Connect to Telegram

The Bot can receive text messages directly from the Telegram channels and analyze them automatically. This requires downloading and running a modified Telegram client. The client is built on the official Telegram 1.1.19 source code slightly modified to send all received messages to the Bot. (You can find details of the modification here).


1. Download and run modified Telegram

You can download the alternative Telegram on the Settings -> Telegram page. After the first start, you will see the "Download modified Telegram client" button, when you click on it, the Bot will automatically download and save to its folder the  modifed Telegram client, it is called UTelegram.

Important! The official Telegram client must already be installed in the system; if you have not previously used a telegram for Windows, install it before configuring the bot.

Crypto pump tool Telegram client

After the client is downloaded, it will start automatically. You need to log in to your Telegram account, then you should close the official client, if both work on the same account (you can use a separate account for crypto-trading, this case you may run both clients simultaneously). You should not run two Telegrams on the same account - this can interfere with the correct messages handling, so next time you launch the bot it will not automatically start the alternative Telegram. Instead, the "Download" button is replaced with the "Start modified Telegram client" button, which starts the alternative client.

Start Telegram for Crypto Trading Tool

The alternative client, whether you run it with Bot's start button or manually using the "UTelegram.exe" file in the Bot's folder, starts sending all the received messages to the bot. The status bar in the Bot's main window indicates last message channel and its delay in seconds between the moment the message arrived to a Telegram server and the moment the message was noticed by the Bot. Delays calculation is based on system time, so in order to have accurate values you must use time synchronization. The accuracy of the system clock (in milliseconds) is also displayed in the status bar.

The bot makes an attempt to synchronize the clock on startup, but since Windows 8 programs without administrator privilege can not modify system time, so you need either to run the bot from time to time with administrator privileges, or to configure your system to synchronize the clock via the Internet.

In this example, the last message came in the @Pimen_Technical channel with a delay of 1 second, the accuracy of the system clock is 3ms.

Telegram messages for Crypto Trading Bot

 All received messages the Bot keeps in log files (named like "LOG_ADD_2017-11-01.log") in the Log folder. Messages is logged in initial state, without editing and deleting applied. 


2. Telegram monitoring configuration

The list of channels you are going to work with, you create manually by adding your favorite channels with the Add Channel button (of course you must have them added to your Telegram account; the bot will not control a telegram account, it will only listen it). The channel name should be written without the "@" symbol and without the prefix "", for example the channel is called "HighestPump".

The bot can track a single channel or multiple channels simultaneously, if you check "Listen multiple channels". To select multiple channels, you click on them with CTRL pressed.

Note: You can add all your favorite channels but select for monitoring only those where you expect signals in the nearest future.

If you tick "Buy If more than 1 channel post", then the bot will buy only if the signal for the same coin comes in two or more channels simultaneously (with a delay of less than 3 seconds).

In the example screenshot on the top of this page we select 2 channels for monitoring: @HighestPump@Crypto_Z509;the bot will automatically buy coins upon detection of full coin link in one of these channels.

The selected channels are also displayed in the main window, top right part of it. Clicking on the channel name will open the settings window.

Telegram channels for auto buy crypto coins