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Detailed instructions on setting up the MoonBot terminal and strategy settings are available on our website.
There are also many free videos on these topics on our website (https://moon-bot.com/en/video/) and on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/@moonbot_en/videos).
But some users require professional help for a fee from a specialist who can answer all their questions online, help to explain the algorithms of strategies, help to understand and explain errors in MoonBot terminal and strategies settings.
Such professional help is provided in a private MoonBot Academy English paid Telegram group. To find out the cost of participation in this group and ask more specific questions, you can contact Kost Main https://t.me/kostmain
There are also video clips on some pages of our website with instructions and explanatory material:
and others.
There are also video clips on a separate page on our website: https://moon-bot.com/en/video/
If you don't have enough information or have further questions, you can get free help in the Moon Bot Public telegram group https://t.me/Moon_Bot_Public or paid help in the MoonBot Academy English group, which you can access by contacting Kost Main https://t.me/kostmain
Useful tutorial videos (set-up, interface, strategies, etc.) can be viewed on the official MoonBot YouTube channel:
You can also find other videos from our users on YouTube using the search term "MoonBot".