Connecting to Binance servers

By default, the bot uses the original connection method, optimal in most cases.

Depending on your region, your ISP and network configuration the bot may switch connection methods automatically to find better settings. If you have connection problems (too high ping more then 500ms, errors in the log when placing orders), open Settings -> Advanced; the recommended settings are the following: connection method 2, Custom IP and Auto DNS are ON. In this case, the bot will resolve Binance servers automatically using Cloudflare dns.

You may try different methods and IPs (Custom IP works only with methods 2 and 3. you find Binance IPs by yourself, we do not provide the list) each time pressing the reload button to the right. then place an order, move it couple times to find out If it goes faster. Also sometimes it is useful to press Menu – “Update Connection” and you can try to restart the router, the computer and run the bot on behalf of the administrator after restaring all hardware.

Please note: sometimes Binance servers may be unavailable before you start to panic, try different methods, push reload button each time. If it still doesn’t work, wait 30-60 minutes, the problem may go away.

If you tried all above, waited more then 60 minutes and the problem is still there, you may ask for advice in our Telegram public group @Moon_Bot_Public