Q: Can I run the bot on multiple PCs?

A: Yes. Your registration is based on your Bittrex public API key. API keys along with bot's settings are stored in the file BotConfig.bcfg which you find in bot's folder. Just make a backup copy of this file and use it on any PC. However, simultaneous work of 2 or more bots on different computers is not supported, because the bot controls an order's execution by the account balance, and if bots start to trade the same coin at the same time, there may be errors in this algorithm.
Please keep your backup copy of the file BotConfig.bcfg or write down your API keys in the safe place, If you lose the keys there is no way to restore them.

The bot also make backups of config file in the bak folder. If you somehow lost the file BotConfig.bcfg, open your bot's folder, locate the "bak" subfolder, pick a backup copy of BotConfig.bcfg.


Q: Why the bot doesn't open orders and puts the record <<Set Buy order: FAIL;  "MIN_TRADE_REQUIREMENT_NOT_MET">> in the log?

A: There is minimum trade value for orders in the exchange. For the bittrex its 100ะบ sat. The most common reason the bot can't place your order is that you set up too low order volume. Also please look carefully the bot's log files which you find in the bot's Logs folder. Every signal source every operation and its result is logged there.


Q: I would be so happy to see in the bot this set of new functions [....]

A: We are happy when our users are happy, but we can not implement everything you asking to. If you have suggestions, please email us (find email inside the Bot), we collect all suggestions but take for future bot's versions only best ones, from our point of view.


Q: Could you please share best\optimal\profitable settings for the bot

A: No. There are settings templates in the bot (the "Settings Wizard" button in the main screen), but they are given as quite rough examples. You should adjust settings according to current market situation, your favorite signal channels and your intuition. If you expect the bot to earn money with some "optimal settings" in fully automatic mode without your attention at all, it will not work, sorry.


Q: Why the bot doesn't save settings on restart?

A: Moon Bot is a portable application that's why it stores settings and your orders (including pending orders) in the same folder where you keep the bot. Please don't try to run the bot from the system folder or a write protected stick! If you want to carry the bot with all your settings and active orders, use a stick without write protection!


Q: For some reason the bot isn't getting my telegram messages

A: Please make sure you run modified Telegram client "UTelegram". Please also note that If you run the bot as admin, you should run the Telegam as admin too, otherwise they can't see each other.


Q: There are errors in log REST request failed: Error receiving data: (12002) The operation timed out

A: Switch your router to use google DNS, Open windows console as administrator and run command netsh winsock reset