Cryptocurrencies analysis

After downloading market data for all coins (with the "Check Markets" button or automatically with enabled Settings -> Main -> Analize monthly data), the Bot computes a set of parameters for all coins. You can see them in a table format by clicking the Show Markets button:

Crypto Coins Market Data

The data in this table is continuously updated. You can sort by some of the most important columns by clicking on the column header. Values in the column on which the sorting is selected are displayed in bold.

Parameter meaning and explanation of how the Pump Quality value (used by the Bot to assess the suitability of a coin for a pump) is calculated:

  • Vol., H.Vol: Daily and hourly volume of the coin. Coins with small daily volume are better suited for pumps. If hourly volume is much more then 1/24 of daily volume, it means that the coin has already been bought in advance, in this case the probability of successful pump is low.
  • buy, sell: current prices.
  • buy x4, x2: Total buy volumes at 1/4 and 1/2 of the current price, respectively. In other words, support volumes.
  • sell x2 , x3, x4: Total sell volumes at 100%, 200% and 300% of the current price. The sell x2 price level can be adjusted in advanced settings. The smaller the x2 sell wall,¬†the higher price can raise during pumps. On the other hand, If the x2 wall is too small, there could be no more sell orders to fill your buy order when unfair admin make his pre-buy. Having buy x2 support also increases the likelihood of a successful pump.
  • h. Delta: Price deviation for the last hour. Indicates prepumps.
  • Pumps Count: Consists of two values: pumps count of this coin for the last week and the average probability of selling the coin at higher price when you buy at random time. This parameter allows you to estimate the risk to stick with bought coin and exit the pump couple days later without losses.
  • 72h Channel: Consists of two values: the average hourly price deviation for the last 3 days and the ratio of min. to max. daily volumes for the last 10 days without taking into account pumped deviations. These parameters allow you to estimate the influence of fundamental causes on the trend. For example, if a coin falls in price after the appearance of unfavorable news, the probability of breaking this trend by a pump is not high; and vice versa, if a coin has recently started to grow, then the pump of this coin can attract additional attention to it, and the growth will continue even higher.
  • rel. Cap: Relative capitalization of the coin, multiplied by 1000 for convenience. Bitcoin Cap is taken as 1000.
  • Pump Q: Nominal¬†value that characterizes the suitability of a coin for pump. Calculated on the basis of all the above parameters.