Main settings

After you have successfully registered API keys and the Bot has established a connection to the exchange, the main window will look like this:

Crypto trading tool

In this example Litecoin stock chart has been added to chart's frame manually, by typing the coin's token (LTC) in the "Add Market" field. If the name of the token comes in the form of a signal in the chat, its chart is displayed automatically.

First of all, until the Start button is pressed, the Bot will not place any orders, even if you press the "Buy" button. You can safely adjust the settings, and click Start only after you ready to start trading.

The Check Markets button starts scanning of long-term market data. By default auto-scan on startup is disabled (it can be enabled in Settings -> Main -> Analize monthly data). Also many settings presets (which you find under Settings Wizard) will enable this option.

The Settings Wizard button will help you to get more familiar with settings If you run the bot for the first time.

The Total BTC line shows your total bitcoins balance on exchange's account and its usdt equivalent.

Main settings you may want to adjust before pump starts:

  • Your buy order volume in bitcoins. I suggest to use not more then 10% of total balance, at least until you gain experience in doing pumps. Adjust the volume by the "Use BTC for buy order" slider (1..100% of total balance).
  • Buy price (the "Buy for [price before pump started] + X%" slider). The Bot continuously scans all coins, when a signal comes to buy a certain coin, the Bot takes the price of this coin 30 seconds before the signal and adds to this price X%. For example, the price before the pump was 0.100 BTC, the slider is set to 5%. Then the Bot will set up buy order for 0.105. In this case, it should be borne in mind that depending on the order book at the time of issuing your order, the actual purchase price may be less than the specified price (but never more). For example, there were sell orders of 1 BTC at 0.104 and 1 BTC at 0.105 in the book, the Bot puts an order for 3 BTC at 0.105. In this case, your order will be partially executed for 2 BTC at the average price (0.104 + 0.105) / 2 = 0.1045, the rest 1 BTC will left unexecuted in the book.
  • Sell price (the "Sell for [actual buy price]+Y%" slider). After your buy order has been executed or partially executed order has been cancelled, the Bot will immediately set sell order for all bought coins. Sell price is set as Y% more, then actual buy price. In the above example, you actual buy price was 0.1045. If you set Y% slider to 10%, the Bot will put sell order at (0.1045+10%)=0.11495
  • Sell price in case of detection of conditions that allow you to risk selling at higher price. Set similarly in percent to the actual buy price.

In the middle of the main window there is interactive coin's chart.

In the bottom of the main window there is log window, at the very bottom there is status bar with the connection status, ping to the exchange server, accuracy of local clocks. The Bot synchronizes the time automatically at startup, however, on some systems administrator privileges are required for this function to operate.

Options that can be adjusted by clicking the Settings button

Main settings page:

Moon Bot Settings

  • Analize coins on startup: Should the Bot auto load historical market data from the exchange server on start. The Bot downloads and analyze monthly data for all coins, this data is used for risk management and pumps probability prediction. You can start trading without loading historical data, but risk management will not work.
  • Stop Loss \ Trailing Stop group and the "Panic Sell" tool settings: After your buy order is completed, the Bot immediately sets sell order at predetermined price [actual buy price]+Y% and shows market chart with volumes distribution. Watching the chart you may decide that sell price is too high and the pump does not go as good as you would like. In this case you can activate the Panic Sell function, which commands the Bot to repeatedly replace your sell order down to the first position in the order book. There are some settings to control auto-activation and behavior of this function:

    • Let Panic Sell drop price to [actual buy] - X%:  This option apply only to manually activated Panic Sell by pushing the "Panic Sell" button on a market chart. You allow the Bot to drop price of your sell order down to [actual buy price - X%]. This means that the bot will replace your order until its price is higher than [actual buy price - X%]. If the price is already lower then this value at the time Panic Sell activated, the order will not be moved.
    • Panic Sell spread: This option applied to both manually and auto activated Panic Sell. This is the value in percentage of current ASK price to lower your sell order into BIDs zone upon Panic Sell activation (either manual or autoactivation as stop loss\trailing stop). If you set up the Spread higher then 0.1% and the current market price drops below allowed level, then your sell order will be immediately replaced to the lowest allowed value. If the spread is 0.1% or less, then, the bot will actually replace sell order only If current market price is hihger then the lowest allowed value.  

      These options apply to auto activated Panic Sell (as Stop Loss or Trailing Stop):
    • Auto Panic Sell If price drops < [actual buy] - Y%: When the bot detects that current ASK price drops lower then [actual buy price - Y%] it will automatically activate the Panic Sell tool.
    • Auto Panic Sell If SV > x*BV: The bot calculates real time Buy Volume (BV) and Sell Volume (SV) during the pump, more precisely from the moment 30 seconds before you put your buy order to the current moment. Its not the same as candles because unlike candles, these values are measured by analyzing every single executed order (you can see them under Bittrex "Market History" table). So when the bot detects that Sell Volume is higher then x*(Buy Volume) it will activate the Panic Sell. Note: this indicator works good only for coins with normally low trading volume, so it will not trigger for high volatility coins (for which the Pump Q value is less then 5) regardless of whether you set this option or not. 
    • Auto Panic Sell can drop price to [actual buy] - Z%: If the Panic Sell tool was activated automatically, you allow the bot to drop price of your sell order down to [actual buy price - Z%]. Note that Z should be less then Y: If the bot activates the Panic Sell at level Y, it should have room to move your order down to Z, otherwise your order wont be moved.
    • Auto Panic Sell If price drops < [Peak] - P%: Its Trailing Stop function: after the bot sets your sell order, it starts to watch current market price, and when it detects that price was raised and then dropped P% lower then the peak value, it will activate Panic Sell.
    • Add x% to trailing per each %% of price: When the market price is raising, the the distance between trailing stop and current price is raising too. For example, If initial trailing was -1% and x=0.1%, when market price raise to 10%, new trailing will be -2%.

  • Auto Sell If partial buy > N%: If your buy order partially executed for more then N%, then it will be cancelled and the Bot will immediately sell all bought coins. Useful option, if you play with high volume, its too risky to wait until buy order is fully executed.
  • Fit Sell order in best place in the order book: You let the bot to slightly adjust sell order price to gain best Risk/Reward ratio. Immediately after your buy order is completed, Bot analyzes sell orders book. It may happen that there is a large wall in the book, in this case the Bot will move sell price down, under this wall. Conversely, if it turns out that there are no walls near given price, then Bot will move the price upwards, to the nearest safe level. (Range in which the bot can move sell price is 0.2 of your sell price percentages, for example If you set sell price as [+10%], the bot can modify it in range between +8% and +12%).
  • "Good Pump" Conditions: Group of conditions, upon the occurrence of which Bot uses the second, higher sell price. To apply the second price, every marked with check marks condition should be met.
    • If price changed < X%: Check the deviation of the coin's price for the last hour. High deviation can occur if the signal chat admins bought the coin themselves before declaring the pump, or have made a repost from another channel where the pump started earlier.
    • If pump Q > N: Check the pump "quality" of then coin. Look next chapter how this value is calculated.
    • If actual buy < X%: Check If actual buy price differs less than by X% from the price before the pump started. If this condition is met for small X%, it means that there was no prepump (i.e. the admins have'n bought too much in advance) and you managed to buy fast enough.
  • Risk Limit Conditions: Group of conditions under which the Bot will not automatically buy. Auto-buy will not occur if at least one of the marked conditions met:
    • Dont buy If price changed > X%: If price deviation for the last hour is greater than X%.
    • Dont buy If pump Q < N: If the pump "quality" of then coin is less than N.
    • Dont buy already pumped: If pump signal for the same coin has already come in the current session. Useful option if you have several signals sources that can duplicate each other.
    • Under conditions above buy but use lowest hourly price: If the bot detect bad pump by conditions above and you turn this option, the bot will place a buy order but will use not your predefined buy price, but a minimum price for that coin for last hour. You may want this option to be able to manually move placed order higher or to cancel it, up to you.


Autobuy settings page:


  • Auto BUY from Clipboard: Should the Bot set buy order automatically on coin detection in the clipboard. If you uncheck this box, but have Listen Clipboard ON, if a coin is found, Bot will open its chart and start monitoring prices and orders, but buy order will not be placed (in this case its up to you whether or not manually buy that coin). Default is ON - its the main purpose of the Bot to minimize the time between pump signal and actual buy.
  • Listen Clipboard check box: If you uncheck this and uncheck Auto buy, the bot will not track the clipboard at all.
  • Detect coin by Token\Link: Detect a coin in the message by full link to the exchange or by token. For example, vTorrent coin. If you specify detection by full link, the Bot will buy vTorrent only if the message contains Bittrex link to BTC-VTR market, it looks like If you set detection by token, the Bot will buy upon detection of the word VTR, marked by spaces, quotation marks, dashes, and so on. For example, "BTC-VTR" or "$VTR". Use detect by token with caution! The coins "START" (Startcoin) and "TIME" (Chronobank) are excluded from auto-detection, but there may be other cases, not yet discovered, when the bot can take an English word for a signal by mistake.
  • Auto BUY from Telegram: The bot will listen your Telegram messages as described in the next chapter and will detect coins in the same way as in Clipboard
  • Pumps AutoDetection: Autodetection is described here.
    • Auto BUY detected coins: Automatically buy a coin upon pump detection. Default is disabled.
    • Max orders count: The maximum number of orders to buy. Applies only to coins that the bot found itself, does not apply to Telegram and Clipboard signals.  The option is needed, if you are going to leave the computer with running program, it is useful to limit the number of buy orders that the Bot will make in auto mode. Also take in mind that if a pump of the same coin will be detected once again, the Bot will not buy it for the second time if the Dont buy already pumped option is enabled in the Settings-> Main-> Risk Limit section.


Auto Start page:


  • Turn Start on startup: If checked, the bot will auto turn the Start button on startup. Useful on VDS, you should also add the bot to the windows autostart, then after server's reset the bot will start trading automatically  
  • Turn AutoDetect, Strategies on startup: If checked the bot will turn on the AutoDetect button and selected strategies automatically on startrup  
  • VDS mode: Slightly adjusted memory usage by reducing market charts depth, use If you dont watch charts from your vds
  • Stop if last N trades loss greater then: the bot is calculating last N trades overall result. If the value is less then specified, the bot will turn start off, hence no new trades will be made (but left buy orders which was placed before may still excecute)
  • Global Panic Sell on BTC rate drop: Bitcoin rate delta is calculated as deviation of last price from last hour average. can be negative. If this value is less then specified, the bot will turn V-STOP with buy+1% value on all active sell orders, which should close all bad positions. 
  • Global Panic Sell on All Markets rate drop: the same is prev. option, Average Delta of all markets (%) is calculated as deviation of last price from last hour average, averaged over all markets. can be negative.