Moon Bot version 3.74 has got tools helping to use the bot for trust management.

How it works: when you trade with your bot (lets call it "Main" bot) either manually or via a strategy, the bot can automatically generate commands and send them to your own Telegram channel.

The main bot sends commands in special format which can be read by other bots ("slave" bots, subscribed to your channel). This way "slave" bots will copy your actions.

Note: After beta test only PRO bots will be able to receive commands!


New feature has been added in the bot version 3.68: the button "Share" on the market chart panel.

How it works: a trader who finds a coin, worth to be seen by others, can share it by pressing the button. The bot will post a message containing the coin, some its parameters, trader's name, ID and rating to our Telegram channel @MoonInt.

Please note:

  • Trader's name and Telegram @login are taken from the bot's "Settings - Login" page.
  • If you run 2 bots on the same PC, only 1 will be able to share coins.

The bot can read the @MoonInt channel automatically. Its recomended to configure a strategy with autobuy turned OFF, and with sound notification (so that you can check and decide yourself is the signal worth it). Some keywords (like ratingN) may be used as signal filters If you want to configure autotrading for  @MoonInt channel.

Settings example:

The bot can export market data: 5-minutes candles and trades for all active markets (BTC, USDT or ETH) to the local UDP port (IP

The bot can also accept signals sent to UDP port.

This function is currently in beta testing.

To turn it on go to the Settings -> Advanced tab, put the checkbox "UDP Export"

Release 3.43 brings new feature - the "Pump Helper" tool. Use it to play pumps where the coin is given in a picture (so a bot can't directly read it, only human can).

How it works: first you should configure the pump detector strategy (settings example at the bottom of this page). Configure it such way that it gives about 3-5 signals per minute. You MUST turn off autobuy in the strategy also you may turn off auto opening charts.

Then activate the strategy, turn ON "autodetect", go to the Menu and select "Pump Tool". This brings the window with market buttons which the detector has found:

Of course there will be false detections, thats why you turned OFF the autobuy option.

Now all you have to do is wait the pump channel and as soon as you see the coin, push appropriate button in the Pump Helper. In the "signals" mode this will immediately buy the coin. In the "manual" mode the button only opens the chart.

Note: the button is NOT related to the pump detetor strategy settings; its just a button to help you faster buy the coin. The settings it uses for order's handling are the settings from the main window !

When preparing to a pump pay attention to the following settings:

As the Moon Bot develops, it becomes more complex, new features and options settings are added. New users come with questions - how do I find ideal configuration, where do I get channels with signals and so on. Many of them somehow already found their own groups with "signals" of questionable quality, admins of these groups often buy the coin themselves, and then give a "signal" and dump it on their subscribers.

Taking that into account, we decided to create our own premium channel, where we collect selected signals, as well as a special profile of the bot settings for this channel, with which the bot is ready to go "out of the box." We have accumulated a lot of experience in understanding how delays between the source of a signal and the appearance of its reposts in other groups are important; By collecting general server statistics from all running bots we can constantly monitor which channels give the signal first, and which ones use to dump it on you.

To get access to to the Moon Bot Premium channel please pm this contact:

To start using the Moon Bot's channel, go to the settings wizard and activate the "Special Moon Bot Channel" profile.

Then go to the Settings _> Telegram: