September 13th Discount 

Register on Binance for free! Dear users! Celebrating Programmer's Day, on Friday September 13th we are announcing a huge discount on the PRO version of MoonBot! You will get 15% off if you purchase the PRO version, And 30% off if you purchase the PRO version with the MoonScalper add-on! Discount code: MoonBot13 The offer …

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Immediate reciept of commands from TradingView using WebHooks. 

Register on Binance for free! What are web-hooks? Web-hooks allow sending POST-requests to specific URL-addresses every time a notification set by you in TradingView is triggered. This feature can be turned on when creating or editing the notifications in TradingView. Add the correct URL-address from the MoonBot settings and once a notification will be triggered, …

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BTCUSD Quarterly Futures Contracts on Binance Futures 

Register on Binance for free! The ability to trade Quarterly BTCUSD Future Contracts on Binance Futures was added to MoonBot. More details about this here.Quarterly futures were added to MoonBot as a separate Exchange (Place the bot into a separate folder. Go to settings — login and chose Binance Quarterly. Click Apply. Insert the API …

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Real time chart streaming (Binance lagging charts solution) 

Since Binance is unable to solve the problem with the consistent lags, we’ve come up with a mechanism for the fast transmission of market data from the VPS in Tokyo to our home PC. This mechanism can replace the standard Binance websocket; it can be turned on or off at any moment and return to …

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Activating a subaccount 

You can activate a Binance subaccount using Moon Credits (available only if you already own the PRO version on your main account).Instructions:1. Before you begin, read the manual carefully. 99% of all questions in the settings chat are asked because users are rushing and not following the instructions manual.1.1 Please re-read p.1! Try to follow …

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