activating subaccounts

To register the Gate key in MoonBot, you need to copy the terminal folder and paste a new key into the copy.

Do not try to register the key in the newly downloaded terminal - it will receive a new ID, which will not have any credits for activation!

If you have already registered a key with a new ID, delete it, make a copy of the MoonBot folder and insert the new key.

You do NOT need to switch to a universal account (UTA, as on Bibit) (this is impossible without VIP 2).

Important! Since there are a large number of trading pairs on Gate, MoonBot takes up a lot of memory! This is normal, but the recommendation "1 MoonBot per 1 VPS" must be strictly followed.

Be sure to make sure that you have registered using our ref. link

In this case, you will receive a 30% refund on the commission paid (paid by the exchange automatically according to the rules of the exchange ).

Settings -> PRO -> click on MoonCredits and activate the Gate module

Inclusion of the commission in the GT.

First you need to buy a GT, then go to the menu - My Fees

Activation of the futures account.

Initially, there is no key and an error appears when trying to enter the key in the MoonBot log

"label":"USER_NOT_FOUND","message":"please transfer funds first to create futures account"

You need to log in to futures trading in your Gate personal account and transfer any amount of USDT to a futures account.

The key permissions required for operation are marked below. Checkboxes must be set in advance when creating a key!

If you forgot to check the box and the key is not registered in MoonBot, you need to make a new key, not edit the old one.

Activating subaccounts

  1. Make a copy of MoonBot on the master account.
  2. Register the key to the subaccount in it (do not forget to check all the necessary boxes).
  3. Restart Moonbot on the master account.
  4. Restart MoonBot on a subaccount.
  5. Activate PRO for credits, like a regular account (with the Activate button API Key).

Features of working with Gate.

(including currently unsolvable problems).

  1. On futures, the available balance is updated with a delay.
  2. Futures trading on Gate (on the site) is conducted in contracts; each coin has a contract size. For example, on ETH, the contract size is 0.01 ETH. In MoonBot, this logic is hidden from the user, so that visually trades are counted in currency units. In other words, when trading in MoonBot, you open a position for 0.01 ETH, and on the site this position is equal to 1 ETH contract.
  3. On the spot, a “large” glass of 1000 levels is loaded with a strong delay (up to 1 minute), at this time only a “narrow” glass of several dozen levels is available.
  4. After the first launch of MoonBot on futures, positions are “initialized” for some time (2-3 minutes): at this time it will not be possible to change shoulders and max. orders (and corresponding auto-shoulder control will not work).
  5. When you restart the auto-shoulder control, it will also not work for the first few minutes, but you can manually change the shoulders.
  6. There don't seem to be any public liquidations in the API. Therefore, the liquidation strategy will not work.
  7. Icebergs work on futures and sports; the visible part is placed in the size of the minimum lot.
  8. Due to the extremely low API limit on market requests, the initial loading of market data takes a long time. For manual trading, it makes sense to uncheck the “Settings - basic - coin analysis at startup" checkbox.
  9. For automatic trading, strictly follow the rule “1 bot = 1 VPS" (the region of VPS placement is recommended - Japan)!
  10. There are no commission values in the API for futures, so the report will show a discrepancy with the actual profit by the amount of the maker's commission.