available only on the spot and only if ExpertMode = 1 is set ini file

Added Min. balance field in the Balance window (calculates minimal unused balance) and reset button for Min. balance counter

Added BuyStepKind parameter: Linear or Exponential to control the grid step

Added PriceIntervalShift parameter to the Spread strategy: integer number from 0 to 5. It cuts off single arrow detections, see the manual for details

Added parameter MinReducedSize to the Spread and MoonHook strategy: if BuyOrderReduce results in a smaller order size than the specified value (in USDT), the order is not placed (and will not be detected accordingly)

Added hottkey to change a draw figure tool (CTRL-F by default) (line/levels/rectangle)

If you right-click while drawing, the drawing is canceled

Added hottkey to move sells inside rectangle (CTRL-S by default)

Buttons "Select All", "Deselect", "Delete" in the strategy editor are protected against accidental pressing

Marker table can be docked on top of the windows (button in lower right corner)

Optimized work speed, including the strategy editor

The Short checkbox on the spot now works in all strategies

Fixes: Changed order of TAB in reports; Binance spot: pairs to USDS are replaced by GBP; Fixed "set leverage" button;

The SetParam command will not change the names of all the strategies in the folders; only the name can be changed for a specific strategy;

Fixed the market delta calculation when all but 1 or 2 of the markets are in CH;

The following are included by default in the list of unchecked hovered positions: BTC, ETH, BNB, USDP, TUSD, USDC, USDT, BUSD, GBP, USD, RUB, EUR, HT, HUSD, TRY

6.81 (06.07.2022)

Functionality of spot-futures balance transfers (menu - Transfer) and dust to BNB conversion (including ConvertBNB Telegram command)

Hanged position control now works independent of the START button

Pressing BTC rate caption opens BTC chart (only for those bots that have this symbol)

Added telegram command for margin type change Margin [coin,coin\ALL] ISO\Cross

Marking of coins which are traded on futures (left top corner of a chart)

Improved speed of listing detection

MAvg should now take into account the "exclude from delta" checkbox regardless of the BL;

Charts windows now display a Session line

6.80 (15.05.2022)

Fix for Huobi

Added delay for buy orders (the "BuyDelay" strategies parameter; milliseconds, 0 - no delay, max 3000ms)

Added logging level 0: less information in the log on detects without buying

CheckFreeBalance checkbox now works for single orders

Added comment to bot (in then main window, double click on area to the left of cashback)

Fixes: Short on Huobi; Calculation of min/max in EMA filters; saving SellPrice buttons; saving order settings after autosplit

6.79 (16.04.2022)

Added the option "Auto change Leverage to 20 if position limit is exceeded" (Settings - Special , "Auto Leverage". Can be controlled by the Telegram command SetAutoLeverage ON\OFF)

The range of stop sliders in the main settings was extended to -40%

TaskID field added to database (is not shown in report, only for analysis by third party tools)

Bugfixes: incorrect price when split with SellPrice button enabled; reading multistring commands by modified Telegram client; subaccounts registration can use "+" symbol in emails

6.78 (26.03.2022)

Number of triggers increased to 100

Telegram reports are sent with a 4s delay if you do not have your own token bot configured (Settings - Special, "Remote")

You can add "MoonShotDebug=1" into then ini file (the bot must be closed) for moonshots debugging (strategy should have whitelist)

Fixed: when closing the bot, charts of recent trades were not saved if the time specified in the settings has not passed; Fixed display of BL triggers on a chart; Fixed wrong detection of USDT-T at certain signal trading settings

6.77 (27.02.2022)

Binance futures trading recommendations updated (Menu-News)

Added "WorkingTime" strategy parameter (in filters). Ignoring filters does not affect it (i.e. WorkingTime is still checked).

Sets the working time of the strategy. Format: hours:minutes - hours:minutes or minutes - minutes

6.76 (15.02.2022)

Cashback calculation: Added option to select instant or current BNB rate

Columns for hourly and daily volumes (H.Vol, D.Vol) have been added to the report

Added a decimal place on order size buttons

6.75 (10.02.2022)

Fixed report columns; Added the "calculate average order without leverage" option to the report settings

6.74 (10.02.2022)

Added estimated cashback on the main screen

New options for sorting moonshots: DailyVol - by day. volume, MinuteVol - by minute volume

SellByTriggerBL is now set as a string of keys (space separated) (keys must be a subset of TriggerKeysBL; a coin will be sold only if its blacklisted by a trigger)

Columns with leverage (Lev) and abs. percent (ProfitAbs) have been added to the report

6.73 (30.01.2022)

Storing windows positions (reports and strategies); Ctrl-Shift-F10 hotkey to reset window positions

Added a custom limit for the number of charts in one window

Added the ability to reset the second profit counter in the general settings

Added Telegram command to reset profit counters ResetLoss

Several Telegram commands in 1 message (1 command per line) (Enabled by checkbox in "Settings - Special, Remote" or by command SetMultiLine ON|OFF)

6.72 (25.01.2022)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

6.71 (24.01.2022)

Buttons for managing SellPrice (Menu - "Sell Price" or double click to the sellprice caption)

The checkbox "Alarm on signal" (Settings - Interface) is replaced with "Alarm on network problems"

Fixed the ActiveTrigger logic: keep a trigger signal (on the TriggerKeyBuy key for moonshot or on the TriggerKey key for other strategies) while there is a buy order.

6.70 (17.01.2022)

Added parameter TriggerKeyBuy: a key to be triggered when a buy order is filled. For Moonshots, TriggerKey is replaced by TriggerKeyBuy.

Added the parameter of the minute delta of the volume: Calculated as the ratio of the volume for the last minute to average minute volume. A value of 1 means that the current volume is equal to the average.

In the strategy, filters are set from MinuteVolDeltaMin to MinuteVolDeltaMax (if one of the values ??is 0, then it is not used)

On the chart, the delta is displayed in the upper right corner, in the report last. column Vd1m

Added parameter SellByTriggerBL: sell if BL is triggered

The ClearTriggers parameter in the triggers section has been removed and replaced with 2 new ones:

ClearTriggersBelow - on signal on key N, clear all keys with numbers less than N

ClearTriggersAbove - when signaled on key N, clear all keys with numbers greater than N

Added a new connection method for futures (Settings - Special), there is a possibility of less lag.


memory consumption with too frequent detections with sound alerts;

The Clear button in charts did not keep the "no windows open" state after restarting the bot

V-Stop with multiorders was not correctly triggered

Saving F7 state after restart

The checkbox "Exclude from calculating deltas" in the general settings works regardless of the BlackList checkbox

6.69 (01.01.2022)

Fixed unstable behavior when getting binance error 12030

6.68 (26.12.2021)

Chart windows: The x9 button on the main window no longer affects charts, charts have their own x9 button

The volume indicator is no longer obscured by the captions on the chart

Added more info to the log of cases of zero price (such a case was on the OOKI listing)

6.67 (23.12.2021)

MultiCharts: Added hotkey for opening/closing windows ("Show\Hide Charts") (F9 by default)

Markets table: added context menu "copy markets above selected into the charts"

Fixed reading telegram signals without a strategy

Updated the built-in Telegram client

6.66 (18.12.2021)

6.65 (10.12.2021)

Added notification about the expiration date of API keys (in the main window and in the telegram)


a bug in strategies editor when "copy" and "save" was pressed too quick;

reading groups by updated telegram;

penalties in Telegram strategies with the MultiTokens option

6.64 (05.12.2021)

The built-in and the alternative Telegram clients have been updated.

6.63 (01.12.2021)

Added the "lst" Telegram command to display a list of orders in a short form

Added -TRY pairs on binance spot

Trust Management Telegram commands can be sent case-insensitively

Fixes: "copy-paste" 1 strategy now does not require pressing "save"; The MultiTokens parameter in Telegram strategies correctly take into account BL and WL

6.62 (24.11.2021)

Added the "Rectangle" drawing tool with a percentage growth / fall meter;

Formatting bot messages in Telegram;

Added parameters to the "Triggers" section:

ClearTriggers: if YES, upon a trigger signal on the specified key, clear all other triggers on all other keys.

ActiveTrigger: keep up trigger signal while buy order is active

In the TriggerKeysBL and TriggerByKey fields you can write several keys separated by a space, you can also specify the time in the "key=time" format.

example: "TriggerKeysBL 1 = 300 5 7 = 900" means ES for keys 1, 5, 7. In this case, TriggerSecondsBL is set on key 5, on key 1 300 sec, on key 7 900 sec

TriggerKeyProfit, TriggerKeyLoss: allow you to set different keys depending on the signal:

detection signal: the TriggerKey is turned on.

a trade was closed with profit: TriggerKeyProfit is turned on.

a trade was closed with loss: TriggerKeyLoss is turned on;

Fixed a bug: an open moonshot's sell could be lost when the bot was restarted or when the application was closed incorrectly

6.61 (20.11.2021)

Updated built-in Telegram client (telega.dll)

The MoonHook strategy:

Added the HookSellFixed parameter: always calculate sell as (HookSellLevel * depth) percent, regardless of the buy price;

Added the HookRepeatAfterSell parameter - repeat buy order after the sell is executed;

Removed parameters: HookRepeatAfterBuy, HookRepeatWait, HookRepeatDelay

Folders for strategies:

Revised logic of checkboxes on folders

Added "copy-paste" functionality for folders using hotkeys CTRL-C, CTRL-V

Now you can delete a folder that contains strategies (but no other folders)

Checkbox in the general settings "Ignore emulator trades" (affects only the stopping of the bot according to the general settings)

6.60 (11.11.2021)

New MoonHook calculation algorithms: HookInterpolate = 3 or 4. Algo 3 calculates the initial price and the corridor from current price, based on spike depth;

Algo 4 is based on rollback depth. Use the pencil emulator tool to watch the difference.

New MoonHook parameter HookOppositeOrder: place an order in the opposite direction (when an arrow is detected, put a short instead of a long)

Added a tool for measuring the scale in the order book. This is enabled in "Settings - Interface".

Added new command in the Telegram Leverage X [coin, coin] - change the leverage on coins to X

Information about the type of strategy used will be shown on the statistics website, on the Strategy Ratings tab

There is a checkbox in general settings, named "Don't send strat info", making it possible for you to opt out.

This opt-out affects the entire account; if you enable it on one bot, it will be enabled for all bots.

However, the MB team would be grateful if you don't enable it, so that we can all help to make our community stronger. Thank you - we appreciate it!

Binance delist announcements will be posted in the @MoonInt channel. The bot can read this channel and automatically blacklist markets.

If the strategy has the PanicSellDelisted checkbox (stop section), PanicSell will be activated on delisted markets. To use the @MoonInt channel, you must agree to send statistics, via "Settings - Login" page.

6.58 (06.11.2021)

A number of parameters have been added to the MoonHook strategy: HookPriceRollBackMax, HookPartFilledDelay, HookRollBackWait. Read more on the website or built-in tooltips.

Changed the CTRL-A logic in the strategy editor: if the cursor is in a text field, hotkey selects the text in this field

Added the 24h delta modifier Add24hDelta (MShotAdd24hDelta for moonshots)

Added DOGE pairs

The "Help" button in the bot has been updated

Fixes: Incorrect closing of emulator orders after restarting the bot; accelerated launch of a bot with a large number of orders; splited orders were not included in the site's statistics;

6.57 (20.10.2021)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

6.56 (19.10.2021)

Price emulation on a chart using the Pencil tool (for subscribers of our CashBack program only)

The MoonHook strategy (for subscribers of our CashBack program only)

Added the hotkey for split order into N parts

6.55 (06.10.2021)

BNB auto buy option when trading USDT-M futures (for subscribers of our CashBack program only)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

6.54 (04.10.2021)

The list of cashbackers (by the CashBack button in the bot) has been replenished.

Added the ResetSession telegram command to reset the session (by coin or the entire market; resets all strategies sessions and the general session)

Huobi fix

6.52 (30.09.2021)

The limit for simultaneously opened charts now applies only to charts opened by detection; manually you can open unlimited charts.

Added a hotkey to hide the balance (by default F7, can be changed in the settings)

Added the SessionLevelsUSDT parameter: (YES\NO) If Yes, then SessionStratMax and SessionStratMin are set in USDT, if NO, then as a percentage of OrderSize (by default YES)

Added the BV_SV_FilterRatioMax parameter: buy only if the bv\sv ratio is less than the specified value (ignored if 0)

Added a button to change the margin type for quarterly futures

6.51 (27.09.2021)

The number of simultaneously open charts is limited by the the ini file parameter "MaxOpenedCharts" (default 20)

Huobi fix

6.50 (25.09.2021)

Triggers are now located in a separate section; added new parameters:

TriggerOnProfit= (YES\NO) The strategy will trigger specified TriggerKey only when an order is closed with profit *CR*

TriggerOnLoss= (YES\NO) The strategy will trigger specified TriggerKey only when an order is closed with loss. *CR*

(If at least one of these checkboxes are enabled, then signals or a moonshot's buys will not be triggers. It is possible to have both checkboxes turned ON)

Added the PriceBug modifier AddPriceBug (for MoonShots, there is separate modifier MShotAddPriceBug) - by analogy with other modifiers, adds dependency on the PriceBug.

Actual market's PriceBug added to the report; PriceBug is also taken into account in the calculation of StopSpreadAdd1mDelta: the spread is increased by (1-minute delta + PriceBug) * StopSpreadAdd1mDelta

Session parameters has now limits to increase and decrease your order size: SessionIncreaseOrderMax and SessionReduceOrderMin

(as a percentage of the original OrderSize; default 500% = 5 times)

Added display of the MoonShot's price corridor (can be switched in the filter button context menu).

The logic of the filters button has been changed, 1 press turns on/off the display of filters/sessions, Right-click opens the settings menu.

Added the SellLevelAllowedDrop parameter: The value in percentage of the buy price, by which the "move to level" function can lower the sell

6.48 (13.09.2021)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

6.47 (12.09.2021)

New Session Control parameters (part of the Automated trading extension package)

The slider for the chart pixels size has been moved to the Settings - Interface and has 4 positions

Pending orders now have additional line on the chart - the buy price line (the main line is conditional price) (can be disabled in the Settings - Interface)

CPU optimization on auto-trading bots; spot trades are not read from the exchange in VPS mode.

The Emulator has been improved

The MoonStreamer protocol and servers has been updated. Be sure to update all your bots! Please do not use the shared MoonStreamer server for auto-trading from Tokyo VPS! This would only increase the lag.

Fixes: White and Black lists are excluded from the SellByFilters (i.e. the coin will not be sold if you changed the BL or WL with an active position);

Fixed work of the MaxMarkets parameter; -PAX pairs renamed to USDP

6.46 (08.08.2021)

Added the button "Show\Hide filters on charts" to the quick access toolbar

Added the option "Hide emulator orders" to the orders menu

New parameter "MaxMarkets" (in the Buy section): max. number of markets where the strategy works simultaneously (except for strikes)

When joining manual orders without a strategy, the stop remains in place, and is not enabled if it was manually disabled (previously it was rearranged according to the general settings)

Fixes: IgnoreCancelBuy in MoonStrike; Rare bug with joining multiple orders with different keys in the same time; 8 decimals for USDT-SHIB;

InternalError penalty is excluded from the "SellByFilters" option

6.45 (23.07.2021)

Fixes for the Binance Quarterly

6.44 (15.07.2021)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

6.43 (13.07.2021)

The EMA of the entire market has been added to The Automated trading extension package : MAvg (X, Y) - similar to EMA (X, Y), but uses the average price of the entire market (weighted sum of all coins prices, incl. or excl. global BL depending of your settings. Read more in the manual )

The AutoSplitBuy parameter has been added to the manual strategy: Only for manual trading and only if OrdersCount = 1. Split a buy order if the original size exceeds the limit.

Bugfixes: Huobi did not accept API keys; the FixedStop option with disabled stops incorrectly took the stop from the general settings

6.42 (18.06.2021)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

6.41 (13.06.2021)

Fixed stop in grid strategies: the StopLossFixed parameter places a stop based on the first order, after joining other orders the stop with this option remains in the same place

Reports screenshots by the CTRL-F10 are now also copied to the clipboard

Fixes in the strategy editor

6.40 (07.06.2021)

Improvements in the strategy editor

New parameter CancelBuyAfterSell: As the checkbox from the general settings, cancels buy orders after the sell is executed; applies only for orders of the same strategy or with the same JoinKey (not zero)

The option "hide the Buy button" (settings - Interface)

Publishing a report screenshot via CTRL-F10

Added another MoonStream server ("traffic light" - settings)

Change in TM commands:

some commands (for example PanicSell) did not take into account the ChannelKey and acted on all orders on the market.

For example, if long and short are opened at the same time, the command "cmd_PanicSell Key Long" previously closed both positions, now only long.

6.39 (30.05.2021)

Folder in the strategy editor

Added parameters for managing the sell by EMA filter (SellByCustomEMA):

SellEMADelay: delay (seconds) before sell by EMA filter

SellEMACheckEnter: check the EMA filter before buy; if the condition is met, then do not buy (so that it does not sell immediately)

New parameter for triggers TriggerAllMarkets: If YES, then the trigger affects all markets at once; If No, only to the market where was the signal

Fixes: Protection against opening too many charts; Huobi lost orders

6.38 (10.05.2021)

Fixed bug in spot SHIB -USDT pair

6.36 (05.05.2021)

Added Telegram command to modify strategy parameters: SetParam Strategy Param Value

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

6.35 (02.05.2021)

Added hotkeys for scale and SellPrice

New parameter in the Telegram strategy: MultiTokens - Buy all tokens in one signal.

Reports: enter + or - to filter out profits or losses

The number of trigger keys increased from 20 to 50

Deltas in the report for joined orders are written at the time of detection, not at the time of merging

Optimized API load.

Updated Automatic trading server setting recommendations (menu - News in the bot)

6.34 (25.04.2021)

Changed Triggers logic: the timer has been moved to filters, and now affects the managed strategy. Now, when the trigger is fired, all strategies with the TriggerByKey key will be started, each for its own time TriggerSeconds

Added BlackList triggers: TriggerKeysBL - a string with keys numbers (space or comma separated). If one of these keys had a signal on the coin, then the strategy won't work on coin TriggerSecondsBL seconds

Mini-candles are now loading from the charts server (with the "Load charts" extension)

Moonshots will restart faster

6.33 (20.04.2021)

The Automated trading extension package now includes "triggers": launch of a strategy may be triggered by another strategy

Trades ("dots") on the chart, which were previously deleted, now turn into "mini-candles". This allows you to see a larger segment of the chart with prices and volumes.

The Stop loss in strategies, if StopLossEMA = 0, now takes into account the average trades price (previously only BID \ ASK) and may be activated a little faster (if there is no lag in the trades stream)

New strategy parameter StopSpreadAdd1mDelta: Increase the stop loss spread depending on the 1-minute delta:

The spot short with OrderSize = 0 will put all available coins in the order

6.32 (12.04.2021)

Futures bots fixed

6.31 (10.04.2021)

The "OR" operator has been added to EMA filters (with algebraic order: first AND, then OR. Example: A AND B OR C AND D means that either (A AND B) or (C AND D)

The SellByCustomEMA parameter no longer affected by the SellByFilters

Experimental function: Short on the spot (this is not a margin! The coins must already be on the balance; for example, you hold them. You also need to have a free balance in the base currency)

New Filters parameter: "OnlyNewListing": the time in seconds during which the strategy will work on listings. If 0, ignored. The IgnoreFilters option does not affect this setting

The built-in Telegram client has been updated

Added BIDR pairs on binance spot

6.30 (28.03.2021)

New columns for deltas added the report: Pump1H, Dump1H, d24h, d3h, d1h, d15m, d5m, d1m, dBTC1m

Second filter in the report form (works as "AND", i.e. both conditions in the same time)

Added the checkbox "hide blacklisted markets" in the markets table

Fixed strategies names in the Excel export

6.28 (24.03.2021)

Strategies with EMA filters will start faster on new listings

The Spread strategy with the "DebugLog" parameter will output into the log its calculations on new listings (to help understand why there was no detects)

Fixes: editing several strategies simultaneously; the "AutoCancelBuy" parameter in MoonShots; false detects of stuck positions

6.27 (21.03.2021)

Added the strategy change log (in the the logs\strat folder, also in the strategies editor)

New types of formulas have been added to the CustomEMA : BTC (X, Y) - BTC/USDT price comparison; Max(X, Y) and Min(X, Y) - compare max(min) price X minutes or hours ago and the current price or EMA Y sec. ago

The @MBOnlineBot will now report API ban

Display and protection by limit of orders per day (on spot). Binance spot limit is 200k orders/day.

Fixes: Orders of the emulator now do not occupy a position limit and do not interfere with placing real orders; The PumpMovePersent parameter in the PumpDetect strategy more correctly takes into account the peak price;

Improved algorithm for controlling stuck positions

6.26 (12.03.2021)

Stuck positions control (PRO veriosn only)

Working bot now prevents Windows reboot

Correct processing of the 300 orders per 10 sec limit on Futures

Custom EMA filter is excluded from the "CheckAfterBuy" checking

6.25 (08.03.2021)

New strategy parameter "SellByCustomEMA": A condition to sell, if the prices satisfy the EMA filter conditions.

New additional delta in filters: Delta3, the same as Delta2

Charts rendering optimization

Bot's (VPS) online status monitoring service: @MBOnlineBot. For the service to work, enable the "Settings - Login - online monitoring" checkbox. If your VPS or bot hangs, @MBOnlineBot will inform you about it via Telegram. (specify your telegram in Settings)

6.24 (27.02.2021)

The Report's "comment" field has now Ping and latenycy (at the moment of a signal)

fixes: Using API limits at startup reduced.

6.21 (06.02.2021)

New strategy filters: SessionProfitMin, SessionProfitMax: Session profit From SessionProfitMin To SessionProfitMax defines the strategy working diapason. Zero value means the parameter is ignored. You can setup session autoreset in the main settings - the AutoStart tab.

New PumpDetection parameter: "PumpUsePrevBuyPrice" - Use 2-seconds old price for calculating BuyPrice (unless specified using price 30 seconds ago). Enabled by default. This setting protects against buying at the very top of the spike. Before this parameter was added to the settings, it was always enabled programmatically, so when disabled, the strategy behavior will change!

Fixes: Spikes drawing on a chart upon first opening of a market; Auto-centering the chart when releasing the x9 button

6.19 (04.02.2021)

Futures: added BTC_0326, ETH_0326 markets on USDT futures

The x9 button no longer affects sell price, only charts scale

6.16 (30.01.2021)

The "Wait if there are open orders" checkbox has been added to the Autoupdate tab in the settings menu. The bot will update when all orders are closed. Does not affect manual updates and the "DoUpdate" command in Telegram

Futures: Added selection of leverage 5 to the list of leverages

Added Dump1h falling hour delta (similar to the rising delta)

Added modifiers for the hourly growth and decline deltas: AddPump1h, AddDump1h. Both deltas are always positive.

New filter in strategies: TotalLoss (positive number). The strategy stops working when the total minus exceeds the set value. The minus is counted by the total settings from the AutoStart tab for the set time for the whole report.

The hourly growth delta P1H is saved on the charts in the report

Fixed bug moving all sells to 1 price

6.14 (25.01.2021)

New strategy parameter: "TradePenaltyTime" - time in seconds during which the strategy will not work for the coin on which the trade was closed in minus.

New delta in strategies: In the "Delta2" picklist, you can specify the 1 hour growth delta (PumpHDelta). It is calculated as the difference between the maximum price and the price an hour ago.

The CheckAfterBuy filter option will always be checked once, even if you have not turned it on

Fixed API overload on listing

6.12 (14.01.2021)

Improved BinancePriceBug calculation algorithm; the default value for spot strategies is now 1%

6.11 (13.01.2021)

Futures: BUSD* pairs added (the Pairs menu)

To the right of the chart, next to Lot the max possible order is displayed: when trying to join orders whose total exceeds this limit, the autosplit is performed.

The strategy filter now contains the BinancePriceBug parameter (default value = 0.5, if 0 — not used); the value by which the price should lag, in percent, for the trading to stop.

The price lag is determined as the difference between the price line and the trades, in percentage over each 10 seconds.

If this filter is triggered, a 30 second penalty is enabled (i.e. new orders will not be placed by this strategy over the next 30 seconds at least, or longer than that if the price lag doesn't decrease)

The leverage selection menu has now added the 25x leverage

The bot will communicate the increase of used memory via Telegram

6.09 (05.01.2021)

Fixed memory consumption on futures bots

6.08 (30.12.2020)

The promo code MoonBot2021 can be activated in the 6.08 MB

- between December 30 2020 and January 15 2021, you get the full suite for free trial

- from January 15 until the 25, you get a 50% discount on activating the PRO version along with the MoonScalper module (0.1 BTC) 🔥

- from January 15 until the 25, you get a 40% discount on activating the full suite (0.14 BTC) 🔥

6.07 (27.12.2020)

The strategy modifiers has now all markkets 24h delta (AddMarket24Delta, the value is taken modulo)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

6.05 (26.12.2020)

Orders can be canceled by holding the Delete or TAB button and mouse-over an order; now only buy orders are canceled that way

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

6.04 (22.12.2020)

Orders can be canceled by holding the Delete button and mouse-over an order

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

6.03 (20.12.2020)

Added new sounds for alerts; Sounds in *wav format are stored in the data \ sounds.zip file; you may add your own to this file

New strategy parameter "CheckFreeBalance" (in the "multiorders" chapter) - check that free balance is enough to set whole orders grid

New strategy parameters "SellLevel*" (in the "Sell Order" chapter) to replace sell orders to levels:

the "SellLevel*" parameters group controls automatic replace of sell orders to levels calculated by the highs (for shorts - lows) prices.

The order can be replaced several times if the level changes over time. Read more about each parameter in the tips in the bot

After an incorrect shutdown (for example, when you turn off the PC or reboot the VPS), the bot will try to cancel all buy orders on the account

Updated recommendations for auto-trading (in the bot, menu - "news"): If you see errors 12030 or 10054 (in the log or in the window when you click on the API indicator), we recommend moving bots to the Seoul location

6.02 (08.12.2020)

Dear Users ❗️

To ensure that this holiday season brings you the joy it is supposed to, we're launching two promos at the same time 👍

1) Using the promo code MoonBot2020

- effective immediately until the 31st of December 2020, included, you get a 60% discount for the full suite (0.096 BTC) 🔥

The full suite includes the Moon Scalper and Binance Futures modules.

2) Using the promo code MoonBot2021

- between December 31 2020 and January 15 2021, you get the full suite for free trial

- from January 15 until the 25, you get a 50% discount on activating the PRO version along with the MoonScalper module (0.1 BTC) 🔥

- from January 15 until the 25, you get a 40% discount on activating the full suite (0.14 BTC) 🔥

6.01 (06.12.2020)

Strategy parameter "IgnoreFilters" no longer disables ban proptectio; instead, a checkbox "Disable ban protection" added (Settings - special). Please don't click this checkbox!

The API errors window now shows API requests caused the error

Fixes: orders with AutoCancelBuy = 1 sometimes was canceled a bit later than 1 sec;

MoonStrikes stopped placing orders after a long work without reboot;

Quarterly cheap coins sometimes had left snall umnanaged balances;

Fixed the hotkey to join shorts in hedge mode

6.00 (22.11.2020)

New strategy parameter "SellModifier" in the modifiers section; adjusts the sell price (Similarly as with the BuyModifier)

Fixes in quarterly futures; added coin's free balance (the "Lot" caption on the chart's right panel)

5.99 (19.11.2020)

The "SellByFilters" strategy parameter is now integer value (instead of boolean YES\NO) and means the time after buy (in seconds) after which to trigger PanicSell when the market fails to fulfill the filters conditions

The latest API errors list has now coins names; the latest messages are now on top

Screenshot made by CTRL-F10 are now also sent to the channel @MoonBot_Profit

Fixes: rare case of freezing when actively working with an orders grid

5.98 (17.11.2020)

Futures: the difference between the spot price on the chart is now displayed as a percentage (instead of $)

Added the window with the latest API errors (click on the API indicator at the bottom of the main window, or on the "API Errors" in the "traffic light" window)

Use this data to analyze the reasons why your strategy stops

Fixes: displayed order price after Join and Split; A rare case of losing position when 2 bots working with 1 coin at the same time

5.97 (10.11.2020)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

5.95 (06.11.2020)

Settings - autobuy - advanced filter: new checkbox "Special tokens" added to detect token in signals written some special way, for example "Today we pump (s) (n) (g) (l) (s)" (use only for pumps! turn off for regular signals trading)

Automatic ban protection will not trigger if the strategy parameter "IgnoreFilters = YES". Orders set by these strategies wont be canceled in case of API or CPU overload; its supposed that IgnoreFilters is set for deep enough moonshots

The hang protection settings (Settings - Advanced) got new option "control orders of this bot" (ON by default). Keep it ON for autotrading, may turn it OFF for manual bots so that manual orders wont be canceled by hang protection

5.94 (01.11.2020)

Huobi: added pairs -HT, -HUSD

New strategy parameter SellByFilters - turn PanicSell when the market fails to fulfill the filters conditions.

New strategy parameters: "Delta Modifiers". Adjust buy order prices and detection levels depending on deltas. Work in Drops, Liquidations, Pump, Manual strategies.

More details on the new parameters can be found on the website (https://moon-bot.com/en/manual/strategies/) or in the bot's hints

New function "Hang protection" (Settings - Advanved). Read more in the bot's hints

The CTRL-F10 hotkey now allows to post the screenshot to the moon_bot_kurilka chat On behalf of @TMoonBot. Remember: by sending screenshots, you are making the developers proud thanks to your success!

We are very glad to know that our efforts are not in vain.

5.93 (21.10.2020)

MoonBot has now added support for Huobi Exchange (currently spot only)

+ The PRO version for Huobi is considered as an additional key in the bot, at the price of 0.05BTC

+ The following promo is active until December 10th : you can activate the Huobi PRO version for 350 Credits.

5.92 (15.10.2020)

Moon Credits

As we promised during the ICO, we will load 1000 Credits to the accounts of PRO version users. The actual transfer of credits will happen today, on the 3rd anniversary of MoonBot, while the release of MoonTrader is slightly postponed.

We now offer you the chance of using the Credits in MoonBot, as of right now!

Some of you bought the PRO version during promotions and did not accrue Credits. We've decided to gift these users Credits too!

Those who benefited from the BoonBot2020 and BinanceRussia promos will receive 500 Credits, without the possibility of transferring them to MT (i.e. for use ONLY within MoonBot).

The list of options that will accept Credits as method of payment will be revised in the future.

During the first week after the launch of new functionalities (until October 22nd, 2020) for all credits used, you will receive a cashback of 20% of the used Credits.

(To open the Credit Menu, click on PRO Version in the bottom right corner OR click on Moon Credits in the Settings - PRO)

5.91 (12.10.2020)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

5.90 (10.10.2020)

Futures: Funding Rate added to markets charts (top left corner). Green means negative Funding Rate. i.e shorts pay longs (longs are safe)

Auto stop strategies on high API load; improved algorithm when API limits are exceeded. Restart according to "settings - autostart - restart on API errors"

Fixes: new listing was not detected sometimes; double buys in UDP TM; multiple short sells move

5.89 (28.09.2020)

New Bittrex API v3

Added the button to cancel all orders (in the Markets table).Warning! will cancel also sells on futures, if they were set not by the new MB vesrion.

Futures Sells set by 5.89 or higher or spot sells wont be canceled.

Futures: one more new websocket (Settings - advanved), so there are 3 options: default, previous FStream3 and new one SFStream

Fixed the context menu "Copy markets above" on the markers table

5.88 (24.09.2020)

Markets table now shows orders count column

Futures: the option to don't check position limits (Setings - Advanced). Please, don't turn it!

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

5.86 (19.09.2020)

Added the button to change leverage on all markets (on the windows with the Markets table)

The Telegram command "List" now also outputs current balance

Fixed bug when strategy with OrderSize=0 wasn't working

5.84 (16.09.2020)

The option to exclude BlackListed markets from delta calculations (Settings - Main). PAXG is always excluded

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

5.83 (07.09.2020)

MaxLatency filter was added to strategies: stops trading based on this strategy if latency exceeds a set value (by default = 0, not applied)

When halting the Bot based on API errors, the weight of some errors was lowered. Use the MaxLatency filter for additional risk management.

Hourly volumes fix

5.82 (06.09.2020)

New strategy filter for exclude Leveraged tokens (trading leveraged tokens turned off by default)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

5.81 (05.09.2020)

Real-time market data from our servers (beta stage; will be paid addon later)

The main menu "Reload charts" again reloads all opened charts (while the hotkey reloads only current chart)

Waking up the PC resets the charts reload timer

In case of network failure while setting an order the bot will try to cancel this order immediately (to prevent unwanted buys)

The bot will detect Binance API issues. The text with issues description and tech details will be available on the "Help" button.

This button will be red if any issues are detected.

Use the text to create support ticket to the Binance.

5.80 (28.08.2020)

Optimization: OrderBook; Memory (a bit more data on charts, including report charts on a VPS); non-fullscreen charts are a bit faster

Auto-Loading charts from our server triggers only If the bot started less than 3 hours ago;

Added hotkey to manually reload the chart (CTRL-R) (only for MoonTrader ICO participant)

The bot won't send Telegram messages about ping If you chose the option "don't send system messages" in the "Settings - Advanced"

Fixes: The Drops strategy wrong detects; The DoUpdate Telegram command; Detects during high volatility further limited, preventing API ban; API overload on DEFI

5.78 (15.08.2020)

The option to use new binance websocket Fstream3 can be now be turned on in the "Settings - Advanced".

By default it's turned off; If 5.75 version worked for you without lags, turn it on. The BookTicker option has been disabled temporarily as it might lead to delays and lags

New strategy parameter "IgnoreFilters": If YES, all filters (except for White- and BlackList) will be ignored

New Telegram commands to display and change the Blacklisted markets "BL, BL+, BL-"


Detects will not open too many charts during high volatility, preventing the bot from API ban

Auto clearing logs when free disk space is too low

Fixed reports in the telegram bot @ReportMBBot

5.75 (08.08.2020)

New Binance Futures websocket url has been added probably with less latency (use the "original" connection method (settings - advanced) for better perfomance)

New strategy filter "1-minute BTC delta" (calculated by trades and hence may work faster)

The reports form has now the checkbox "Today" to show trades for today, counting the time in the "From" box

Fixes: price step in custom price lines

5.74 (02.08.2020)

New strategy stops parameter "BV_SV_Reverse" - if YES, exit by bv\sv is calculated by reverse ratio, sells to buys (i.e. a long order will be closed when the price is raising, a short - when the price is falling)

The option to set Short orders added to all strategies. Note, strategy algorithms was not changed! The "Short" only affects should the strategy set long or short orders.

Custom drawn price lines display now the price value

The "Show\Hide entries" button has now context menu "Clear Fullscreen market\All markets entries"

The Sell Price (TP) and StopLoss (SL) sliders are added to the main screen. The SellPrice is duplicated when the sliders panel is hidden.

5.73 (22.07.2020)

New strategy parameter "IgnoreCancelBuy" - Ignore the AutoCancelBuy option for orders grid If first of the grid has been filled

The Split Order function now remebmers the Stop value and apllies it to new orders

Fixes: The BTC pairs PriceStep; The price in the spread position when 2nd orderbook is turned on; Hints in the orders list; rare Join bug

5.72 (20.07.2020)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

5.71 (19.07.2020)

Orders outside of the visible chart are now movable

Telegram command "cmd_SetStop" can now recognize the "Key" field

The orders list has been redesigned; sort options added (context menu, sort by buy or sell orders; by market name; by creation order)

Bots on VPS now have DirectX turned on by default

Some CPU optimiation when working on VPS

5.68 (13.07.2020)

Second orderbook on spot pairs (USDT and BTC) has been added.

The algorithm of chart's centring and autosscale has been changed. The hotkey CTRL - RightArrow shifts the chart to the current price and time.

With log level set to 5 and the Extended debug mode turned on, separate log files for each market are created.

The function "Send signals to my channel" (on the "Share" button) turned off by default, If you need it, turn again.

5.67 (09.07.2020)

Added option to Auto-Load charts from the MoonServer (Settings - UI) (If unchecked, you can still load the chart manually through the menu) (for the MoonTrader ICO participants only)

The "Share" button have new option to send signals to your own channel and to both your channel and the @MoonInt channel

Futures: the spot orderbook can be shown by corresponding BTC pair

Fixes: in the hedge mode then bot could not see liauidated orders

5.66 (03.07.2020)

The session profit will be kept until manually reseted through the menu ("Reset Session")

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

5.65 (02.07.2020)

Orders Join is working now in the UDP Trust Management (no additional settings, a manager just use the Join in usual way)

Hotkeys to create screenshots (Settings - HotKeys, by default CTRL-F10 to capture a chart, CTRL-F12 to capture whole bot's window). Screenshots are copied to the clipboard (and ready to paste to social networks) and stored in the Screenshots folder

Quarterly Futures: The market name changed to full name (incl. expiration date) which allows to use WL\BL

Fixes: Quarterly Futures commissions and daily\hourly volumes

5.64 (27.06.2020)

New strategy parameter JoinPriceFixed (the "MultiOrders" section) - whether to take fixed strategy SellPrice after joining orders

New option added to PanicSell all orders on overall loss exceeded (Settings - Autostart)

Liquidations in the report now tries to determine the strategy caused the liquidation (in the comment field).

Fixes: Memory optimization in the VPS mode; The .csv export (the "Coin" column); The Liquidations strategy in the short mode;

5.63 (21.06.2020)

New strategy filters parameter "CheckAfterBuy" - whether to check filters after buy order is set

(If NO, filters are checked only once when a signal is detected; If YES, filters are checked continuously until buy order is filled or canceled)

New strategy filter "MaxPosition": The max value of currently opened position. The position is calculated as sum of all sell and buy orders on this market.

The filter rejects a new order If it would exceed the "MaxPosition" and cancels existing buy orders if CheckAfterBuy=YES and total position of all other strategies exceeds the "MaxPosition".

The Telegram signals settings (Settings - AutoBuy) has new filed for short keywords (futures only). The "short" command also works in your remote control channel

Short\Long trades in the report are highlighted (futures only)

The MoonStrike strategy can now set shorts (futures only). To control it, use the strategy parameter "MStrikeDirection" which can have 3 values:

Both (both longs and shorts in the same strategy symmetrically), OnlyLong, OnlyShort

5.61 (17.06.2020)

Option to reset current profit counter added to the autostop by cumulative loss .

The button S9 added to the main window (near to the x9 button) to change the sell price x10 times.

Fixes: the Delta strategy was not properly triggered; the leverage displayed wrong in hedge mode.

5.60 (16.06.2020)

Binance Quarterly Futures has been added

The option "Auto PanicSell can drop price to..." (settings - main) can now take fractional values, but not higher than StopLoss

Binance Futures:

The limits for the MoonShot's min. price removed in case when the following conditions are met: coins white list is not empty and either

1) Price for the strategy is calculated using LastTrade price (MshotUsePrice = Trade) or

2) Price for the strategy is calculated using ASK\BID (MshotUsePrice = ASK\BID) and the option "use BookTicker prices" is turned ON "Settings - advanced").

5.59 (03.06.2020)

The chart now displays the BID/ASK prices in real time. To enable, go to "Settings — special". When enabled, these prices will be used by MoonShots if the order replacement is set to use the BID or ASK prices.

Attention! Enabling this feature may overload CPUs on 1-2 core VPS srevices.

A button that will take the users to the coin's twitter page (located on the right of the chart window).

CPU usage optimization when working on a VPS (don't forget to enable the VDS mode in the Menu — System Settings)

Displaying the CPU load (including system load) and VDS mode on the connection indicator ("traffic light")

Fixes: orderSize in MoonStrike strategies; the option "Stop if loss is greater than" now takes open orders into account

5.58 (26.05.2020)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

5.57 (25.05.2020)

Option to Display on charts the strategies that do not meet the filters (turn in the menu or in the strategies window)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

5.56 (14.05.2020)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

5.55 (10.05.2020)

Fixed the auto stop on loss function: it will not only stop strategies but also cancel all buy orders.

If the options "stop on ping", "settings - advanced - Extended debug" are turned on and the log level is set to "5", the log will contain report about particular API calls with too high ping; weights of some API calls has been adjusted to avoid too frequent stops on high ping.

Binance Futures:

Auto-refresh websocket liquidations stream to handle cases when liquidations are disappeared from a chart.

5.53 (05.05.2020)

New strategies filter option UseBTCPriceStep (Yes\No): If Yes, the price step is calculated by actual pair, otherwise by corresponding BTC market

Example: USDT-HOT has actual price step 0.02%, while BTC-HOT step is 14%. Using new parameter HOT can be excluded by price step filter (0..1%)

The option "Settings - Advanced - charts in reports N minutes after close" can be zero. In that case the chart will be stored up to 10 seconds after sell order is done.

The function "Immune for clicks" (right-click on a chart's order) also makes the order immune from join

The minimum value for the option "Restart after ping" reduced to 1 minute

Fixes: Hotkeys window TAB order; ESC closes the settings window; rare websocket error "Unfragmented message after FIN"

5.52 (24.04.2020)

New strategy "TopMarket". Detects a coin with max 15 minutes delta. The strategy is created automatically, you will find it in the bottom of your strategies list

Note: the strategy is not intended for autotrading, only for detects for manual trading!

Important! The PriceStep on non-BTC markets is not calculated by corresponding BTC market anymore. Instead, actual markets PriceStep is used.

Both PriceSteps are shown in the markets table, however only actual PriceStep is used in strategies filters.

Context menu added to the markets table to copy markets above selected to clipboard (to blacklist or whitelist markets)

The button to fast set max leverage added to the the markets table

5.51 (18.04.2020)

Pending short orders (configure click to set in the "Settings - UI" page)

The "Cancel buy order" button also cancels pending orders (on the same market)

The buttons "move orders by +1% \ -1%" has been removed, added hotkeys for the same action (Settings - Hotkeys)

Two new fixed orders buttons added (6 buttons total)

The option to adjust trailing by X% for each 1% of price can now be negative (Settings - main)

5.50 (12.04.2020)

Option to cancel all buys when a sell is filled (Settings – main)

Binance Futures:

– The Hedge Mode (both short and long positions at the same time). Turn on\off on the leverage button

– The switch to lock chart’s clicks to move only short orders, only long orders or both types. (the switch is under the leverage button)

Important! The Hedge Mode is account-wide, hence you must update all your bots before turning it on!

5.49 (06.04.2020)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

5.48 (01.04.2020)

Long-awaited feature: possibility to move already excecuted orders

All new bots become PRO with all modules included, no payment required!

5.47 (27.03.2020)

Latency fixed for cases when instantaneous execution is expected.

The built-in Telegram client was updated (Attention! Might require a repeated logging into your Telegram account)

Some optimization of the MoonBot process priority

Binance Futures:

– To motivate our community to participate in the upcoming trading tournament we are making the following changes:

1) The maximum limit order for the Trial version is increased to 30$ (leverage not accounted for i.e. using the maximum leverage of x125, the maximum order amount becomes 30$x125 = 3750$ )

2) The trial period for both modules will be reset two times. First reset will happen today, the second reset will happen on the day the tournament starts: April 10th.

3) You can register for the tournament by following this link:https://www.binance.com/en/futures/activity/tournament — you must find the MoonTrader team and click the “Join” button

5.46 (18.03.2020)

With log level set to 5 the bot will not spam the log window anymore; service messages are written only into the log file

API limits has been increased; its now correctly shown on the API load bar

If you exeed the orders per minuite limit, the bot will notify in the Telegram

5.45 (16.03.2020)

When using the HFT parameter, the bot will post CPU load in your Telegram channel

Binance Futures:

– Fixed the “Gained USDT reports column

– Liquidations are not shown on all your bots anymore

– The MarkPrice filter

– The MarkPrice filter is designed to avoid opening a position too far away from the mark price, which could lead to instant liquidation.

– The filter works with the MarkPrice delta, which is the percentile difference between the Market Price and the Mark Price. If the MarkPrice is above the market price, the difference will be negative and if it’s below the market price, the difference will be positive.

– The filter is set with values from and to (MarkPriceMin, MarkPriceMax).

Example: MarkPriceMin=0 MarkPriceMax=1 – will choose all the coins where the MarkPrice is moved to the opposite side from the order by no more than 1%. (therefore, if mark price is 1% above the market price, no short orders will be placed; if the mark price is 1% below the market price, no long orders will be placed; in other cases, both short and long orders will be placed)

5.44 (12.03.2020)

The parameter “Settings – CLose charts in N minutes of inactivity” can be set to 0 (charts are closed in 10 seconds)

New strategies parameter HFT(under the Buy Conditions chapter): determines the timeframe in milliseconds, during which the request to place an order (sent to the exchange) is valid. If 0 then not used (strategy works as previously). Read more in the bot, the News page (Menu – News, under the discount chapter)

The ping status string has now 2nd ping value: time, taken by Set Order commands. The exchange may excecute API requests much slower then pure ping, thats why this timing is more important

Binance Futures:

– Liquidations are now show in the bot’s report

5.43 (08.03.2020)

The Split command hotkey (configure in the Settings – Hotkeys tab)

– The Split can be used in the UDP Trust Management

Binance Futures:

– The SamePosition filter now works in Telegram strategies

– Separate colors for long and short liquidations on the chart

– Max Leverage and margin type (cross \ isolated) are shown in the leverage dialog

5.42 (03.03.2020)

Sell order split function (right-click on the order on market chart, select the “Split Order” menu)

5.41 (01.03.2020)

Fixed bug when orders sometimes was missed in the report

Added windows Auto Logon and autostart on windows startup settings (Menu – System Settings). Its recompensed to use them on vds as well as the “VDS mode” checkbox

5.40 (28.02.2020)

New MoonShot parameter:

MShotAddDistance – the expansion coefficient for MShotPrice (percentage relatively to MShotPriceMin depending on deltas; If AddDelta values added X% to MShotPriceMin, then MShotPrice will be adjusted by X * (1 + MShotAddDistance/100)%

Example: MShotAddDistance = 100, MShotPriceMin is adjusted by AddDeltas by 1%, then MShotPrice is adjusted by 2%

Default 0 – dont adjust (works as before)

Binance Futures: Margin Type (isolated or cross) and the button to quick change the type on all markets added to the markets table;

5.39 (23.02.2020)

The MoonShot’s RaiseWait parameter has been slightly changed: now it means Delay in seconds before the replacement of the buy order after the price has increased or the last replacement has been made. (each event: price increase or order replacement up or down resets the counter)

Binance Futures:

– The list of currently open positions has been added to the Menu

– Balances. The order button in the balances list will cancel all open orders on the market and place one close order (same as chart’s Limit Close menu)

– The MarkPrice refresh rate has been increased to 1 second

– The Markets table has new column “Current Leverage \ Max. Leverage” instead of pointless for the futures “PumpQ” column

The api error “Order does not exist” weight has been deareased; however bot may still stop by api errors; its recommended to keep the setting “Stop on api errors level” ON for auto-trading bots (The Settings – Autostart page).

5.37 (10.02.2020)

Fixes: Binance Futures login issue; Emulator optimization

5.36 (07.02.2020)

Fixes: 5m BTC delta on Binance Futures; OrderBook update speed with fast orderbook turned OFF; sending TM commands to a Telegram channel

5.34 (06.02.2020)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

5.33 (26.01.2020)

Current market price is shown on the chart (in the spread or on the right panel, switch in “Settings – UI”)

Fixes: T-view Fututers links; fixes hotkeys repeated clicks before the key is released; The MoonStrike strategy won’t spam the log anymore (unless the Debug mode is turned in the strategy)

5.32 (18.01.2020)

New telegram command “DoUpdate” – force version update (useful on vps when you turn off then auto-update feature)

Binance Futures: The “Split” function has been changed to calculate orders prices as max[current price, position entry price] + P% (instead of current price + P%)

5.31 (16.01.2020)

Fixes: telegram command “CancelBuy”; floating-point values on the “TakeProfit” slider (Settings – Main)

New strategy parameter in the MultiOrders section: OrderSizeKind (Linear or Exponential calculation of the orders grid. Default is Linear)

5.30 (09.01.2020)

The slider “delete old logs” (Settings – Advanced) can be set to zero, in this case chart are not stored in the reports db (to keep more hdd space)

Added 5-minutes delta to strategies filters and to the MoonShot parameters. Watch this delta in the left corner of the chart

The min. “restart after ping” time has been changed from 10 minutes to 3 minutes

5.28 (05.01.2020)

EUR pairs has been added

Binance Futures:

– New parameter SamePosition (currently works only with MoonShot, Liquidations strategies): place orders only in the current position direction

2019 Update History Archive

5.27 (31.12.2019)

Happy New Year!!!

5.24 (29.12.2019)

Combo strategies are now take filters into account, including NextDetectPenalty

Fixed bittrex markets loading

Binance Futures:

– New parameter DebugLog (currently works only with the liquidations strategy): more info into the log for this strategy (use with caution! can result in Log file overflow)

– The 2% scale button on market charts

5.23 (24.12.2019)

Fixed rare bug related to incorrect calculation of combined orders prices

Binance Futures:

– OpenInterest Indicator has beed added to the market chart

– False liquidations protection (liquidations with values which don’t correspond to the market price are ignored and not displayed on the chart)

– New liquidation strategy parameter LiqWithinTime: time since last liquidation is less than (millisec.). If value is set to 0, then the parameter is ignored.

5.22 (13.12.2019)

The Binance Futures:

The BNB balance added to the main window; fixed commissions paid in BNB

Reports charts has now the filter button to show either all your orders or only last trade

Fixed rare bug related to duplicate OrderID (may lead to lost assets)

Warning! related to futures and spot trading. After update rollback to prev. version will be impossible! Old versions will not handle orders created since 5.22

5.21 (10.12.2019)

The Binance Futures:

– Option to draw liquidations with ig pizels (the checkbox “Huge” near the “show\hide liquidations”

– Fixed reports charts length

New strategy parameter GlobalDetectPenalty – market shared penalty for strategies of all types (Any signal trigger the penalty)

5.20 (08.12.2019)

The Binance Futures:

– Checkbox to show\hide liquidations on the chart

– New strategy Liquidations strategy parameters: bv\sv filter to specify bv\sv analisis period and ratio; If 0 then ignored

– Hotkeys to open Long and Short

Charts in the report are stored with excactly 2 orders (open\close) for analysis usability

New MoonShot strategy parameter MShotAdd1minDelta to adjust price range by 1-minute delta (0 by default)

The NextDetectPenalty has been changed so that each strategy has its own independent penalty, even for strategies of the same type

5.19 (03.12.2019)

The Binance Futures:

Market liquidations are shown on the chart

New strategy “Liquidations”, based on analysis of market liquidations

Fixed emulator bug related to MoonShot short orders

*RUB pairs has been added

5.17 (28.11.2019)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

5.16 (24.11.2019)

Middle-click to set Short option added to the main setings

Binance futures works in the emulator mode without activating the module (PRO version still required)

Changing the leverage is only possible when the chart is open in Full Screen

Storing of the 1-minute delta on the report’s charts

Preparation for the ETH futures trading

5.15 (12.11.2019)

Important! Preparation for the Binance API update

Strategy filters has now 1-minute delta (Delta2_Type: 1m). In the Futures mode the 1m delta is shown on the chart (left corner)

5.14 (10.11.2019)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

5.13 (08.11.2019)

New parameter in the MoonShot strategy MShotUsePrice: Trade – use the last trade price for calculation of the MoonShot price corridor (previously there was only ASK\BID options)

Binance Futures: in the MoonShot strategy when MShotUsePrice=Trade and the while list is used, the limitations for the MShotPriceMin has been removed

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

5.12 (05.11.2019)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

5.11 (04.11.2019)

The Binance Futures:

Liq. Price on the chart

The internal buffer for the chart has been increased

Fixed bug when pending orders didn’t take leverage into account

Fixed hourly volume updating

New item in the order’s context menu: “Panic Sell ALL” – close all sell orders (buy orders remains active)

5.09 (02.11.2019)

The Binance Futures: Mark Price on the chart

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

5.08 (27.10.2019)

BUSD pairs has been added

The Binance Futures: fast OrderBook updates (100ms)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

5.07 (24.10.2019)

The Binance Futures: Spot OrderBook on the chart (Agreement to send stat reports is required; remind that you can send reports fully anonymously, on behalf of non-existing user 404)

5.06 (20.10.2019)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

5.05 (19.10.2019)

The Binance Futures: Leverage from x1 up to x125

5.04 (16.10.2019)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

5.03 (14.10.2019)

The Binance Futures: Trial period expaned to 7 days with the limitation of order’s size to 10$ ( without leverage)

The trial counter has been reseted; If you already used trial period, you can activate it again for 7 days

Emulator is now working with short orders

5.01 (13.10.2019)

The Binance Futures: Short in the Trust Management (cmd_Short command)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

5.00 (12.10.2019)

The Binance Futures in the MoonBot https://moon-bot.com/en/pro-version/binance-futures-addon/

The option to send statistics anonymously (Settings – Login): if turned, your stats is beeing sent on behalf of user 404

4.96 (20.09.2019)

Max. spread value for the Panic Sell (in the main settings) has been increased to 5%

The option to show If your order is Iceberg (Settings – UI)

The option to auto correct order’s price when trying to set order too high or too low (Settings – Advanced, off by default)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

4.95 (04.09.2019)

TRX pairs has been added (PRO version only; for ease of use trade volumes are shown in USD)

Dear users!

Celebrating Programmer’s Day, on Friday September 13th we are announcing a huge discount on the PRO version of MoonBot!

You will get 15% off if you purchase the PRO version,

And 30% off if you purchase the PRO version with the MoonScalper add-on!

Discount code: MoonBot13

The offer is valid from Friday, September 13 through Sunday, September 15.

4.94 (29.08.2019)

Fast OrderBook updates (100ms frequency; only in PRO version with the MoonScalper addon. Turn ON\OFF in the menu – System Settings – Fast OrderBook Updates)

Direct TradingView signals (WebHooks) (only for the MoonTrader ICO participants)

Daily volumes precision on USD pairs increased to 1 digit

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

4.93 (14.08.2019)

Selection of All strategies in the strategy editor by CTRL-A

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

4.92 (04.08.2019)

When turning autoscroll on, the chart is moved to the most right position

Main menu item added: Reload charts (Only for ICO participants) – reload market charts from our server after long offline period

Incorect stopLoss activation protection on “square” markets (when price is less then 10sat)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

4.91 (30.07.2019)

Optimization: New market charts are beeing opened slightly faster; Market charts are loaded from our server faster (Only for ICO participants)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

4.90 (25.07.2019)

Market charts autoshift ON\OFF button has been added

Fixes: Delisted\Offline markets are not displayed when typing a coin manually

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

4.89 (23.07.2019)

Market charts are loaded from our server upon first opening the chart (Only for ICO participants)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

4.85 (05.07.2019)

Strategy volume filters accepts now big numbers.

Order Book optimization (for the BTC-USDT pair).

Orders management slightly improved

New main menu item “Reset Session” — reset session profit (displayed on the chart’s top)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

4.83 (24.06.2019)

Dear ICO participants! To bind your MoonBot with your MoonTrader Tokens please enter your ETH address which you have used or will use to buy $MOON.

It is preferred to enter the address before you buy tokens.

MoonTrader Telegram group: @moontrader_en

4.82 (20.06.2019)

New TM command: cmd_CancelAllBuys to cancel all buy orders

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

4.81 (15.06.2019)

HotKeys for the following actions added: Cancel Buy; Panic Sell; Join Sells; Switch Charts (Settings – HotKeys). (push Esc to clear the hotkey)

More autostart options: to run the bot in the previous state or manually to control whether the strategies should be turned on after reboot

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

4.80 (30.05.2019)

Bug fixes and other minor improvements

4.79 (24.05.2019)

Auto Sell Launchpad’s coins using the NewListing strategy:

SellFromAsset: If checkked, the strategy will sell coins from balance (instead of placing buy orders);

SellQuantity: Tokens Quantity (If 0 then sell all available)

SellPriceAbsolute – If checked then SellPrice set as absolute value, otherwise as percentage to market price ASK

Sound Alert on BTC rate change (Settings – Autostart)

Fixes: Buy price check in the NewListing strategy has been disabled.

4.78 (17.05.2019)

Fixes: Binance orders error fixed

4.77 (15.05.2019)

Fixes: Binance buy price not lower than 0.20 of market price; correct handling of Telegram command “PaniSellAll”

4.76 (13.05.2019)

Auto Restart after stop on btc\market drops (configure in the “Settings – Autostart”)

Special command in the @MoonInt channel to temporary stop all strategies (only admins with votes > 5 can post it)

Trust Management spike protection: new UDP strategy parameter TMBuyPriceLimit specifies max. buy price in percentage to current market price. Example: TMBuyPriceLimit = 5%, a command to buy coin for +10% comes — such command will be ignored.

More stable pairs added: TUSD, USDC, USDS (Binance); USD (Bittrex)

Reports form has now clickable coin’s label to open current market chart (below orders list)

Fixes: Binance sell orders price is not higher then +400% to market price; buy price not lower then 0.25 of market price

4.75 (30.04.2019)

Important news! MoonTrader ICO

4.74 (22.04.2019)

The BTC rate label blink configuration when the rate changes (configure in the “Settings – Autostart”)

Separated colors for volume lines in the Order Book

Fixes: scalping mode is taken into account when setting a pending order; other minor improvements

4.73 (15.04.2019)

Cumulative\discrete order book with configurable opacity (Settings -> UI)

Strategy editor has new field “LastEditDate”

New strategies filter by 5-minutes BTC rate delta: Delta_BTC_5m_Min, Delta_BTC_5m_Max. The 5m delta is calculated as difference between min and max BTC price during last 5 minutes (and hence its always positive).

The Emulator has been improved

Fixes: Joined Sell could take inactive strategy for new sell order; volume profile fixed on USDT pairs on “square” coins (with price less then 100sat)

4.72 (07.04.2019)

Shared BlackList. pause strategies:

BL signals are posted with associated risk level (1..3).

Strategies has new parameter MoonIntStopLevel, risk level below which BL signals are ignored

Pause signals are posted in the @MoonInt chaannel with date, UTC time and pause duration. At specified time bots will pause all strategies with specified MoonIntStopLevel or below for specified duration.

All bots connected to the @MoonInt can read the these signals automatically (turned on by default; to turn shared BL off go to the Settings – Telegram page and uncheck the “Use shared BlackList” checkbox.

Added option to close all active orders (global PanicSell) on BTC rate raise (Settings – Autostart)

Added working hours settings (Settings – Autostart, local time).

New strategy parameter ReportTradesToTelegram: send trade reports to your Telegram channel. To send Manual trades reports tick the “Settings – Advanced – Send Reports” checkbox

New strategy parameter CancelBuyStep (the MultiOrders addon required): step to increase buy orders autocancel time (seconds) when the strategy sets multiple buy orders

Fixes: joined sell order has now correct SignalType field in Telegram strategies; The report filter correctly filters by strategy type (“drops”, “shot”, etc)

4.70 (03.04.2019)

The Auto Reconnect option has been removed; the bot now reconnects websocket automatically by default

New option System Settings -> Use Local trades time, when turned on, trades on market charts will be drawn using your local time (otherwise exchange’s time). Use if your system clock is badly synced.

Fixes: joined sells in strategies might have reported wrong profit; trailing settings in manual strategies was not aplied if trailing was turned off

4.67 (26.03.2019)

Sell Join in strategies (the MoonScalper addon is required)

Each strategy has a new parameter JoinSellKey (0 by default).

If you set JoinSellKey > 0 then every filled buy order will be joined with existing sell order with the same JoinSellKey

With JoinSellKey = 0 everytning works as usually

The UDP strategy should now work in combo (except Trust Management)

Mouse wheel now scrolls the chart when in the orderbook’s zone

4.66 (16.03.2019)

The API load indicator (for binance) now works better and takes into account all your running bots (on the same IP\APIkeys)

The bot should be able to read Telegram @whalefuckero_bot

New option “Menu – System Settings – Draw huge pixels” to draw visually bigger trades on market charts (may be useful on 4K monitors)

Fixes: BNB bots available balance substracts BNB amount needed to pay comission (Settings – Advanced, “Min. BNB value”)

4.65 (12.03.2019)


When you first start the bot, the checkbox “I agree to send the results of the auction to the server” is enabled by default (Settings – Login).

You can disable it if you do not want to send your results to the statistics server https://stat.moon-bot.com/

To send data anonymously, do not enter your Telegram nickname, in this case, the table will contain only your bot ID.

4.64 (11.03.2019)

Important: shared BlackList. Markets which other users consider unwanted to trade currently are posted in the Telegram’s @MoonInt channel.

All bots connected to the @MoonInt can read the BlackList automatically (turned on by default; to turn shared BL off go to the Settings – Telegram page and uncheck the “Use shared BlackList” checkbox.

BL signals are posted with associated risk level (1..3). Strategies has new parameter MoonIntRiskLevel: risk level below which BL signals are ignored

Users in the @MoonInt can now be muted (you need Rating > 4 to use mute function)

Fixes: the “Look for action” (the eye button) function improved

4.63 (07.03.2019)

New option to show vert. volume indicator to the left\right of the chart (right-click the “Vol” button, peek “Ind.Pos.”)

The following strategies can now set multiple orders upon 1 signal (If you have the MultiOrders addon): “Telegram”, “NewListing”

All strategies except MoonShot have now parameters to set multiple buy orders at once: (If you have the MultiOrders addon)

OrdersCount – buy orders count to set (default is 1 );

BuyPriceStep: price step in percentage of initial buyPrice (If < 0 than each new order will be set at lower price, otherwise at higer price)

OrderSizeStep: Order’s size step in percentage of initial size (if 0 than don’t increase order)

So the buy order number k will be set at buyPrice * (1 + k * BuyPriceStep / 100)

4.62 (02.03.2019)

The Moon Bot stat service is online: http://stat.moon-bot.com/

To be listed on the service please go to “Settings – Login” and tick the “I agree to send the results of my transactions to the server”

actual trades in real-time

Top20 trades per 24 hours

Top20 traders weekly

Top20 TM Managers

New strategy kind: NewListing. It is triggered by new market listing; all filters are excluded from this strategy. Buy price can be set in absolute value (the “buyPriceAbsolute” parameter)

The strategy is available only If you tick the “I agree to send the results of my transactions to the server” (“Settings – Login”) on all your bots and keep the check mark on for at least a week before using the strategy.

The option “Only 1 market chart in FullScreen” now auto-activates when cursor is in order book’s area

New option “Open new charts in max time scale” (Settings – UI)

Bug fixes: correct order parameters fill when creating sell order from assets

4.57 (18.02.2019)

Pending orders set by mouse click on a chart can now have negative spread (read more)

Bug fixes: incorrect joined sell price after joining 2 partially filled orders; incorrect panic sell was applied to buy orders

The MoonBot shoul now be able to read @InfocryptoSignalsBot signals

The option to show\hide profit in $ has beed added (Settings -> UI)

The X9 button now sets the sellprice not higher than +800%

4.55 (14.02.2019)

The “Moon Scalper” addon: Market chart alerts

The bot can now send statistics on your transactions to the server (to generate a rating table, it is under development currently). Agreement to send data is located on the page

“Settings – Login”, “Send trades to statistics server” checkbox. When using the Trust Management functionality, consent is necessary (since the transactions belong to the manager, and other participants would like to see them in the statistics). Please also note that the collected statistics can be used for promotional purposes.

4.54 (08.02.2019)

Multiorders: additional click kind to replace orders has been added

Strategies autocancel buy: timer is reset if the order set by this strategy has been replaced manually

Trust management commands have now “ChannelKey” field: slave bot’s strategy must have the same ChannelKey as in the master bot’s “Share” button settings (Trust management UI)

Telegram signals like “buy #LTCBTC” are recognized correctly now

4.53 (04.02.2019)

Multiorders: Sell orders auto joining has been redesigned and works now in 2 options:

Fixed Price: put the first sell order; when new buy is filled, new sell will be set at the same price (in satoshi)

Fixed Profit: put the first sell order; when new buy is filled, new sell will be set at the same profit (so joined sell order will always have the same percentage value)

The BTT-USDT display price rounding fixed

Overall open positions percentage in multimode has been added (chart’s top caption)

4.52 (02.02.2019)

Multiorders: Multiorders mode can be turned off in any moment; however we do not recommend to do so while you have more than 1 open order on a market.

the manual has been updated and describes the bot’s reaction to deactivating multiorders mode

New option to select an order to move: “Last Moved” (the latest order you have set or moved)

Coins from assets can be sold in separate sell orders

Pending orders can now be set in multiorders mode;

Note that unlike solo mode all of them will be excecuted!

4.51 (31.01.2019)

Multiorders: the manual has been updated; the multiorders mode is turned off by default

Multiorders mode will not be turned off while you have more than 1 open order on a market

The option “Allow 2 orders in solo mode” has been hiddden and removed; persistent people can find a way to activate it in the instruction manual

Favorite markets: Right-click the market button to remove from favorites

Order’s volume caption on the order’s line can be turned off in the interface settings (Settings – UI)

4.49 (24.01.2019)

Trust management:

commands have now OrderSize parameter: Master bot specify max. order size, and when it uses less order, slave bots use proportionally less orders too

Fixed bug when master bot wasn’t able to send commands

Master bot’s report improvements: orders count, order sizes, the “clear report” (‘X”) button

4.47 (16.01.2019)

Some UI and vds mode optimization (Note: If you run the bot on a virtual server (VPS), you should tick the “Menu – System Settings – VDS mode” on.)

4.46 (12.01.2019)

Trust management: High frequency trading available in free version if the strategy is in emulator mode

Reports sort fixed

In case of video card fail there should be error code in the log, please check if you have unusual charts behaivor

4.45 (11.01.2019)

Trust management: High frequency trading

Favorites markets are sorted alphabetically

Quick market blacklisting button added to the chart’s panel (the “BL” button)

Selling coins (using the “Order” button) bought outside of the bot, in particular selling BTC for USDT on USDT pairs (PRO only)

MoonShot strategy: new parameter MShotAddBTC5mDelta to adjust price range by BTC 5-minutes delta. The delta is calculated as difference (percentage) between min and max rates during last 5 minutes (hence it always positive)

The Modified Telegram client updated to version 1.5.6. To update the Telegram for the bot (optional, previous client is still working):

Close the bot

Close Telegram, make sure it’s not staying in the system tray

Manually delete the file “Utelegram.exe” in the bot’s folder

Start the bot, go to “Settings->Telegram” page and push “download modified client” button

2018 Update History Archive

4.44 (30.12.2018)

Market charts hints can now be turned in the Settings -> UI tab. Default state is now OFF. In VDS mode hints are not shown.

Colors presets in “Settings – UI – colors”

Some optimization: initial load should be a bit faster, VDS should consume a bit less CPU

Some minor bug fixes (screen keyboard, wrong log window background , etc.)

4.38 (24.12.2018)

The “Moon Scalper” addon: Custom figures on the chart can be deleted by CTRL-Right Click using popup menu

The function “Export market data to a file” is turned off by default. If you need it, turn on manually

Some bug fixes, incl. turning the Moon Scalper trial

4.36 (22.12.2018)

The “Favorites” button has been added (near the eye). To add a market use the star button on the chart’s panel

Delta strategy bug fixed causing the strategy to stop work in a while

The “Moon Scalper” addon:

the option “stacked graphs” added to the vol. profile tool.

The “Fibo” tool has now 0.5 level and customizable zones fill

Current CPU load is displaying in the status bar. In case of high load the bot will notice you using your Telegram channel (If configured). Please notify us in our Public Telegram channel of such occasions (normally 1 bot on a VPS should consume about 20%-30% CPU)

4.33 (19.12.2018)

Strategy editor has been optimized and should work a bit faster

The “Moon Scalper” addon: vol. profile values displaying settings (position, transparency)

The “System Settings” menu: some new options added. Please take a look and configure most comfortable for you options

Customizable colors (Settings – UI)

Some bug fixes, incl. CPU load in some cases

4.30 (15.12.2018)

The “Moon Scalper” addon (additional module containing set of functions and options)

The bot restores market charts after restart (PRO version only, the pause between the restarts should be not more than 8 hours)

Strategy editor has been fully redesigned: multi-select, multi-edit, hint to every parameter added

The “System Settings” menu has been added, giving the possibility to adjust performance on low systems.

New interface themes added

The modified Telegram client has been updated (you may not download it If you are using the built-in client)

Maximum chart’s timeframe has been increased to 6 hours

Separate Cancel Buy \ Panic Sell buttons (Settings – UI)

CTRL+Z in the input field switches last 2 entered markets

Buttons to turn ON/OFF Iceberg orders added to market chart’s panel

Fast chart scroll to the right by pressing CTRL+Right Arrow

4.17 (12.11.2018)

The bot has got built-in Telegram client. To use:

Go to Settings -> Telegram

Tick the “Use built-in client” checkbox

Enter your phone, auth code, password.

You may specify a proxy server (socks5 or MTProxy). If the bot can’t connect without a proxy, it will turn built-in MTProxy, you may change proxy server to your own later.

The built-in client can be used along with the modified client to get signals from 2 different Telegram accounts

You can turn on\off the built-in client by the Settings tab or by the pop-up menu on the tray bot’s icon

New strategies parameter StopLossEMA (use EMA to calculate stop price), possible values: 0 – no EMA, 3,5,10 – use 3,5,10-ticks average

the bv\sv stop has now take profit parameter BV_SV_TakeProfit which means: turn the bv\sv stop only after price has reached specified value

4.16 (07.11.2018)

The Modified Telegram client updated to version 1.4.3. To update the Telegram for the bot (optional, previous client is still working):

Close the bot

Close Telegram, make sure it’s not staying in the system tray

Manually delete the file “Utelegram.exe” in the bot’s folder

Start the bot, go to “Settings->Telegram” page and push “download modified client” button

The Telegram signals logic has been changed:

words without tags are considered as signals only when written in capital letters (i.e. the phrase “ride the Waves” is not a #waves signal however “buy the WAVES” is)

the following words without tags are not considered as signals even if written in capital letters: LINK, GO

the bot now correctly recognizes such tags: #NEO/BTC, #NEO/Binance (#NEO/Bittrex)

the bot now correctly recognizes such links: https://www.binance.com/en/trade/pro/CVC_BTC

New reports column added: “BV/SV” (buy to sell volumes ratio at the moment the signal/detect has been given)

4.15 (02.11.2018)

The Emulator mode should work even better

More master bot settings for Trust Management

4.14 (31.10.2018)

All Markets 24h delta has been added to the main screen, reports and strategies filters

Each Market 24h Delta has been added to strategies filters

24h BTC delta updating fixed

4.12 (26.10.2018)

New social trading options

Strategies filters has now 24h delta BTC filter

Strategies file is now backed up in the “bak” folder

4.11 (24.10.2018)

All strategies have now StopLoss2 and StopLoss3. Both stops are triggered by time (parameter TimeToSwitch) and price (parameter PriceToSwitch, % of actual buy price) conditions. Price condition is checked by last 2 bids.

Trust management: the checkbox “Send Panic Sell for closed orders” has been added (so that slave bots won’t stack with a coin when master bot had already sold this coin)

4.10 (23.10.2018)

Strategies editor has now filter box to filter strategies by type or by name

Telegram strategies new parameter PriceToSwitch2Stop: activate second stop after current market price has been reached specified value )percentage of actual buy price)

Telegram Strategies token detecting logic has been re-specified:

Buy the token that is repeated in the messages the greatest number of times

if equal repetitions, then the priority has the first in order token with tag

if equal repetitions, and all tokens with tags or all without tags, then the first token in order is bought

4.09 (22.10.2018)

The option to mark a trade as important has been added to reports (under trades list). Mark a trade to keep its chart; you can filter important trades by typing “important” in the filter box

The option to stop the bot upon total loss per N hours has been added (Settings -> Autostart)

The spread for pending orders is set now from the Settings -> UI by the formula (fixed spread + HourlyDelta * floating spread, %)

4.06 (18.10.2018)

New MoonShot strategy parameters: MShotAdd3hDelta, MShotAdd15minDelta (increase price depending on 3h- and 15m deltas). By default both are 0.

The order size of a pending order is checked at the moment the order is excecuted (previously it was the moment the order is set)

4.05 (17.10.2018)

Pending orders can now be set by mouse click on market chart (setup click type in the Settings -> UI).

The spread for pending orders is set by default from the main settings spread (Settings -> main). You may use manual strategies for pending orders.

Context menu item to cancel pending orders added (right-click on the orders window or on a particular pending order on the chart)

You can set many pending orders on one market, however only 1 at the same time can be excecuted, other orders will wait trades to be completed before executing

4.03 (10.10.2018)

The registration procedure of the PRO version has been changed according to our plan published in the news channel

Activation of additional keys for the same account on the exchange, on which the PRO version is registered, is now free.

Fixed MoonShot order replacing bug

Configurable clicks to set \ replace an order (Settings – UI)

4.01 (05.10.2018)

New option to use Iceberg orders only for coins with price step less then specified (Settings – Advanced). Default value is 0.1% (coin with price more then 1000sat.). The detailed description of Iceberg orders on binance and the meaning of this parameter you may read here

The following words without tags are no longer treated as tokens: START, TIME, GO, UP, WAVES, TRUST. HOT, MORE

(example: in this message “Time to go buy some more $waves, price start to go up” there is only 1 token now: $waves)

4.00 (02.10.2018)

Iceberg orders

(Settings – Special, separate on / off for buy and sell Iceberg orders). How an iceberg order works: for example, you place an order to sell / buy 1000 coins. Of these, 100 coins (1/10 part) will be visible in the orderbook to other traders, 900 coins will not be visible in the orderbook.

In this case, the order exists on the exchange in full with all 1000 coins, and until it is filled out completely, the price will not go over it.

By default, buy orders are placed without Iceberg, sell orders with Iceberg.

The main task of Iceberg orders is not to create walls in the orderbook that frighten other traders.

So it is highly recommended to use the default settings!

MoonShot strategy: fixed too fast orders replacing when working with huge price difference (more than 40%)

Autostop by ping (the “Settings – Autostart” page) can’t be activated in the first minute after the bot started

3.98 (28.09.2018)

Important news (particularly, project’s anniversary huge discount ) published in our channel @MoonBotNews and in the bot

Market charts scaling by mouse wheel is centered to cursor position

New strategy parameter: Emulator mode. If YES then the strategy will work in emulator mode independent of the bot’s main mode (set on the main screen). If NO, the strategy will work in the main screen’s mode

3.97 (22.09.2018)

Buy orders sound alerts (Settings – Interface)

The application is available now in Spanish

Trust management: when a master bot closes an order, it sends “Panic Sell” command to slave bots so that they won’t hang in the order

You can set the Moon Bot’s name (Settings – advanced) that will be used in Telegram reports and in the appication caption. This helps to distinguish bots If you run several instances

3.96 (20.09.2018)

Fixed calculation of order’s total for the report

The parameter PriceStep used to configure strategies filters you can see now in the coins table (the PumpQ column)

Telegram strategies has now NextDetectPenalty (Penalty for repeat detection, seconds)

3.95 (19.09.2018)

BNB pairs has been added (PRO version only). If you have specified min. BNB level in the “settings -> advanced” tab, then the BNB bot will show balance decreased by specified ammount; that way needed for commision BNB ammount will remain free

Calculation of average order price for the report has been optimized (in rare cases last trade price had been used instead of avg. price)

If a telegram signal contains more then 1 token, and such signals are allowed by general settings, then only 1st token will be traded

Telegram signals with links to BTC markets will be correctly handled by ETH and BNB bots

If a telegram signal contains GO or HOT words without tags, those coins won’t be bought

3.93 (13.09.2018)

API errors weights slightly reduced to prevent false stops

Charts rendering slightly optimized

Panic Sell is now more accurate

Drops strategy has been changed: now If you set LastPriceMA=0, the bot will use minimum price during the last second (instead of current BID price; use it to catch fast spikes).

New filter in all strategies: price step as a percentage of current price (PriceStepMin=0 by default, PriceStepMax=0.5% by default to exclude “square” coins like HOT)

Example: the HOT coin (current price is 20 sat.) has 5% price step. The XVG coin (current price is 200sat) has 0.5% (so default PriceStepMax filters out coins under 200sat)

NOTE: if you want your existing strategies to work with such coins, increase the default PriceStepMax!

3.92 (09.09.2018)

New option “Auto Update the bot” (Settings -> AutoStart). Consider check it If you are running the bot on vps

Calculation of API errors weights slightly modified to prevent false stops

Intarface adjustments on 4k monitors

3.91 (08.09.2018)

Configure bot auto stop on ping\API errors excess

Panic Sell in Emulator mode has been fixed

3.90 (06.09.2018)

The BNB autobuy function does not check If desired BNB amount is greater then lot size. Please check your settings manually, currently BNB lot is about 0.7 BNB

If you have zero balance in Emulator mode, default order size is 1.5 lots

Trust management commands can now be in any place in the message (not only at the beginning). This helps to send TV alerts as MoonBot commands (incl. sell command, but coins must be bought in the bot first)

New Telegram Remote Control commands:

CancelBuy – Cancel all unfilled buy orders (bot is still working)

SellALL – Turn Panic Sell on all sell orders, cancel all buys, stop the bot

3.89 (01.09.2018)

Reports option to show only real \ only emulated orders

Emulator bug fixed

3.88 (31.08.2018)

New working mode: Emulation (turn in the menu). In this mode the bot will not place actual orders, will not operate actual balance; orders are emulated

New parameter MShotUsePrice in the MoonShot strategy. Can be “ASK” (default) or “BID”. Determines what price (ASK or BID) should be used to calculate MoonShot price corridor

Fixed order size can be adjusted by double click to fixed order’s buttons

3.87 (26.08.2018)

Tech Support Chat for PRO users has been changed, the request mechanics through the bot has been changed; now the user sends an application and waits to be added to the requested chat, the chat links are voided.

The “Cancel all BUY orders”, “Close ALL ORDERS” options(in the latter case, the sell orders will be closed) are added to the context menu of orders area (Rightclick on the orders area at the bottom of the screen)

Set the time for calculating the volumes of BV \ SV on the chart from 1 to 1440 minutes (day). Important! In fact, volumes are counted only from the moment the bot was launched!

Fixed order size can now be set using the buttons. You can configure the buttons and hotkeys on them in the “Settings – HotKeys”

Signals in Telegram are now correctly read when they have a tag on both sides of the token, for example $ NEO $

Added a checkbox “Update chart’s caption” (Settings – Interface)

When you click on the cross in the full-screen mode, the chart is closed and deleted from the scroll list.

In the strategy notifications options, the item NONE is added – without sound (only the coin button is displayed)

Option to select the drawing of all your buy orders or only the last one was transferred from the settings to the main window, the button in the toolbar

Stop-loss and Trailing-stop are no longer tied to the market/coin. When you turn on the stop-loss manually on the order, it will not be automatically activated on the next order on the same coin. Same applies to manual deactivating Stop-loss or Trailing stop. On the following orders, they will be still active as per your original trading settings.

3.86 (06.08.2018)

Order book volume on the sell order’s line

Minor bug fixes

3.85 (28.07.2018)

“Price 30sec ago” (“price before pump”) is now calculated as min. price during last 30 seconds (instead of excactly 30s ago price)

The MoonShot parameter MShotMinusSatoshi is YES by default in newly created strategies; its recommended to set it manually in existing strategies to avoid loses on coins with price less then 100sat.

3.84 (23.07.2018)

Order size can be changed in the order’s window

The button “x9” on the main screen to switch to high-risk trading mode

3.81 (20.07.2018)

Market charts 5% scale button added

TUSD has been excluded from markets delta calculation

Copying of a strategy black list fixed

3.79 (13.07.2018)

Market parameters in reports match now the moment the buy order was filled

Unlimited orders in strategies (incl. MoonShot) (PRO version only)

Starting from July 20, simultaneously working free bots will be restricted to one copy

3.78 (09.07.2018)

The option to delete or keep old logs added (Settings – Advanced)

Configurable max. active orders count (Settings – Advanced) (Free version is limited to 20)

Telegram trade reports now contain profit percentage. The Moon Bot also reports when it was auto stopped (auto start\stop is configured under Settings – AutoStart tab)

Commands start and stop (given to the Moon Bot in your reports Telegram group) also turn on\off autodetect and strategies

3.77 (06.07.2018)

Trust management tools: some more commands added (sell commands will cancel unfilled buys, buy commands may contain sell price for future sell order)

If pending order’s size is larger then remaining balance, whole remaining balance will be used for an order.

Sound alert on sell order done (Settings -> UI, set up “Alert when 0% left to sell price”)

3.75 (29.06.2018)

If SellPrice parameter in a strategy is 0 then main settings sell price will be used

The option “Use 30s-old ASK price” can be used now in “manual” mode as well as in “signals” mode

Max analyze time in Drops strategy increased to 1800sec

UDP port to listen at can be configured in Settings -> Advanced

Displaing of the 1h delta right after bot started has been fixed

3.74 (27.06.2018)

Trust management tools

New parameter MShotMinusSatoshi for MoonShot strategy: If YES, then buy orders will be placed not closer then 2 satoshi from current ASK price. Useful for coins with price 100sat or less, which have price step more then 1%.

Orders in the orders list have captions according to strategy which placed them

Max time scale on market charts increased to 2 hours

3.72 (20.06.2018)

The bot should now correctly read new binance links like “https://www.binance.com/en/trade/EVX_BTC”

THe bot can now read telegram bot @Email2TelegramBot used to formard emails to your telegram

Trailing peak price is now calculated from buy order’s fill time plus 1 second (to avoid spikes)

3.71 (18.06.2018)

Moon Bot can now read Telegram bots

Strategies function “PriceDown” is now allowed for Telegram strategies. When using our channel Moon Premium, PriceDownTimer can not be lower then 1 hour, also the bot adds random period between +1 hour (so that Moon Bot’s users wont create sell walls by setting the same PriceDownTimer in all bots)

VDS optimization – dont forget to put the “VDS mode” checkbox in the “Settings – Autostart” If you run the bot on the VDS

3.70 (15.06.2018)

Popup menu in the “Strategies” button for quick start\stop strategies

Markets table can be sorted by any column. To change sort direction, double-click on a column.

MoonShot parameter MShotPriceMin min. value is now 0.1%, If strategy white list is set (otherwise its 0.3%)

3.68 (09.05.2018)

Social Trading

Settings – Advanced, configurable chart length to store in the report

3.67 (03.05.2018)

New sounds added for sound alerts

New filed Settings – Login – “Your Telegram login”

Bug fixes

3.66 (29.05.2018)

New strategy parameter Trailing EMA (default is 0 – turned off): ticks count to average peak price

Caption on the stop loss line

Custom market chart background! Go to Settings -> UI, pick you image or leave default, adjust opacity. To drag the background on the chart, hold shift, click and drag

3.64 (27.05.2018)

Manual strategies parameter “OrderSize” removed. The buy order’s size is now set by the slider in the main window

Global Stop Loss on BTC\Market rate drop now works independent of V-STOP. It will sell ALL active orders, not only negative, by activating Panic Sell with AllowedDrop from strategy settings

New UDP command “Order=sell” turns Panic Sell on the coin with AllowedDrop from strategy settings

3.63 (25.05.2018)

Strategies for manual trading

Global coins black list is now complements strategy black list

The MoonShot’s strategy limits has been decreased: MShotPriceMin is now 0.3% or higher (was 0.5%), MShotPrice is now 0.3% higher then MShotPriceMin (was 0.5%)

The option “Don’t buy newly listed coins” has been increased to 36 hours

Number of acrive orders is displayed in the status bar (near the timings)

New strategy filters parameter DeltaSwitch: If a strategy starts work with a coin under specified delta range (from X to Y), then it will stay on the coin until (X-DeltaSwitch to Y+DeltaSwitch) (currently makes sence only for MoonShot). Use it to make different strategies for different market conditions, i.e. 1 strategy for BTC delta from -1% to 0%, another strategy for BTC delta from 0% to 1%. If DeltaSwitch=0.2% then first strategy will stay on a coin up to 0.2% (0% + 0.2%)

3.62 (21.05.2018)

Bug fixes: the Panic Sell button dbl-click wasn’t working in dark theme; the report with no trades for the selected time frame displayed incorrect totals.

3.61 (20.05.2018)

Market data export and signals import using local UDP port

The sell order line on the market chart has now percentage caption (diff. between buy and sell price)

The “Cancel Buy \ Panic Sell” button is more responsive

3.60 (16.05.2018)

Binance connection improved, auto DNS and custom binance IP setup for best perfomance

Max orders limit in PRO version has been decreased to 30; the option (Settings -> Advanced) to pick unlimited orders afer confirming the risk related to IP bans added.

The option to encrypt reports database (Settings -> UI)

3.58 (12.05.2018)

Startup speed up; new reports DB creation fixed.

3.57 (11.05.2018)

Button “Where is the action?” in the Pump Helper tool, as well as on the main screen. No need to start the pump detector, just click it to see the currently active market

New parameter aaded to all strategies, GlobalFilterPenalty – the time in seconds, during which the strategy will not work again after it has not passed through the BTC delta filter or the market (if 0, then the parameter is ignored)

In the strategy MoonShot added parameters MShotAddMarketDelta, MShotAddBTCDelta: For each percent of the delta market (delta BTC) add x percent to the price corridor(MshotPriceMin/MshotPrice). The deltas are taken by abs. value, i.e. negative value works as well as as positive!

DropsUseLastPrice is added to the Drops strategy: if YES, then the LastPrice price (calculated by the detector) will be used to calculate the purchase price.

Delay to the initial placing of orders by strategy MoonShot was added, in order to avoid overload the API

Read tradingview signals similar to BINANCE: LENDBTC

Fixed bug in reading words when analyzing the signal in Telegram

Reports database is now encrypted; deleted orders are shown in statistics and can not be removed completely.

3.56 (06.05.2018)

ETH pairs (PRO version only)

Trades history viewer has now control panel with scale buttons and “open 1\many charts” switcher. Trades history will store now 3h,2h,1h-deltas and timestamps.

The button to delete orders from the report. Note that deleting of an active order from the report will NOT delete the order on the exchange.

The Pump Helper tool will open new market in full screen mode If you already had a full screen chart, i.e. If you had coin A chart opened in full screen, then you push coin B button in the Pump Helper, then coin B chart will replace coin A chart.

Strategy filters: new option to pick Pump5m delta (the parameter Delta2_Type) to filter signals to avoid dumps after pumps. Pump5m delta is diff. between 5-min old price and max, price during last 5 minutes, %.

Our special profile for MoonPremium has been updated (If you already subsribed to the Premium channel you probably already has these updates)

3.54 (03.05.2018)

Max active orders limit increased to 40 including MoonShot orders. (PRO version only)

Reports sorting by “Profit, %”, filtering by time fixed

3.53 (30.04.2018)

User Interface: choose Active buy order color; market price line width (Settings -> UI)


Date AND time to filter records

Configurable displayed columns

Sort report by every column

New report columns: BTC hourly delta, All Markets hourly delta (values are fixed for the moment a buy order was excecuted)

Click coin in the report to view its chart (for the period the trade was excecuted) (only for new trades since this update)

3.52 (28.04.2018)

New strategy parameter UseBV_SV_Filter: use signals filter by BV to SV ratio. (look 3.50 patch notes below).

Note: You can set different volumes ratio in the filter and in then BV\SV stop but the N parameter (time to calculate buy volume and sell volume) is the the same in filter and in stop loss settings

New strategy parameter UseScalpingMode: If Yes and If strategy Sell Price is less then 1% then the bot can adjust sell price up to 2% If there is a room in the sell wall (i.e. ASKs order book is empty upto new sell price).

Some UI descriptions are fixed

3.51 (25.04.2018)

Combo strategies with Telegram strategy as a member fixed.

In usdt mode the bot should correctly read #BTC token If it has a tag (#,$, set it in Settings -> Autobuy -> adv. filter).

3.50 (22.04.2018)

Market charts indicator added: BV (Buy Vol), SV (sell Vol) for the last N trades. You can specify N using the context menu on the indicator, the same N will be used for all charts.

New strategy Stop type: Stop by BV to SV ratio for the last N trades or last N seconds. May differ from the chart’s N above.

Example: Ratio=0.5, N=30sec. If buy vol for the last 30 seconds is 1 BTC and sell vol is more then 2 BTC then stop loss will be activated.

NOTE: If you turn this function for a strategy then this strategy will also check the ratio before entering the market. If the ratio does not fit the strategy settings then the signal will be rejected.

Its possible now to have more then 1 Telegram strategy for the same channel with different filters and order size (i.e. less order for less daily vol. coins)

3h,1h,15m deltas on the market charts

All Market Delta is shown near the BTC rate on the top

3.49 (19.04.2018)

Option “Dont buy signals in reply-to messages” added (Settings -> Autobuy). Turned ON by default.

PRO users can now see their original API keys used to activate the PRO version. Useful when you have 2 or more keys and forgot the original ones.

To update the Alt. Telegram please manually delete UTelegram.exe in the bot’s folder. Restart the bot, go to the Settings -> Telegram page and use the button “download the Telegram”. This will update the Alt. Telegram to v. 1.2.17

3.48 (16.04.2018)

New strategy filters added: Additional market delta (from 15min to 2 hours), Bitcoin rate delta, all markets delta

Pump detector Price raise interval can be now choosen from 60s to 4s

Global Panic Sell option on BTC rate drop \ All Markets rate drop (Settings -> Autostart)

The button “Close All Orders” added (on the markets table window, “show markets” button)

Max orders in MoonShot is now 30 (PRO version only)

3.46 (14.04.2018)

Telegram signals logic has been changed

Settings – UI, new option “Open new charts on top” when new signals come

Auto start trading on bot’s startup and global stop options (Settings -> Autostart)

3.44 (12.04.2018)

New tool for playing pumps: Pump Helper

When a signal opens new chart it should now be on top of other charts

#LINK token detection fixed in Telegram signals

3.42 (07.04.2018)

New strategy type added: Combo

Visual parameters grouping in the strategy editor

3.37 (03.04.2018)

Changed profit calculation in reports in case when number of sold coins was greater then number of bought coins (due to “coins dust cleaning bot’s algorithm”).

Bug fixes

3.34 (01.04.2018)

Autotrading has been seriously optimized

3.33 (30.03.2018)

New function “Lower Sell price on timer” in all strategies except Telegram signals:

PriceDownTimer: Time to turn the function, seconds. If 0, then never

PriceDownDelay: Delay between steps, seconds

PriceDownRelative: If NO then next parameter is a percentage of absolute sell price. If YES, then a percentage of difference between sell and buy price

PriceDownPercent: Lower sell order to this value each step. Example: your initial sell is placed at 1000sat. PriceDownRelative=NO, PriceDownPercent=0.5%, PriceDownDelay=10s. This case each 10 seconds your sell will be lowered to (1000 – 0.5% = 5 sat): 995 sat, 990 sat, …

PriceDownAllowedDrop: Percentage of buy price to which the function is allowed to drop sell price. If 0, then not lower then buy price. Can be negative.

NextDetectPenalty – Penalty for repeat detections by the same strategy, seconds

New Pump Detection parameters:

PumpMoveTimer: Time to move the sell order (If 0 then never). Order is moved only once.

PumpMovePersent: Percentage of [distance from peak price to buy price], to which move the sell order. Example: PumpMoveTimer=5sec, PumpMovePersent=50%. The bot has detected a pump, bought a coin at 1000 sat, in next 5 seconds the price has further raised to 1200 sat. Initial sell was placed at 1300 sat. This case the bot will replace the sell to (50% from (1200 – 1000) = 1100 sat (half of the peak price in the other words).

New option “Settings – User Interface – fast charts update”. This will speed up market price and order book’s updating on full screen charts. NOTE: may lead to high API load. Dont use on VDS, use only for manual trading. Does not afect actual order manage speed, only charts updating.

3.32 (27.03.2018)

Due to binance api server’s mess some users may have troubles connectiong to binance. To handle this, we made connection method dropdown list, If you cant connect to binance or getting very high ping, please open Settings -> Advanced, locate “Binance connection method” and choose one from:

Original – the original method. best ping, If you dont have troubles connectiong to binance stay on it

Method1, Method2, Method3 – If you can’t connect with the original method, choose one of these with best ping

On first run the bot uses “Original” method. If it fails, the bot will try to check others.

Visual stop loss line on the market chart (red line). (turn on\off drawing of the stop line in settings->UI). Attention! If you moved the stop line, then AllowedDrop for this stop will not work anymore; then bot will drop you order only to [stop price – spread].

New option in settings -> main: Dont buy if 3h volume is more then specified value. Use it to prevent entering scam pumps

3.27 (25.03.2018)

You can now create and use your own Telegram bot to communicate with the Moon Bot. Read how to create Telegram Bot ID

Charts graphics optimization for extremely high volatility markets

Split chart control zone (turn on\off under Settings -> User Interface)

Bug fixed related to daylight saving windows settings

3.24 (22.03.2018)

USDT markets has been added (PRO version only). Switch base currency using the button “Pairs” (near the “Menu” button). You can run 2 bots (each in separete folder) from 1 API key to trade on both markets at the same time, but take care of the API load indicator.

USDT volumes are shown with the “k” letter, 1k = 1000$. The same format you may use in strategies settings (5000k = 5 mil).

Order book boundaries added (set up transparency in Settings – User Interface). boundaries in the order book are drawn at your order’s volume (i.e. If you have 1 BTC order, you will see where the sum of BIDS (and ASKs) is greater then 1 BTC).

Added the option to reject forwarded telegram signals (Settings -> Autobuy). By default the tickbox is checked, the bot won’t buy signals in forwared messages.

Black theme slightly adjusted

3.22 (18.03.2018)

New Stop kind is added: Stop by order book’s volume V-Stop Activates when the volume in the BIDs order book at specified price is less then specified value.

New VolumesLite, Waves parameter: VLiteReducedVolumes (If YES, calculate volume per minute on each interval. If no, calculate total volume on each interval)

Different spreads for Stop Loss and Trailing Stop in strategies. Attention! Parameters names are changed! Its now StopLossSpread, TrailingSpread

Reports export to .csv

Old history charts viewer bug fixed (Menu -> Trades History)

3.21 (16.03.2018)

New strategy Waves

Configurable mouse click to replace orders (Settings -> User Interface)

Stop Loss activation delay in strategies (use very small values like 5 seconds to avoid apikes)

3.20 (15.03.2018)

New strategy Delta

New strategy alarm settings (sound alarm and a button with market name under the charts workspace for fast chart access): SoundAlert (YES\NO), SoundKind, KeepAlert (how long to keep the market button, seconds)

3.19 (12.03.2018)

VolumesLite strategy has been added

Auto buy BNB settings: min. BNB balance, ammount to buy (Settings -> Advanced)

Remote control bug fixed

3.16 (07.03.2018)

Due to today’s binance API keys mess bot’s registration counters are reseted to let you register new keys. Take new keys at the exchange, register them as described in the manual, then delete old keys in the exchange.

3.15 (07.03.2018)

Strategy markets filter added: 3-hours delta from value to value. The bot will work only with markets matching these values. Use to prevent the bot from operating on very high volatility markets which it can not handle properly in fully automatic mode. (in manual mode its not applied)

The MoonShot Strategy has now options to sort markets on 30- 15- minutes candles.

Common strategy option: 3d StopLoss activated by timer. (2d Stop was for Telegram signals strategies). The 1st, main StopLoss should be greater then new one, in this case it may be activated before the timer (in case of very fast downtrend).

The option added: “Cancel low volume sell orders” in “Settings -> Main”. This option will cancel bot’s order when its remaining volume is less then exchange’s min. lot, and release the market for new trades. Note that the order will remain in the exchange and may be filled later, but: IMPORTANT: the bot wont manage this order and hence the report may contain wrong totals If you check the option “Cancel low volume sell orders”!

The option added: “Auto buy BNB” (binance only) in “Settings -> Advanced.” If you lazy enough or dont want to care about remaining BNB balance, the bot will buy 1 min. lot of BNB for you when remainig BNB caption on top panel is red.

3.14 (05.03.2018)

Main menu item added: “Reconnect engine”. Use If market chart’s data are not updated. (rare case with bad internet connection)

Settings -> UI option added: “Optimize orders window”. Uncheck If you see artefacts in the orders window (mainly on windows 7)

3.12 (04.03.2018)

Volumes strategy has been added (beta-test. the manual will be updated soon)

Order’s window updating bug fixed

“Settings -> Advanced -> Log Level” option added; in the position “4” the bot will store log continuously during its work, not only after “stop” button pressed.

3.11 (27.02.2018)

Completed and cancelled orders removed from order’s window. Look completed orders in reports.

The MoonShot strategy will select markets with profit trades PenatlyTime seconds ago; If no such markets, then strategy sort rule will be used.

The min. autocancel buy time in the MoonShot strategy is 300 seconds

3.10 (26.02.2018)

New strategy parameter “PenaltyTime”: its period in seconds. During this period the strategy will not operate on a market which gave 3 negative trades in a row, and on a market where you set up or cancelled order manually.

MoonShot internal orders limit increased to 20

New MoonShot parameter MShotSortBy: sort coins to peek by 1-,2-,3-hours price delta or Daily Vol. to Hourly Vol. ratio.

Bug fixed when Stop Loss was not activated If Trailing with Take Profit was previously activated but the price falled below Take Profit value too fast

Binance comission calculation in reports fixed

3.08 (24.02.2018)

New strategy has been added MoonShot

Strategy parameters added: MinHourlyVolume; MaxHourlyVolume.

Bug fixed when the bot could hang trying to set buy orders with insufficient balance

3.04 (19.02.2018)

Telegram signals settings now have an option to specify words in a signal, upon detecting these words the coin should be bougth at lower price. For example “wait dip”, “when dump”. You specify special price for such signals in general Telegram autobuy settings and in strategies, If use them.

For lower price buy orders there is separate parameter “Auto Cancel buy after N minutes” (N seconds in strategies).

Strategy settings for Telegram signals have now seconds Stop Loss. The condition to use second Stop: “If since N seconds the market price is higher then actual buy price, then switch to second Stop Loss”.

3.02 (15.02.2018)

Pumps detection strategy

Price delta calculation for the Drops strategy has been changed; now its difference between 5-minutes old price and max. price during last 5 minutes. Set up general Risk Limit settings, “don’t buy if price changed more then X%” to avoid buying after pumps.

The old site cryptopump.info no long supported; it will redirect to this site moon-bot.com

New strategy parameter added: Use30SecOldASK. If YES, then the bot will use 30-sec old ASK price for buy order, If NO, then current ASK price

2.99 (11.02.2018)

New strategies parameter added “UseSignalStops” – take stops from a Telegram signal

Special moon channel type (moon_N) in strategies fixed. Use the parameter “ChannelKey” to specify one of the signal sources moon_1 .. moon_12

Buttons for move up-down strategies are added

2.96 (09.02.2018)

We are moved ! New site is: https://moon-bot.com

Strategies has been aded.

The “menu” button added in the main window (near the Settings button)

New options added in the Settings -> Main tab: don’t buy delisted coins, don’t buy newly added coins, and more. Please check in the bot.

2.94 (01.02.2018)

Reports added. The button is on the main screen.

Memory leak in the binance version fixed.

2.92 (29.01.2018)

Profile for the Moon Bot’s premium channel has been updated; The event “get second exchange as a gift” is prolonged. Activate PRO version before 15.02.2018 on either exchange and get another exchange for free! Look actual terms inside the bot, Settings -> Unlock page.

The option to delete old logs added (7 days by default, Settings -> Advanced).

The profile for the Moon Bot’s channel slightly adjusted; The “Volumes” autodetection now has volume from..to range;

Bug fixes

2.89 (27.01.2018)

2 bots can now read the Telegram at the same moment.

If a Telegram signal comes with Target and you check the option to use signals targets in advanced filter, then the bot will take (given target – trailing) as a new target if its still greater then main settings Take Profit. Example: Take Profit is 105, trailing 2%, target 110. Then the new Take Profit will be 107.8.

Floating Trailing has been added.

2.88 (25.01.2018)

3-minutes BV\SV indicators on market charts

Coins BlackList (Settings -> Main -> Risk Limit)

Binance API load slightly optimized; sound alert added when you approach critical level.

The preset for our special channel Moon_Test slightly modified: Take Profit is now 5%, Sell Price 12%..15%, Trailing 3%.

2.87 (23.01.2018)

The option to send signals stats to our server has been added. Please go to Settings -> Telegram and turn it on. The bot will send the following info on each bough Telegram signal: Channel name, Coin name, Signal Time, Market price. Using this data we plan to maintain channels rating table.

Internal calculation of bot’s order volume and price has been changed. One bot’s order may relate to many exchange’s orders, so completed orders will now have average price and total volume. Orders progress is stored in SQLite database in the data folder.

2.82 (19.01.2018)

BNB Balance caption added near the BTC balance caption. Don’t forget to buy some BNB when working on binance! Its not only 50% comissions discount but also prevent you from getting small unsold coins balances.

Binance version bug fixes

2.81 (18.01.2018)

Binance support has been added! (Moon Bot for Binance). Activate PRO version before 31.01.2018 on either exchange and get another exchange for free! Look actual terms inside the bot, Settings -> Unlock page.

Tech Support channel for PRO users been created. Please open Settings -> Login page and push the button “Open Telegram support channel”.

New autodetection method to detect drops has been added

The option to auto open all active orders charts has been added. Off by default, Don’t turn it on on binance unless you really need it, because every opened chart results in increasing API usage.

New profile for trading paid channels signals added (the “Settings Wizard” page)

2.79 (08.01.2018)

New option in the Risk limit settings group added: prevent buy coins with too low daily volume.

You can now specify collocations in the blackwords list (Settings -> Autobuy). (example: “don’t buy”).

Tokens will now be properly detected in signal message If there is a space between tag and token.

2.78 (05.01.2018)

The folllowing options has been added to the UI settings (Settings -> User Interface). Mouseover each option in the bot to read the hint.Versions history

Chart scale button 10% has been added. 25% scale buttton changed to 20%.

Pending order of the type “BUY” now has a condition to activate when current market ASK price becomes lower then the order’s conditional price. Note that you can set order’s price and conditional price different; in case when order’s price is higher then conditional price, the order will be executed immediately.

2017 Update History Archive

2.77 (29.12.2017)

Remote Control via the Telegram.

Auto close inactive markets charts (configure in Settings -> Advanced). The chart is inactive If there are no active orders and no mouse events for the specified time (30 minutes by default).

2.73 (25.12.2017)

Orders Comments added (In the Order’s Edit window hit the “Comment” label in the top-right corner.) The comment will be shown upon mouseover an order in the order’s list as a hint. If an order was placed automatically upon a Telegram signal, the order’s comment will contain the channel name and the signal text.

The Panic Sell algorithm has been slightly modified. If you set up the Panic Sell Spread higher then 0.1% and the current market price drops below allowed level, then your sell order will be immediately replaced to the lowest allowed value. If the spread is 0.1% or less, then as it was before, the bot will actually replace sell order only If current market price is hihger then the lowest allowed value.

Drawing of the trailing stop line on a market chart has been fixed.

2.69 (22.12.2017)

Click on an order in the order’s list will open corresponding market in full-screen mode.

The option “Check buy order’s fill by balance” is now off by default. This option will compare initial coin’s balance on bot’s startup with the balance after you cancel a buy order. In case of heavy lags it may help to check If your order was actually filled; on the other hand, If you bought some coins manually using the site (not in the bot), the bot can not know about that, such balance increase can disrupt the controlling algorithm.

Some graphics optimization.

2.66 (20.12.2017)

Take Profit value can be set in then global Stops settings page.

The bot can now automatically read Stop and Take Profit from the Telegram signal messages.

2.63 (18.12.2017)

You can now make different profiles with bot’s settings. Active profile name is displayed in the main window. To save\load a profile, click on the name:

Versions historyThe bot’s profile is a *.bcfg file with all bot’s settings including your API keys and your password (needless to say that the password is not kept in the config file or somewhere else, its just used to perform additional encryption. Thats why If you lost the pass there is no way to restore it).

Unicode symbols in Telegram channels names should be properly handled now

2.62 (16.12.2017)

The project has been renamed, now its the Moon Bot

Confirmation we be shown when you remove order in the orders list.

2.59 (15.12.2017)

Order Book’s height on market charts increased

If Take Profit and Trailing Stop are set in an order then the Trailing Stop line will be drawn only under conditions when Trailing can be activated (i.e. If the price is still lower then your conditions, you won’t see Trailing line).

Fixed editing of partially filled order

2.57 (13.12.2017)

New pending order of type “BUY” added. Pending BUY won’t be placed on the exchange and won’t reserve balance until current market price drops to specified level.

Pending orders are drawn on market charts as well as limit orders

Max order AutoCancel time increased to 30 minutes

Some Pending Orders UI improvements

2.55 (12.12.2017)

Pending orders and stops configuration

BTC-usdt rate in the main window is added; some user interface adjustments

2.53 (06.12.2017)

Market charts can be shown either in “fit” mode or “scrolling” mode (Settings -> User Interface). In the fit mode all opened charts fits in workspace area; in the scrolling mode each chart height is a half of the workspace total height.

Sound alert when market price is raising to your sell order’s price so that you can react and move your order up. (configure in (Settings -> User Interface).

Bug fixed when some autodetection settings could not be saved.

Current profit in usdt is added to orders window (If you have sell order set).

With autodetect turned off the bot will not remebmer old signals and will not show them on activating autodetect.

2.50 (04.12.2017)

New autodetection methods and configurable detection parameters.

Improved Buy Volume/Sell Volume indicators on market charts: now they filled with actual values immediately after you open new market chart; you can chose a period to calculate volumes, right click on the indicator to do it:Versions history

Panic Sell Spread is added: this is the value in percentage of current ASK price to lower your sell order into BIDs zone upon Panic Sell activation (either manual or autoactivation as stop loss\trailing stop):Versions historyValue can be form 0% to 2%. 0% means that your order will be kept in the bottom of ASKs in the order book.

In the “Signals” mode you can chose to use [ASK price 30-secs ago] or [current ASK price] for your buy order. Left-click on the price caption to select (note that in manual mode its always current ask price):Versions history

2.49 (30.11.2017)

Market charts can now be maximized (if there are more then 1 in the workspace) with right mouse click (just click in any spot on the chart). Second right click in a maximized chart returns it to initiall size.

Small bugfix related to restoring the app from the system tray.

2.47 (28.11.2017)

You can now swtich Stop Loss and Trailing Stop for a particular market (in the orders window). SL is Stop Loss, TS is Trailing Stop on the screenshot below. If one of them was autoactivated and you manually cancel it with “Stop Panic Sell” button, then SL and TS will be turned off for this market, so they won’t be autoactivated again until you turn them ON again.Versions history

bug fixed when the bot didn’t properly read price from Telegram messages

If you chose Fixed buy order volume in “Settings -> Interface”, the field to enter the volume is hidden by default. To show it, click to “Use x BTC for buy order” caprion in the main window (PRO version only)

2.46 (27.11.2017)

Signals mode with advanced signals detection is added. There is a new way to use the bot: Signals Trading.

The button “Pump Mode” was renamed to “Signals Mode”. According to the new bittrex restrictions regarding pump activity the pump features of the bot (autobuying a coin by its market link or token name) are disabled by default for new users. You can enable them after you agree that you take on your own all risks related to pump activity. This is not applied to Signals Trading because signals are usually long-term, and the buy price specified in a signal is usually lower then current market price.

The option “auto-popup on a signal” is added (disabled by default). If you closed the bot to the system tray and it detects a signal, it will popup to show the market chart for the coin If you enable this option.

The possible profit in usdt is added to a market chart. When you have a buy order completed and a sell order active, the possible profit is [current market price – buy price] converted to usdt.

Fixed buy order’s volume can be chosen in “Settings -> Interface” (PRO version only)

Market charts time scale can be adjusted from 1 second to 1 minute

2.41 (23.11.2017)

Markets historical data loading on startup is enabled by default now. The function “Control buy order by balance” won’t work If the data was not loaded. This function compares initial coin balance that bot loads on startup with new balance after buy order was canceled or partially filled.

Exchange’s lags handling improved

2.40 (22.11.2017)

The coin name to the right of a chart is a link to exchange’s page for this coin (for example click to the caption “BTC-BTG” will open https://bittrex.com/Market/Index?MarketName=BTC-BTG):Versions history

You can scroll the chart for time axis with mouse wheel holding CTRL or ALT; the wheel without those keys changes time scale.

Bug fixed related to detection of newly added coins to the exchange

Small interface bug fix

2.36 (18.11.2017)

After the “Panic Sell” activation there will be visual zone on the chart in which the bot allowed to move your order. You can adjust visual opacity of this zone in “Settings -> User Interface”. In Panic Sell mode If you move the order, it won’t be actually moved, instead the allowed zone will be extend (or narrow depends on moving direction). The buttons +1%, -1% also applied to this zone. If the Panic Sell was activated automatically (as Stop Loss or Trailing Stop) and you cancel it manually, it won’t be auto-activated again.

If you turned on Trailing Stop in Settings, there will be visual stop line on the chart, adjust color of this line under “Settings -> User Interface”.

Bot will now ignore Telegram messages marked as forward-to.

The option “Control buy order by balance” was added under “Settings -> Advanced”, default is ON. Uncheck this If you have altcoins on your account and don’t want the bot to trade them (In case of bittrex lag the bot controls buy order fill by balance, there is a chance it may take your existing altcoins for newly bought).

2.34 (17.11.2017)

Trailing stop function was added.

Bug fixed when Stop Loss was not activated after closing markets charts. Now you don’t have to keep opened all charts with active orders.

2.33 (16.11.2017)

Bug fixed when the bot could freeze after opening too many market charts

2.32 (15.11.2017)

The button to switch manual mode and pump mode was added to the main window.

The application can be closed to system tray. Configure in the “Settings -> interface” page.

in the “Settings -> interface” page you can configure to draw all completed buy orders or only last buy order on the market chart.

2.31 (13.11.2017)

Stop Loss function was added.

Some settings moved from “Settings -> Main” page to “Settings -> Autobuy” page

2.28 (10.11.2017)

The bot will make a backup copy of configuration file “BotConfig-bak.bcfg” which contains your registration info along with bot’s settings.

Bug fixed when the Bot did’t see Telegram caption messages (a caption to an image)

The Bot now ignores reply-to messages (so if a coin token comes as a reply to another message, the bot won’t buy this coin)

2.23 (07.11.2017)

Settings presets was added (the button “Settings Wizard” in the main window).

Export markets data to *.csv was added (“Show Markets” then you can export the table).

Coin detection by lowercase token name added (turn on\off in the Settings -> Telegram page).

Added the crosshair tool to markets charts

2.20 (02.11.2017)

The Bot can now automatically read Telegram messages

2.12 (21.10.2017)

In the orders list bottom window the popup menu added allowing to choose to display only active orders or all including executed\canceled:Versions history

If you close the application with active orders left unexecuted, the Bot will remember your orders and show them next time on start.

2.10 (17.10.2017)

Market data loading optimization. Significantly increased historical market data loading speed; increased market real-time data handling speed.

You can now manually buy a coin by entering the coin name in the “Add Market” box and pressing “Enter”. If the first letters are entered on which there are several coins, for example NEO and NEOS, then to fix selection of NEO you need to type [Space], and to fix NEOS write S. So when you type “NEO [Space][Enter]” you buy NEO, when you type “NEOS[Enter]” you buy NEOS.

Select cryptocoin market

The button “Autodetect ON / OFF” is added. In the “OFF” position the bot itself does not look for pumping coins. Auto buy on clipboard’s messages is still working unless you switch it off in Settings->Main.Autodetect pumping coins

Added a list of orders at the bottom of the screen. By default this window is hidden (see below). Active orders are marked with Active. If a chart with with an active order was accidentally closed, you can reopen it by clicking on the “Active” caption. The red cross to the right of the order cancels it.Pump bot orders list

The height of the orders window and the log window can be changed by dragging the upper border of the window with the mouse. In the settings (Settings -> User Interface tab), you can hide or show them. By default, orders are hidden.

2.09 (12.10.2017)

Executed buy order is shown by a full width horizontal line on a chart (instead of a segment to the moment of order’s execution). The color of the line can be adjusted under Settings -> User Interface tab

2.06: (05.10.2017)

Added signal sound notification (Settings->Advanced Tab)

Buy orders limit in free version is now equivalent of 20usdt

Bug fixes