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Advanced cryptotrading terminal

manual and automatic trading

  • Tick chart trading
  • Moving orders, TP and SL on the chart
  • Fast manual scalping
  • Auto trading strategies
  • Telegram and TradingView signal trading
  • Trusted Management

Moonbot is safe!

The data is stored on your computer or server, encrypted. No one has access to your data.

Your funds are safe!

Moonbot is fast!

By clicking the mouse directly on the schedule or triggering the conditions of the automatic strategy, orders on the exchange are instantly executed.

Trade up to 40 pairs at the same time!

MoonBot is reliable!

The terminal is updated monthly. New versions are released only after thorough testing by the development team.

Keep up with the times!

features of the Moonbot terminal

Advanced order and risk management system

Place at the same time take profit, trailing and up to 5 types of stoploss. Reduce losses, and increase the profit of each order!

Signals auto-trading

Trade Tradingview and Telegram signals with preset settings in а fully automated mode!

Filtering out coins and market conditions

Pick coins by volume, market or bitcoin movement. Use white and black-lists and other sophisticated filters, choosing only those markets that suit your trading style!

Effective manual trading

Adjust the built-in detections, track price movements, volumes and orderbook anomalies. Place pending orders. Quickly respond to events with a single click!

Detection of market activity for manual and automatic trading

Catch rapid increase in price or volume, drop to any depth, the appearance of anomalous walls in the orderbook!

Trusted Management

Select the most successful managing trader and copy his trades in automatic mode on mutually beneficial terms!

MoonScalper – a functional add-on to MoonBot, designed specifically for professional manual trading

  • Faster chart drawing and updating of orderbook changes
  • Vertical and horizontal volumes
  • Graphical drawing tools
  • Measuring the volume of buys and sells over a desired period of time
  • Simultaneous placing of several orders on one coin

MoonScalper provides an edge in manual trading with the increased information

displayed on the chart, the possibility to place and control multiple orders at the same time,

and the functionality of added graphical analysis tools.

For whom MoonBot is designed

Novice trader

  • Trade in demo mode to refine your trading skills before risking your assets
  • Master manual and auto-trading skills
  • Learn the keys to success from our top traders

Professional Trader

  • Develop and test trading strategies
  • Trade as efficiently as possible
  • Manage other trader's accounts using the UDP-safe protocol

Cryptocurrency Enthusiast

  • Transfer the control over your trading account through Trusted Management to another Trader using the fast and safe UDP-protocol without direct access to your funds

The book “Scalpers”

The book “Scalpers” has given many people a powerful charge of motivation and served as a useful guide to action!

You will get acquainted with the stories of the most ordinary people who have changed their lives fantastically by trading on crypto exchanges with the Moonbot terminal.