Activating a subaccount

You can activate a Binance subaccount using Moon Credits (available only if you already own the PRO version on your main account).


1. Before you begin, read the manual carefully. 99% of all questions in the settings chat are asked because users are rushing and not following the instructions manual.

1.1 Please re-read p.1! Try to follow each step exactly as explained in the manual. Each word of the manual is there for a reason and following the manual closely will save time and effort on both your side and ours! Thank you for your understanding!

2. Create a subaccount on Binance or use an existing one.

3. Deposit money onto your subaccount using the internal transfer method in the subaccount management section of the Binance website, do not transfer the funds using the deposit/withdrawal section and especially not using an external wallet of another account. Transfer the funds to the Spot wallet specifically

Then transfer the funds back from the sub-account to the main account. The sum and currency do not matter

4. Turn MoonBot off on the master account (i.e. with the keys of the master account) if it was on. Copy your main bot (with the master keys) to another folder and start it. Register the new keys from your subaccount that you want to activate in this bot.

5. Start MoonBot on the master account.

6. Both your bots (master and subaccounts) must have the same ID (your registration ID), because the credits are linked to your ID.

7. Initially, the Bot used for the subaccount runs the free version; click on the Free Version text in the bottom right corner.

8. A MoonCredit menu will appear.