Manual mode

The button "Mode: Manual \ Pump" in the main window switches the operation mode of the bot. In the "Mode: Manual" state the bot acts as a cryptocurrency trading terminal: It does not set buy orders automatically regardless of whether you configured the auto-buy from Telegram\Clipboard options. If you set up the bot to read the Telegram, it will still show found coins but will not auto buy them. In this mode, you can buy a coin only manually, by hitting "Enter" in the "Add Market BTC-..." box or with the "Buy" button.

Crypto trading terminal manual mode

In the manual mode the following settings will not work:

  • Risk Limit Conditions:
    • Dont buy If price changed > X%
    • Dont buy If pump Q < N
    • Dont buy already pumped
  • Auto cancel buy after N seconds


All of the settings above are ignored in manual mode.

Also when working in manual mode, the bot will use for [price before pump] current ASK market price, not price 30 seconds before pump started like in pump mode. So If you set buy price to [price before pump started +0%], your buy order will be set at current ASK price (bottom of red zone in the order book to the right).

Other settings works the same way as in pump mode.

When working in manual mode, you may set buy price to negative value, lets say -5% so that the bot will place a buy order but it will not be immediately executed, so that you can move it to the best position focusing on the order book and BV\SV indicators.

Crypto trading terminal manual mode