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Bonus programme

Joining our MoonBonus Bonus Program offers several benefits, first of all you get a rebate of part of your trading commission for trading on the exchange, which is 20% from spot trading. As well as additional free options to the existing MoonBot functionality: a unique MoonHook trading strategy, activation of "Monitoring charts in separate windows" and "Price Emulation with Pencil" modes, and an auto-buy BNB option for commission when trading on the futures market. You can see a MoonBonus button at the top of the MoonBot terminal's main window. If you click on it, a separate window will open with information about joining our bonus program, which allows you to receive a discount on commissions from your trades on the Binance exchange on the spot and futures market. If you have not yet connected to the MoonBonus рrogram, this window will list our representatives that you can contact to connect. If you are already connected to one of them, you will only see it in the list and it will be the responsible person for the bonus programme. If the MoonBonus button is not visible on the main MoonBot terminal window, go to the Settings - User Interface tab and uncheck the "Hide MoonBonus button" option.
To obtain a referral link for registering a new account on the Binance exchange, you can contact one of our corporate MoonBonus rewards programme representatives:
1) https://t.me/ButchWhite
2) https://t.me/krypto_pride
3) https://t.me/mnbtuser
4) https://t.me/CryptoTonyESBC