The bot can directly capture Telegram messages and detect cryptocurrency signals

To configure signals detection, first, you should switch “Detect coins in TelegramClipBoard” to “Advanced filter” (this is default option). The bot can detect signals in clipboard text as well, this can help in testing your filters/keywords. Find an old signal in a channel history and copy it in manual mode, in this case, the bot will show the coin market chart (If find a signal in your copied message) but will not auto buy it.

In the “Signals” mode (activated with the “Manual Signals” mode switch button), the bot will buy coins based on the found signals automatically.

In the “Manual” mode, market charts will be displayed for the signals found, but there will be no auto-purchase.

Auto Buy from Clipboard: Whether the bot will automatically place a buy order when it detects the name of a coin in the clipboard. If you uncheck the box but leave the “Capture Buffer” checkbox, then when a coin is detected, the Bot will open its schedule and start monitoring prices and orders, but the purchase itself will not be implemented.

Listen clipboard: When the checkbox is active, it captures the clipboard; other programs cannot use it. If you uncheck this box, the bot will not capture the clipboard at all, so as not to interfere with work with the clipboard in other programs.

Search for a coin by token full link: Definition of a coin in a message by a full link to the exchange or by the name of the token. For example, coin vTorrent. If you specify detection by the full link, the Bot will buy only if the message contains a link to this coin. If you specify detection by token, the bot will buy when it detects the word VTR, highlighted with spaces, quotes, a dash, and so on. For example, “BTC-VTR” or “$ VTR”. Use a token definition with caution! The names of the coins “START” (Startcoin) and “TIME” (Chronobank) are excluded from the autodetect, but there may be other cases that are not yet foreseen, when English language words may be mistaken by the bot for the name of the coin.

To configure the additional purchase parameters, you must enable the parameter * Special filter *.

The checkbox “Auto-purchase by Telegram” is responsible for the automatic purchase when a coin is detected in messages in the channels you have selected. It is required to set up the bot connection with the Telegram channel. Parameters similar parameters in the Auto-purchase on the clipboard.

Don’t buy Forwards/ Don’t buy Reply: ignore messages that were forwarded, or that were replied to.

Configure signals detection rules

Keywords in buy signal: The list of keywords (comma separated) the bot looks for in a message. If you check this option, the bot will consider a message to be a signal If it finds any of the words from your list in the message.

Buy only tokens tagged with: The list of tags preceding a token. This option helps the bot to distinguish real tokens from natural words. For example, If you leave tags by default “#,$” then “Buy #START” or “Buy $START” will be considered as signals, whereas “START buy coins” won’t be a signal.

Buy if distance between a token and a keyword < N words: Usually in a signal message a keyword is written near a token (for example “Buy some #NEO“, the distance between them is 1 word “some”.) In other messages like weekly reports or general discussions keywords and tokens are farther away from each other, that helps to filter such messages.

Blackwords in a message: The blacklist of words (comma separated) in a message upon detection of any, the bot will reject the message. Usually, you think of words used in reports about old signals (“we gave #NEO signal last week”, “we called #TRIG”, “#NEO raised 68k” and so on).

Words count in a message less then: Total words count in a message (including links and numbersdatesprices). Helps the bot to distinguish real signals from long general discussion messages.

Buy if only 1 token found in the message: Usually real signal message contains exactly 1 token so most time you should keep this option enabled. There are possible but rare cases when a signal may contain a token compared to other tokens, in this case, If you uncheck this option, the bot will select a token which is repeated most of the times (for example “BUY #NEO, #NEO will go to the moon like #ETH”.

Buy only if price specified in the message: The bot will check If there is a buy price in the signal message. If there are more than 1 price in the message, the bot will take the maximum price from all message prices which are less then current market ASK, but not less then 15%.


In this example at the moment the signal was announced #NAV ASK price was 10505, hence the bot peeked 10500 from the message as buy price. If #NAV was 10499 at that moment, the bot would peek 9500, cause 10500 mentioned in the message is higher then 10499 (current ASK at that moment) and cannot be peeked as buy price. If you enable this option, the bot will not buy signals without buy price specified in the signal message. The bot can not peek the stop loss price so please use general stop loss settings.

Use specified price from the message: If the message contains a buy price for the signaled coin and you enable this option, the bot will use the price from the message. If you disable this option, or If there is no price in the message, the general settings for buy price (from the main window as [current ASK+X%] in the Manual mode or [30sec ago ASK +X%] in the Signals mode) will be used.

Buy for specified price +N%: Adjust the buy price found in the signal message by N%.

After you push the “Start” button in the main window the bot will start reading chosen Telegram channels and looking for signals.

In the Signals Mode (turned by the button “ManualSignals Mode”) the bot will buy found coins automatically.

Impotant: Don’t forget to adjust the settings in the main tab to get more suitable for signal trading conditions. Pay attention to:

“Auto cancel buy” – never cause If there is a buy price given in the signal, this price may be lower then current market price, so it will take time for your order to be filled.

“Risk Limit” group – It is suggested having only “Don’t buy If price changed” option turned ON. But re-think about this option too, cause the signal may be given after a coin started to raise the market price may be already changed highly at the time you received the signal.

In the Manual Mode, the bot will show coins markets charts upon detection of a signal but will not auto buy coins.

IMPORTANT! For a finer tuning of the bot’s operation based on signals, when the format of the signals can be set by the user (e.g. TradingView signals, third party software signals, your own signals written by yourself etc) — study the section “Signal Trading and Trusted Management”. This section describes the command formats for managing orders.