Downloading and installing Moonbot

To run Moonbot, you need to download the *.zip archive from the Download section and extract to a separate new folder.

The location of the folder should not be a system folder.

Moonbot.exe is the executable file needed to run the Bot. When launching on a VPS (remote server), open the Menu -> System Settings and check the "VPS mode (optimization)" box.

API Keys

MoonBot (the Bot for short) interacts with the exchange through the Exchange API. API keys are required to gain access to the exchange API.

When you start the Bot for the first time, you have to select the exchange and enter the API keys. The Keys consist of a Key and Secret pair. Key is a public key, it is used to register your copy of the Bot. Secret is a private key, used to sign orders. The private key is stored locally on your PC in encrypted configuration file BotConfig.bcfg, which the Bot creates automatically. The private key is never sent over the Internet! To further protect your keys, you may set a local password, this password will be requested every time the Bot is launched.

The password is also used only locally.

You have to create the keys in your Bittrex/Binance account, under the “Settings-> API Keys” section:

Binance API Keys Creation

Type in the 2FA code. After receiving the API KEY and API SECRET we recommend storing them in a separate file (for security reasons, Binance will not allow you to view the API Secret later should you lose it).

ATTENTION. After creating your Keys, you should Edit the permissions of the API keys, specifically check the box "Enable Spot and Margin Trading" and then save the changes, otherwise trading will not be allowed.

IMPORTANT. It is necessary to chose "Restrict access to trusted IPs only" and indicate the IP addresses from where the bots will be connecting using these API keys. If this is not done, the permission to trade Spot and Margin markets will last for 90 days only, after which you will be required to again access the account and check the "Enable Spot and Margin Trading" box.

More details can be found on Binance's website

Bittrex API Keys creation

The keys must have the following rights: READ INFO, TRADE LIMIT, TRADE MARKET. 

For security reasons, WITHDRAW rights must be disabled!

MoonBot API keys input

Please select the Exchange, click Apply.

After entering the keys, click “Register API Keys” button.

If the keys are entered correctly, the Bot will establish a connection with the exchange server, you will see your registration number in the settings window and status “Connection: OK” in the Bot’s main window.

If the connection could not be established, the log window will contain an error code. In this case, double-check the API keys; make sure that there are libraries ssleay32.dll, libeay32.dll in Bot’s folder or in your system folder.

Next time you launch the Bot you do not need to re-enter the keys; connection to the exchange will be established automatically.

Register another keys pair for the same or another exchange

To register another key pair in PRO version you should first go to the exchange and get completely new keys.

You may copy the bot to another folder If you want to run 2 bots on different exchanges at the same time, or you can register new keys in the same bot and switch between exchanges using “Exchange” drop-down list (look picture below). To enter the new keys in the bot, please follow the next steps:

  1. Hit “Register another keys”
  2. Enter the keys
  3. Hit “Register API keys”

Side Note:

  • PRO version users, have their PRO version unlocked towards the exchange account. Thus they have the possibility to run any number of MoonBot instances, with different API keys, as long as the exchange account is the same.
  • FREE version users are restricted to 1 MoonBot instance.