Control hanged position

Functionality available in the PRO version.

Control hanged (hung is the correct word!) position function can be enabled in “Settings → Special”.

How it works: the bot monitors all balances of the account as well as the orders on said account. Once a second, it will compare the size of the open position with the sum of all orders set to Close the positions.

If in the course of 10 seconds, the difference was not null, this difference is considered a frozen (sounds better than hanged) position. In any case, the smallest difference over 5 seconds is considered (i.e. if you’ve opened and closed positions more often than once every 5 seconds, the smallest remainder that was not part of the order will be considered a “frozen” position)
When discovering a frozen position, the bot will send a Telegram notification (Report to Telegram option) and/or will automatically sell the position (the “AutoSell” option).

The AutoSell is done using the special manual trading strategy called “SafeGuard”. The strategy is created automatically when the first such sell occurs and can then its settings can be edited.

A long and complex explanation will follow.
First, the essence:
if you are enabling following with auto-sell, make sure to tick the box “Ignore Replacing Bug” on all bots. If you don’t have auto-sell enabled, don’t tick the box on any bot.
The auto-sell of a frozen position and the binance error ignore are tightly knit: if you enable the ignore, frozen positions might appear that should be sold in the follower bot.
If you do NOT enable ignoring the errors, vice versa, when the main bot loses an order, the follower bot might interpret this as a frozen position and sell it, followed by the main bot finding that order and selling it one more time.

(What actually happens:
At the moment, if the order is lost due to an error, the bot will look for it (in the Order history) for some time. This makes up the “replacement lag” — when it is not known whether the Sell was placed or not.
Using the test option, if the order is lost for an error, the bot will not search for anything and will just place a new order. The Sell does not get stuck replacing, because it is immediately placed again but there is a chance that this way, 2 Sell orders will be placed (instead of 1).
This can lead to doubled buying and the freezing of the position and the freeze will be handled  by “control frozen position”.

Important: On the Futures market, only one bot with the “follow” and “AutoSell” options per account can be enabled, on the Spot Market — one such bot per Market! Thus, if you start 2 bots they will try to close the position simultaneously and this will lead to them malfunctioning.
The Spot bots will try to sell the position against the base asset that the Bot uses. 

Important: The Auto-Close option will not work properly during manual trading because you might hold a partially filled Buy order for a long time, without a Sell, and the position you are holding will be considered as frozen.
During automated trading, for this specific reason, when the follow option is enabled, the partially filled buy orders are cancelled after 1 minute, regardless of the strategy settings.