the book "Scalpers"

The book “Scalpers” has given many people a powerful charge of motivation and served as a useful guide to action!

You will get acquainted with the stories of the most ordinary people who have changed their lives fantastically by trading on crypto exchanges with the Moonbot terminal.

Here you will find personal experience and practical recommendations of scalper traders who have made huge money!

Moreover, all of them started their way from scratch: someone from a cab, and someone from the Navy.

You will learn about their lifestyle, psychology and logic of decision-making.

Without embellishments, they tell their stories of spectacular ups and dramatic downs.

How difficult is it for traders to get their capital? The title of the book contains a question mark for a reason.

Where should a beginner start and is this type of income available to everyone? What qualities should a successful trader possess?

About all this you will learn by reading the book!