As the Moon Bot develops, it becomes more complex, new features and options settings are added. New users come with questions - how do I find ideal configuration, where do I get channels with signals and so on. Many of them somehow already found their own groups with "signals" of questionable quality, admins of these groups often buy the coin themselves, and then give a "signal" and dump it on their subscribers.

Taking that into account, we decided to create our own premium channel, where we collect selected signals, as well as a special profile of the bot settings for this channel, with which the bot is ready to go "out of the box." We have accumulated a lot of experience in understanding how delays between the source of a signal and the appearance of its reposts in other groups are important; By collecting general server statistics from all running bots we can constantly monitor which channels give the signal first, and which ones use to dump it on you.

Currently for the test period the subscription to the Moon Bot channel is free.

To start using the Moon Bot's channel, go to the settings wizard and activate the "Special Moon Bot Channel" profile.

Make sure you are running the Alternative Telegram and join the channel itself in your Telegram account:

If you already use another paid signal channels, you can use this profile for them as well.


The main nuance when working with the Binance exchange by API is the limits for operations per minute. When the limits are exceeded, the exchange issues IP ban for 2 minutes, so the bot continuously monitors current API the load; when you approach the limit, the operations will be executed with a delay. Current API usage is indicated in the status bar panel (API Load).

Generally you do not have to worry until the indicator is half full; if it becomes red, you are near the limit, and the bot will start inserting delays into operations. The most "heavy" operation is loading of a full order book (1000 orders), so when working with binance, the bot loads a full book only for full frame chart; the other markets load 100-orders book (until you open the market in full frame).

For the same reason, loading data at startup on the binance is divided into 2 stages. First of all the most necessary data is loaded - volumes, prices, 100-orders depth books. Then gradually the bot loads the rest of the data necessary for calculating the Pump Q (in the status bar the inscription "Update data"). These data are needed only for calculating Pump Q (namely, 500-depth order book for walls calculation are loaded). In manual mode and / or with the "Don't buy If PumpQ.. " check mark disabled, the bot is ready for operation; If the check mark on Q is enabled, wait until the download is finished, otherwise the Q number will be inaccurate.

The detection method "SuperFast2" wont work on binance, cause continuous order book scanning would break API limit very fast.

Important! There are restrictions on the binance for orders size, min.price and volume step.  If you pay a commission in bitcoins, then there will be fractional shares of coins that can not be sold. Therefore, you should manually buy some BNB in ​​advance in order to pay a commission in BNB (in addition, it also gives a 50% discount on the commission).


IMPORTANT! Do NOT run 2 or more Binance bots in the same network (with the same IP) !!  API requests made from the same IP are summed up, which will lead to an instant ban for 2 minutes.

If you have accounts on Bittrex and Binance, you can switch the bot between exchanges in the Settings -> Login page:

But it is better to make a separate folder for each exchange by copying the folder with Moon Bot. In one folder the bot configured for bitrex, the other for binance. In this case, you can run both bots at the same time (however, only 1 currently reads the Telegram, we will solve this issue in the next update).

Completely failed pump. Only 3% price increase.

  • Coin: vTorrent (CURE)
  • Source: @WePump
  • Price raised: 3%

Despite i still made small profit in this pump, I call it failed, cause 3% is naught for the channel with 49k members. The admin picked a coin with heavy linear sell wall, which just wasn't braked.

I'll try to illustrate this on our pump bot's charts for cure coin:

#WePump     #CURE     #failpump    

3 channels was going to make huge pump in an alliance today: @BittrexYobitsWhales,@ToTheMoon,@BittrexYobitPumpSignal (SuperManPower)

This is how those channels posts look like when I made the screenshots an hour later preparing this article: (time on screenshots is GMT+3):

1. BittrexYobitPumpSignal (SuperManPower) promoted the BYC coin at 18:30:18 (or GMT 15:30:18). Then 2 minutes later they promoted the same coin once again.

2. ToTheMoon promoted the same BYC coin at 18:32:09, 2 minutes later then the channel above.No doubt members of @ToTheMoon who haven't subscribed to BittrexYobitPumpSignal lost their money in this pump. 

3. BittrexYobitsWhales at first glance just apologizes for a "network problem".

But my Bot software makes channels logs among others wonderful things. Take a look at detailed channels logs for this pump; I added comments to most interesting moments:

Average pump. Would be really good if there was not a prepump. I post this pump only to show you how our risk limit and detecting of prepumps works.

  • Coin: Blitzcash (BLITZ)
  • Source: @PumpNitro
  • Price raised: 15%

Bittrex 1-minute chart for this pump:


Our pump software 1-second chart:

#AveragePump     #PumpNitro     #BLITZ