binance futures trading recommendAtions

1) we highly recommend you use similar White Lists (WL) on all bots that are operating on the same account (sub-accounts are counted separately)

2) If your WL contains 9 coins or less, the new restrictions will not affect you, you can stop reading here

3) If your WL contains more than 9 coins, we highly recommend you leave the check-box for “Quantitative Rules” (Settings -> Special) (it is turned on by default. The Telegram command to turn on/off is: SetQRules ON/OFF)

3.1) If the WL contains between 15-20 coins, the defensive mechanism will most likely not trigger too often or at all.

3.2) If the WL contains more than 20 coins, or the WL is not used at all, the defensive mechanism will be triggered more often, proportionally to the number of orders per minute you place (including MoonShot order movements, placement and removal of Drops order nets and other strategies)

3.3) The defensive mechanism is based around the principle of adding the coin, on which too many orders were placed, to the Black list for 10 minutes. Thus the defense is fully automated.

4) If you want binance to change the restrictions on futures, leave your vote and comment in the thread