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General questions

MoonBot is a trading terminal that communicates with the exchange via an API and allows you to trade faster than other traders who use the exchange's web interface.
Your advantages over other traders who do not have this terminal:
- The tick chart (a second chart on which each trade is visible).
- Monitor all exchange coins across all pairs and quickly spot a good move.
- Unlimited order size (the Free version limits order size to $40).
- Unlimited number of active orders (the Free version is limited to 20 orders).
- Quickly place both single orders and a grid of indented orders in a single click.
- The ability to receive signals from private channels and Telegram groups and automatically place orders and buy coins, with simultaneous setting of take, stop losses and trailing.
- Ability to trade to all existing pairs on the exchange.
- Ability to use unique manual and automatic strategies.
- A large number of filters and advanced stop setting.
- Dynamic vertical and horizontal volumes.
- Online chart drawing functionality (support lines, slopes, fibo, etc.)
- Ability to place sell orders on coins held on balance and purchased on the exchange manually.
- Saving graphs of all coins after restarting/exiting and restarting (if no more than 8 hours have passed between bot starts).
- Spot and futures trading with the possibility to connect additional modules extending the terminal's capabilities ("Moon Scalper", "Binance Futures").
- Free connection of other API keys from the same exchange account with PRO status.
- The ability to run an unlimited number of copies of the bot (the Free version is limited to 1 active bot).
- Possibility to use UDP Trusted Control (in Free version Trusted Control is only possible in emulation mode).
- Instant retrieval of commands from TradingView by means of a web hook.
And many other features.
The official website of the MoonBot terminal:
1) in English: https://moon-bot.com/en/home/
2) in Russian: https://moon-bot.com/ru/home/
You can download the free FREE version of MoonBot from our website https://moon-bot.com/en/download/ (button "DOWNLOAD MOONBOT").
  After clicking this button the archive will be downloaded to your computer, which should be extracted into a separate folder on your computer, e.g. C:/Moonbot.
The MoonBot terminal is a portable x64 Windows application designed to automate cryptocurrency exchange trading. The current version supports Binance, HTX and Bittrex exchanges.
You can find all the benefits of the PRO version on our website "PRO version" page https://moon-bot.com/en/pro-version/
The system requirements for the computer on which the MoonBot will run are as follows:
Operating system: Windows 7 64bit/ Windows server 2012 (64 bit) or older, but always with a 64 bit architecture.
When installing the MoonBot terminal on a dedicated server (VDS), choose a configuration with 2 vCores CPU and 2GB RAM.
Brief instructions on how to install the MoonBot terminal:
  1) Download the MoonBot terminal archive from our website https://moon-bot.com/files/MoonBot.zip
  2) Unzip it into a separate folder (not in the system folders or on the desktop).
Attention, recommendations for installation and location of the MoonBot folder:
  a) Do not run the MoonBot terminal from the archive;
  b) Do not extract MoonBot to the desktop, temporary and system folders in your operating system, such as windows, temp, users and so on;
  c) Do not use Cyrillic letters in the folder names in the path to the MoonBot terminal;
  d) If your computer has drives other than the system C drive, such as D, E, etc., then place the MoonBot terminal folder on them. If the computer only has a system C drive, then place the MoonBot folder on this drive in a separate folder in the root directory, e.g. C:\MoonBot.
  3) To run the MoonBot terminal you need to right-click on the MoonBot.exe file and select "Run as administrator", this mode will increase the priority of the application on your PC, the clock accuracy will be normalised and the connection to the exchange will be improved.
  4) On the Settings - Login tab you need to select the desired exchange and enter the API keys from that exchange's account into the relevant fields below and click on the "Register API keys" button. You do not need to re-enter API keys when you run MoonBot next time.
  Important: Be sure to make backups of the folder with the MoonBot terminal after registering the API keys!
A backup is the only way to restore keys in case of disk formatting and system reinstallation.
  5) When using the MoonBot terminal on a VPS (remote server), select Menu - System Settings in the bot and check "VDS optimized mode" in the window that appears, then reboot the bot in administrator mode.
  6) Ensure that the Start button, which is located in the top left corner of the MoonBot main terminal window, is pressed.
  7) Adjust the basic parameters and strategies to suit your trading style.
For more detailed instructions on installing and running the application, see Installation and API Keys at https://moon-bot.com/en/manual/api-keys/
The main differences between the FREE version of the MoonBot terminal and the full PRO version:
- The volume of each buy order on the FREE version is limited to 40 USDT BTC equivalent.
- You can only run one FREE bot on a computer.
- Trading on FREE version is only possible on BTC pairs, other pairs can be viewed in the bot, but orders cannot be placed (trading on all pairs is only available on PRO version)
- Trading on the FREE version is only possible on the spot market (futures trading is only possible on the PRO version with the additional Binance Futures trading module activated).
To view MoonBot users' trade statistics (real-time / 24 hour / weekly), as well as types of popular strategies, visit: https://stat.moon-bot.com/
You should first go to the official MoonBot website for instructions and functionality: https://moon-bot.com/en/home/
  The benefits of the PRO version are described here: https://moon-bot.com/en/pro-version/
  MoonBot terminal download page: https://moon-bot.com/en/download/
  MoonBot terminal installation and start-up: https://moon-bot.com/en/manual/api-keys/
  MoonBot user trade statistics (real time / 24 hours / weekly): https://stat.moon-bot.com/
  After reading the information on the website, the following steps need to be taken:
  1) Register an account on the Binance exchange using one of the four corporate referral links to activate the exchange's partial rebate bonus program and activate additional functionality in MoonBot. A list of bonus program representatives can be viewed by clicking on the MoonBonus button at the top of the main MoonBot terminal window.
  2) Register trading API keys on the Binance exchange (enable trading permission and whitelist the IPs to be traded from, if necessary).
  3) Make a trading deposit, but not less than the minimum lot on coins (from $15 in BTC equivalent for FREE version).
  4) Download the MoonBot terminal from the official website https://moon-bot.com/en/download/
  5) Launch the MoonBot terminal on your computer in administrator mode.
  6) Register the previously obtained API keys in the MoonBot terminal https://moon-bot.com/en/manual/api-keys/
  7) Set up strategies (manual and automatic) https://moon-bot.com/en/manual/strategies/
  8) Begin test trading and mastering the Moonbot functionality.
It is not possible to get the full PRO version of the MoonBot terminal for free testing. For a trial period and to get acquainted with the basic functionality of the MoonBot terminal, we offer to download https://moon-bot.com/en/download/ and install the free FREE version of the software. But we also have regular competitions, where users of free FREE version MoonBot can win full package of PRO version MoonBot for 1 month, during which you can test full functionality of MoonBot terminal.
  Contest rules:
  1) The competition starts on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month, at 00:01 GMT+0, and runs for exactly one week.
  2) Only users of the free FREE version of the MoonBot terminal can participate and all trading methods are allowed - manual, auto by strategy, by signal, etc.
  3) A current version of the MoonBot terminal is required, with a valid Telegram handle to contact you.
  4) The top three winners are selected on the basis of the largest weekly profits in USD, whereas the minimum number of orders must be at least 50 and the minimum profit at least 20 USD.
1 place: 1 month activation of MoonBot PRO + Moon Scalper + Binance Futures and 2 weeks access to the MoonBot Academy English closed group
2 place: 2 weeks access to the MoonBot Academy English closed group
3 place: 1 weeks access to the MoonBot Academy English closed group
Read more about the conditions of the competition on this page of our website: https://moon-bot.com/en/91-competitions/
Each time you run the MoonBot terminal you must run MoonBot.exe in administrator mode by right-clicking on the file and selecting "Run as administrator".
Or you can set a permanent attribute on the MoonBot.exe file to run it as an administrator. To do this, select the MoonBot.exe, right-click on it, select Properties - Compatibility - check the "Run this program as аdministrator" box - Apply - OK. In this case you can now run the bot by simply double- clicking on the MoonBot.exe file and it will run in Administrator mode automatically.
Running the MoonBot terminal in administrator mode allows it to take priority over the main processes on the computer, as well as improving clock synchronisation and accuracy in the MoonBot to prevent the effect of the main price line and tick-trading on the chart being stratified. Clock accuracy is considered normal if it is in the plus or minus 50 ms range. If you see a red "Clock accuracy Bad" message in the bottom left corner of the MoonBot main window, you should take the necessary steps to correct this situation (restart your computer, router, check your Internet connection, check your time sync and time zone, and then restart MoonBot in Administrator mode).
Yes you can, you need to buy the PRO version of the MoonBot terminal with the optional Binance Futures module https://moon-bot.com/en/pro-version/binance-futures-addon/
Binance does not allow users to trade on leverage greater than x20 for 60 days after activation of a futures account. You will have to wait for this restriction to expire and then you can change leverage higher than x20, both on the exchange itself and accordingly in the MoonBot terminal.
If you do not have "Short" checked, it means that you do not have the Binance Futures module activated in the MoonBot terminal, which extends the capabilities of the terminal and allows you to trade both futures and spot markets in "short on spot" mode.
As the MoonBot terminal is not installed in the Windows system but runs from its folder, which contains the MoonBot.exe file and related files, to transfer the MoonBot to another computer you must close the MoonBot terminal, then copy the entire MoonBot terminal folder to a thumb drive and transfer it to the other computer. Alternatively, you may not even copy the MoonBot folder to another computer, but run it directly from the flash drive.
Attention, recommendations for installation and location of the MoonBot folder:
a) Do not run the MoonBot terminal from the archive;
b) Do not extract MoonBot to the desktop, temporary and system folders in your operating system, such as windows, temp, users and so on;
c) Do not use Cyrillic letters in the folder names in the path to the MoonBot terminal;
d) If your computer has drives other than the system C drive, such as D, E, etc., then place the MoonBot terminal folder on them. If the computer only has a system C drive, then place the MoonBot folder on this drive in a separate folder in the root directory, e.g. C:\MoonBot.
The Moon Scalper module is a paid add-on to MoonBot which extends its functionality.
  After activating this module, features such as
  - Vertical volumes
  - Horizontal volumes
  - Drawing functionality on the graph
  - Ability to activate smooth schedule mode
  - Placing multi orders
  - Alerts on drawing elements
Read more about the functionality of the Moon Scalper module here: https://moon-bot.com/en/pro-version/moon-scalper-addon/
Yes, this is available to PRO version MoonBot owners who have the Moon Scalper module activated.
The drawing functionality of the chart can be configured by right-clicking on the Pencil button (Draw on the chart).
In this menu you must select and click on one of the items:
- Pen (free drawing)
- Horizontal line (level with price)
- Sloping line (trend line)
- Triangle (triangular zones)
- Fibonacci lines (the 0.618 level is user-defined, you can drag this line with the left mouse button while holding down the Ctrl button)
- Rectangular area (price level or percentage level)
You can also choose line colour, thickness, type and transparency.
In order to start drawing, hold down the Ctrl button on the graph and hold down the left mouse button to draw the required element.
To remove an element, press Ctrl+Z or move the mouse cursor to the selected element, press the left mouse button and select "Remove" from the menu. If you want to change the position of the drawn element, hold Ctrl and move the cursor over the outermost point or line of the element and edit its position.
If you need to disable all drawings on the graph urgently, press the Pencil button (the button will become inactive) to disable the drawing layer.
The additional paid module "Binance Futures" in the MoonBot terminal allows you to trade open-ended futures on Binance with leverage from x1 to x125, that is, with a deposit of $1000, you can work with an order of $125000. And earn not only on rise of coins entering into LONG positions, but also on their fall opening SHORT positions. More details about futures trading you can read on Binance website, or search information on the internet.
In addition, this module gives you the opportunity to trade Quarterly Futures Contracts as well. You connect to futures trading on the Settings - Login tab.
You can purchase the optional Binance Futures module from the Settings - Unlock tab of the MoonBot terminal.
There for owners of the PRO version is available free testing of the module for 7 days with the limitation of the order size to $30 without taking into account the leverage, that is, the order size with the selected leverage during the test period can be from $30 to $3750.
Once you have purchased the Binance Futures module for the MoonBot terminal, the following steps need to be taken:
  - Activate a futures account on the Binance website.
  - Transfer some funds to the futures account.
  - Obtain new API keys on the Binance exchange with permission to trade in futures (when creating the keys, you need to edit the permissions and check the box allowing to trade in the futures market), and if necessary, prescribe a white IP address in them.
  - Copy the current folder with the MoonBot terminal for spot trading to create a separate MoonBot terminal for futures trading.
  - Next, you need to open the tab "Settings - Login" in your copy of the MoonBot, select "Binance Futures" from the drop-down menu and click the "Apply" button.
  - Then click on "Register another keys" and enter the new API keys that have permission for futures trading.
  - Then click "Register API keys" and wait for the MoonBot to load futures mode.
  If you are having difficulty connecting the MoonBot terminal to futures trading, the following information on our website is useful:
  You can also ask for help in the Moon Bot Public telegram group: https://t.me/Moon_Bot_Public
The MoonBot Autotrading Extension Package consists of the following add-ons:
  - Spread strategy
  - EMA filter
  - EMA strategy
  - Additional parameters in the MoonShot strategy for setup of repeated triggers
  - Set of parameters for managing triggers
  - Set of options for Session Management
  The expansion pack for Autotrading is activated in the "Moon Credits" window for internal MoonBot credits.
  Without activation, the features in this package operate only in Emulator mode, enabled through the Menu on the MoonBot main terminal window.
  To open the "Moon Credits" window, click on the PRO Version inscription in the lower right corner of the main Moonbot window or on the "Moon Credits" inscription on the "Settings - Unlock" tab.
  The available amount of Moon Credits on your balance can be viewed in the same window at the bottom left.
  You can refill your Moon Credits balance through our administrators by requesting them in the official MoonBot terminal telegram channel: https://t.me/Moon_Bot_Public
Currently, three exchanges can be connected to MoonBot: Binance, HTX and Bittrex. There are no plans to connect new exchanges at this time.
When you purchase the PRO version of MoonBot, you get a lifetime license to use the software, as well as free upgrades that are released regularly. A list of MoonBot updates is published in our telegram channel MoonBotNews: https://t.me/MoonBotNews
When downloading the basic version of the MoonBot terminal, there is an empty file with strategies in the data folder. The user creates strategies independently, based on their needs in manual or automatic trading. Information on strategies is available on our website https://moon-bot.com/en/manual/strategies/
A ready-made file with test strategies for the Binance spot market can be downloaded from our website: https://moon-bot.com/en/manual/strategies/ (archive file data.zip: https://api.moon-bot.com/files/data.zip)
The data folder in this zip must be copied into the folder of the MoonBot terminal with replacement.
Attention! This operation should be done with the terminal turned off and it will completely replace all the strategies that were previously in it!
If you already had your filled strategies, make a backup of the data folder before copying.
There are now 19 strategies in the MoonBot terminal and they are designed to work with different detects, signals and algorithms.
You can select the types of strategies you want and adjust them to your trading ideas, with numerous parameters in the strategies that can be changed with varying degrees of precision and in varying ranges.
The MoonBot itself does not check the "adequacy" of the parameters and will execute a strategy according to the settings you have specified, so please read the descriptions of the strategies and their parameters carefully and only activate strategies if you are sure about what you are doing.
You can always pre-test strategies in the "Emulation mode", in order to verify the basic settings (detects, filter settings, location of Buy and Sell orders, EMA and trigger settings, stops, trailing stops and other settings), but these will not be as accurate as real account strategies, as the emulator will not account for pings and lags, as well as the fill rate and the real drawdown of orders. That is why a strategy that has been working in the "Emulation mode" for a long time and showing positive results on a real account with a working order can work with zero profit as well as with a negative one.
We recommend you to use the real trading mode with minimal order to test strategies on a long distance with real trades.
If you are satisfied with the strategy's performance, you can then gradually increase the order size and monitor the reports.
Information on strategies and their parameters can be found on our website: https://moon-bot.com/ru/manual/strategies/
We do not provide support on how strategies are set up and work. If you think that your strategy is not working as you think it should be tested by you, do a little research yourself.
Go to Settings - Advanced - System, activate the Extended Debug Mode (check the Extended Debug Mode box), then open any chart and a few lines will appear on the top left with all the data for that coin and look at the actual strategy values - this is the only way to see what is really happening. No one can tell you more just by looking at the screenshot - it's a matter of mathematics and actual values.
If you find it difficult to set up strategies, you can get paid expert advice in a private MoonBot Academy English paid Telegram group (contact Kost Main https://t.me/kostmain for access to this group).
There can be several reasons why strategies may not work. Make sure your API keys are checked to allow trading and the IP addresses in the white list of keys are correct, the Start button in the MoonBot terminal is pressed, you must have enough deposit to place an order, the AutoDetect and Strategies buttons must be enabled, and the strategies themselves must be activated and correctly configured. Then, to check why the strategy is not triggering the filters, enable the "Funnel" button (Filters on Charts) on the MoonBot's main terminal window. Open the chart of any coin and you will see a list of strategies, indicating the reason why the strategy does not work on that coin at that moment and which filters prevent it from running. In addition, open the log file and look at the log entries where you will find the cause of the problem.
You can also ask for help in the Moon Bot Public telegram group: https://t.me/Moon_Bot_Public or you can get paid expert advice in a private MoonBot Academy English paid Telegram group (contact Kost Main https://t.me/kostmain for access to this group).
There are currently 19 strategies in the MoopBot terminal:
Drop Detection, Wall Detection, Pump Detection, MoonShot, Volumes Lite, Volumes, Waves, Delta, UDP, MoonStrike, NewListing, Combo, TopMarket, Manual, Liquidations, EMA, Spread, MoonHook, Activity.
You can read more about these strategies on our website: https://moon-bot.com/en/manual/strategies/
All of its actions (information messages, actions, errors, etc.) the terminal records in its logs, which are stored in the logs folder. If you have any questions or errors you can open log and check its entries.
To read the logs see the video workshop from MoonAcademy at this link:
This video is in Russian, but you can include subtitles translated into English.
If you own PRO version, you can run many copies of MoonBot terminal on one computer. For example, it is convenient to keep several copies of the terminal, each configured for its own trading pair: MoonBot1 to trade on USDT, MoonBot2 to trade on BTC, etc. Owners of the FREE version can run only one MoonBot terminal on one computer.
To make a copy of the MoonBot terminal, you must first close it, then copy the entire folder and rename it, for example, MoonBot2. Then start both terminals, leave the first one to trade USDT, and switch the second one to trade BTC. If necessary, add trading strategies to MoonBot2 (they can be downloaded from MoonBot1). MoonBot2 can use the same API keys as on MoonBot1, or you can create new API keys from your exchange account and register them to MoonBot2, and MoonBot2 is activated with the PRO functionality for free.
The MoonBot terminal communicates with the exchange via an exchange API, which requires API keys that consist of a pair: API Key and API Secret, which you create yourself in your exchange account.
API Key is a public key, which is used to register your MoonBot terminal.
API Secret is a private key that is used to sign orders.
The first time you start the MoonBot terminal, you need to enter the API Key and API Secret keys in the corresponding fields on the Settings-Login tab.
API keys are stored on your computer locally in the root folder of the MoonBot terminal in encrypted form in the file BotConfig.bcfg, which is automatically created by the terminal.
The API Secret private key is not transmitted to the Internet!
For additional protection of your API keys, you can set a password in the MoonBot terminal, and this password will be asked each time the program is launched.
The password is also used only locally on your computer.
Binance has a load limit on API keys and IP addresses. The bot has an indicator at the bottom of the screen showing the load when a certain level is exceeded, you will hear a beep and the load indicator will turn red. If you simultaneously run several bots from one computer (one IP address or Wi-Fi network), the load will be added from all bots, even if they have different API keys, as Binance takes into account the load from one IP address. Therefore, if you want to run multiple copies of the MoonBot terminal on one computer, do not run them all at the same time, but run them one after another and only after the previous terminal has fully loaded.
The exchange has restrictions on placing orders, if all of your bots simultaneously place many orders and more than the exchange limits, the exchange will ban you and temporarily block your API keys. Take this into account when configuring strategies with multiple bots, and especially do not forget about it when enabling multi-order trading, because they can simultaneously place a lot of orders and exceed exchange limits. Limits are different on different exchanges, so you can check them out
on the website of the exchange on which you are trading.
When there may be lags and multiple Moonbot terminals may intercept orders from each other, which may lead to unpredictable consequences, this of course happens very rarely, but under the right circumstances it is possible, and when using multiple orders, the probability of such cases increases many times over. In this case, use "tracking bots" that can search for hanged positions and sell them in a timely manner. You can read more about it here: https://moon-bot.com/en/control-hanged-position/
When trading futures, there is another important circumstance: 2 MoonBot terminals operating independently on the same coin may cumulatively exceed the position limit, resulting in an inability to place a close order.
If you do run several bots on 1 account (at your own risk), be sure to use different size orders on them. When working with the same orders the probability of failure and loss of an order is much higher!
If you plan to use one MoonBot terminal for different exchanges, you can register keys from another exchange in the same bot and switch between exchanges using the exchange selection drop-down list. However, we recommend making copies of the MoonBot terminal, and in each of them register API keys only for the selected exchange (MoonBot1=Binance, MoonBot2=HTX, MoonBot3=Bittrex). PRO version owners can make an unlimited number of API keys from the same account of one exchange with PRO support for free. This requires: 1) Copy the PRO version of the MoonBot terminal into a separate folder . 2) Run the MoonBot terminal from this folder. 3) Make sure you have a working PRO version of the MoonBot and the top left hand corner of the Settings - Login tab shows a green MoonBot ID. 4) On the tab Settings - Login click "Register another keys", enter new API keys instead of the current ones and click "Register API keys". Be careful not to leave any characters from the previous keys in the fields and when copying the new ones, do not trap a space at the end. 5) After this MoonBot with the new keys will also become PRO. The MoonBot terminal can be stored on a flash drive and run from other PCs. The FREE version of the MoonBot terminal can only be run in 1 instance.
The MoonBot terminal only works on 64-bit Windows, to run on Mac OS you can set up a remote desktop, for example on a Vultr or Amazon server, with a Windows environment and use the MoonBot terminal via a remote
management, you can also install Parallels on a Mac.
The 64-bit architecture has an important advantage when dealing with exchange data due to the fact that exchange prices are encoded by the 64-bit real double type. The MoonBot kernel is optimized in this way: in addition to slightly optimizing calculations, there is a significant benefit of using non- blocking synchronization. Since MoonBot handles finances, optimal kernel performance is doubly important compared to a regular program. This advantage would be lost to users of the 32-bit version, so it would not make sense for us to make it, and it would be a step backwards rather than forwards.
Breaking charts and missing cross trades usually signal that there is a loss of communication between the bot and the exchange.
This is mainly due to several reasons, here are some of them:
1) Problems with your hardware (computer, router).
2) At this time, your computer could be in hibernation mode and not receive data on trades.
3) Problems with your ISP and internet.
4) Problems and lags on the exchange.
The "Load Charts" is an additional paid service that allows you to upload to your MoonBot terminal missing parts of charts from our dedicated servers, if your computer was shut down or the trades data was not loaded for some time due to various reasons
The "Moon Streamer" is an additional paid service that sends current trades from a dedicated server located in Tokyo, Japan, over a UDP connection to your MoonBot terminal. If your connection to the exchange is lagging, a connection to the Moon Streamer can help you to see the crosses (trades) and the chart in real time again.
If you are trading on a dedicated server (VDS) there is not much to gain by using the Moon Streamer, the Moon Streamer is mainly useful if you are trading on your local computer.
General recommendations for fixing this when you have started losing trades crosses. You should:
1) Reboot your computer and MoonBot in administrator mode
2) Reboot the router and check the stability of the Internet connection. If possible, do not use Wi-Fi, but use wired internet.
3) Disable the computer sleep mode, when the charts do not receive data from the exchange
4) Use modules "Load Charts" (on the Settings - User Interface tab, check Charts from MoonServer or update them periodically manually as breaks occur, using in this case on Menu tab select "Reload Charts" or on Hotkeys tab combination written in field "Reload Chart") and "Moon Streamer".
5) If this is a temporary lag exchange or provider, then you need to contact their technical support or wait for the situation to stabilize.
If it is something completely abnormal, you should download a new MoonBot from the site and check the situation on it under the same conditions.
If the problem disappears, you can then transfer all the old files with settings and data from the old bot to the new one, and then check again the disappearance of cross trades.
We recommend that you join the following MoonBot community groups and channels:

Moon Bot Public Telegram Group (general questions and technical support)

MoonBotNews Telegram Channel (important news and versions of MoonBot updates)

MoonBot Profit Telegram Channel (examples of profits from MoonBot users)
The FREE version of MoonBot can only trade on BTC pairs. You should switch back to BTC pairs and then you can place orders.
No, on the FREE version of the MoonBot terminal only spot trading in pairs to BTC is possible.
You need to check which exchange wallet your funds are in, most likely they are in the "Funding Wallet" and MoonBot will not see them in the trading balance. If you move funds internally from there to a spot or futures wallet, the balance will appear in the MoonBot, and you also need to check the currency of the deposit and the trading pair you have open in the MoonBot. If you have a deposit in BTC only, for example, the USDT pairs in the MoonBot terminal will have a value of "Total USDT: $0".
Yes, it can be done if you have the PRO version of MoonBot with the Binance Futures module activated https://moon-bot.com/en/pro-version/binance-futures-addon/
Trailing in the MoonBot terminal is usually used when a coin grows long and smoothly without sharp dips. Typically, trailing is turned on after 2% of a coin's growth. Setting a trailing stop at less than 2% is not advisable, because then trades will often close at the trailing stop. Once the price reaches the sell level, the trade will close and the trailing line will disappear.
You can usually go short in the futures market, but even so, there is a possibility on the spot market, but only if you have a PRO version of MoonBot with the Binance Futures module activated, have bought the necessary amount of coins you want to go short and have a sufficient deposit in the base currency.
The "Binance ping" is the ping between your computer where MoonBot is running and the exchange server. The ping value should not exceed 500ms for comfortable trading on your local computer, in case of high ping, try changing your connection methods (Settings-Special-Binance connection Method), restart your router, change your internet speed, don't use Wi-Fi but only wired internet or try connecting to another provider.
We have a separate page monitoring the latency of trades, that is, the time lag between when a trade is executed on an exchange (parameter "T" in the websocket Trade Stream) and when that trade is received online from the Binance exchange on the spot and futures market (hourly and daily) https://api.moon-bot.com/latency/, where you can monitor these parameters in real time.
We have a separate page monitoring the latency of order execution: the time it takes to execute orders (the time from when a command is sent to an exchange until a response is received from Binance) on the spot and futures market (per hour and per day) https://api.moon-bot.com/latency/, where these parameters can be monitored in real time.
We have a separate page monitoring the latency of REST requests to the exchange API - The time required to execute all other API requests, except for commands to handle orders on the spot and futures market (per hour and per day) https://api.moon-bot.com/latency/, where in real-time monitoring of these parameters is possible.
You should close the MoonBot desktop terminal.
Then make a copy of the MoonBot terminal folder and delete the entire logs folder from it, it can weigh a lot and moving the copy to another server can take a long time.
To make the MoonBot folder even lighter, you can delete files with charts like: "BTC-MarketData.zip", then compress the folder with the bot: right-click on the folder, select "Send" -> "Compressed ZIP folder" in the menu, then move this ZIP folder to a new server and uncompress it into a normal folder.
You can then run MoonBot.exe in administrator mode on the new server.
This can be done in several ways:
The first method:
- Close both MoonBot terminals.
- Open the data folders of both terminals.
- Copy the data / Binance Futures-USDT-strat.txt strategy file from the USDT futures terminal, paste it into the USDT spot terminal folder and rename it to Binance-USDT-strat.txt.
- Run the MoonBot spot USDT terminal in administrator mode, click on the Strategies button and make sure the copied strategies are present in the strategies window.

The second method:
- Without closing both MoonBot terminals, select the strategies or strategy folders you want in the USDT futures terminal by holding down CTRL and clicking on them one by one or by holding down SHIFT and clicking from first to last.
- Then press CTRL+C and copy all selections to the clipboard.
- Then, in the spot USDT terminal, click on the Root folder, press CTRL+V and paste the contents from the buffer.
- Make sure that all strategies appear in the MoonBot USDT spot terminal.
Currently there are 19 strategies available in the MoopBot terminal:
Drop Detection, Wall Detection, Pump Detection, MoonShot, Volumes Lite, Volumes, Waves, Delta, UDP, MoonStrike, NewListing, Combo, TopMarket, Manual, Liquidations, EMA, Spread, MoonHook, Activity.
Every trader develops the strategies according to his trading style and risk management.
Each of these strategies when set up correctly (filters, detects and other parameters) can improve trading and make profit.
One of the oldest and safest strategies is MoonShot, which places limit orders in the green box, follows the price at a certain distance and triggers a sharp price break, as well as other popular strategies: Drops, Pump and Spread.
The statistics of popular strategies can be found on our website: https://stat.moon-bot.com/ (Strategy Ratings tab).
For example, for spot trading, you can make four different MoonBot terminals for different pairs and configure in them the strategies you need (TopMarket, Delta, Drops, Pump, Spread and others):

- MoonBot1 for BTC pair
- MoonBot2 for USDT pair
- MoonBot3 for BNB pair
- MoonBot4 for the BUSD pair

This is done so that each of bots will monitor its market and open charts of the most volatile coins or identify sharp shoots or strong spills. As soon as such movements start, you can act according to the situation, connect auto-strategies or trade manually.
For convenience, the detections of each bot can be redirected to separate windows (charts), in which they will stay for a given time and you can monitor them in a more convenient format.
You can read more about the functionality of the monitoring windows on this page: https://moon-bot.com/en/charts-in-separate-windows/
Yes, the MoonBot terminal has tools for trust management of other users' accounts.
In MoonBot, this can be done by controlling signals via Telegram (with a slight delay of 1-2 seconds) or via UPD (faster transfer of commands).
How it works: The MoonBot terminal can automatically generate commands corresponding to basic trading actions: place, reorder, sell, cancel an order. The commands are either sent to your personal channel in a special form or via UPD protocol and these signals can be read by other terminals. Thus, your terminal can be the master and the terminals of other users you have invited to the trust management can be slaves and they will repeat your actions.
The function of receiving commands is only available in the PRO version!
Please note that exact repetition is not possible due to the speed of the commands and the queue in the trading stack!
For more information on setting up trust-management via telegram, see this page: https://moon-bot.com/en/74-trust-management/
For more information on setting up UPD trust management, see this page: https://moon-bot.com/en/86-udp-trust-management/
Updates to the MoonBot terminal are released regularly, sometimes several times a month. The MoonBot terminal is improved with the addition of new functionality, parameters and strategies. A list of MoonBot updates is published in our MoonBotNews telegram channel:
Information about the next update appears on the MoonBot terminal's main window as a tab in the top right corner.
You can click on this tab and update the MoonBot terminal to the latest version. In addition, new version announcements and version history are published in the MoonBotNews channel at https://t.me/MoonBotNews, as well as on our website under: Instruction-History versions of https://moon-bot.com/en/manual/versions-history/
Yes, indeed, previously on the MoonBot spot terminal for the Binance exchange, rearranging orders took two operations: cancel the order and place the order at the new location. But starting from version 6.95 (11.04.2023) orders on the spot are rearranged 2 times faster - it became possible due to use of one exchange operation "cancelReplace" in API Binance.
Yes, the MoonBot terminal correctly processes the trading ban under the new risk control rules on Binance futures https://www.binance.com/en/support/faq/binance-futures-trading-risk-control-f1afe9cbcd7a438492a0676e024f1897.
Yes, you can trade all coins available for trading in the MoonBot terminal, including coins with a price accuracy of less than 1 satoshi.

If you cancel an market stop on the MoonBot terminal chart, then the coin position will be cancelled and the unsold coins will remain on your balance.
Note that in order to be able to use a market stop, you should also set the slider to the far right on the Settings-Advanced-System tab to "Log level: 5". 

Currently, the following pairs are present in the MoonBot terminal for the HTX exchange: BTC, ETH, USDT, HT, USDD.
Please note that the MAvg calculation has been changed and this will result in a change in how strategies work! Coin prices are now considered to be reduced to 1._x000D_nThe principle of MAvg calculation is as follows: for each coin the average price for 48 hours is calculated. Then the sum is calculated for all markets: (current price / average price) * (if volume is ticked, then multiply by volume)._x000D_nMAvg = this is the sum of prices above / number of markets.
Yes, in MoonBot terminal you can use the "+" symbol in the mailbox name when registering subaccounts.
No, the order and position control functionality is available only for owners of the PRO version of MoonBot terminal.
There are a number of situations when unwanted orders and positions may appear on the exchange:n- During technical work at the VDS provider, as well as various types of network failures.n- Software errors in the MoonBot terminal or the exchange.n- When trading manually - interference with the MoonBot terminal, an attempt to close a position via balances or the exchange application.
In autotrading, if, for example, a MoonBot terminal is installed on a VDS, and a network failure occurs on that VDS, that terminal will not be able to do anything. To solve this situation, the functionality of controlling lost orders and positions with the help of special MoonBot tracking terminals has been developed. These terminals should be placed separately from the working terminals and on different VDS servers, and preferably in different regions or at different providers.

The function of tracking hovering positions does not work for Bittrex exchange, as there is no such functionality in the API of Bittrex exchange and therefore it is impossible to set a tracking bot for this exchange. Attention! The Bittrex exchange has ceased trading activity since 04.12.2023 due to its bankruptcy, so its support in the MoonBot terminal is no longer available.

When trading manually in the MoonBot terminal, it is sufficient and necessary to tick Ignore Replacing Bug on the Settings-Advanced tab. When trading manually, you control orders/positions yourself and can take action to close them.